Convenient Point-of-Care Urinalysis with Improved Clinical Information



Convenient Point-of-Care Urinalysis with Improved Clinical Information
Convenient Point-of-Care Urinalysis
with Improved Clinical Information
The CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer—Improved data integrity with
enhanced clinical information for point-of-care urinalysis testing
Ease of Use/Convenience
• Simple, intuitive touch screen operation
• Load test—analyzer does the rest
• Fast results—in-office test results in about 1 minute
• Automatic printed report—no manual transcription needed
Improved Data Integrity
Automatic Checks
The CLINITEK Status®+
Analyzer is a CLIA-waived,
point-of-care urinalysis
analyzer that automates
testing and provides
improved clinical information
when using new urinalysis
test strips by Siemens
Healthcare Diagnostics.
• New analyzer, along with patented test strip technology, enables automatic checks
(Auto-Checks) for:
– Identification of Siemens strip type
– Sample interference notes if common sample interferences are detected–
availability dependent on strip type (This feature is not available in the U.S.)
– Automatic error messages if strip has been exposed to humidity—only available
with test strips that have the leukocyte pad
• Removes subjectivity of visual read results
Complete Point-of-Care Test Portfolio
• Multistix 10SG is the most widely used urinalysis test strip for routine testing
• Albumin-to-creatinine ratio automatically calculated with CLINITEK Microalbumin
strips for early detection of kidney disease in patients with diabetes
• Analyzer accommodates cassette for CLINITEST® hCG testing for pregnancy
Future Ready
• Upgrade kits are available:
– For analyzer connectivity to LIS/HIS, EMR (Electronic Medical Record) or data
management software
– For barcode reading capability
Answers for life.
CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer Specifications
Intended Use
Power Requirements
The CLINITEK Status®+ Analyzer is
a point-of-care urinalysis analyzer
designed to read only Siemens Healthcare
Diagnostics urine test strips and
CLINITEST hCG cassettes.
Electrical Rating100V - 240V AC,
50-60 Hz
(with in-line lead)
Semi-quantitative Tests Measured
Routine urine tests: albumin, bilirubin,
creatinine, glucose, ketone, leukocytes,
nitrite, pH, protein, specific gravity,
and urobilinogen
Kidney disease test:
albumin-to-creatinine ratio
Pregnancy Test: Human Chorionic
Gonadotropin (hCG)
New Features
Patient Test Results
Battery Operation6 AA Batteries,
QC Test Results
Operator IDs
Automatic Checks (Auto-Checks)*
10.70 in. or 27.2 cm
6.70 in. or 17.1 cm
6.20 in. or 15.8 cm
3.65 lbs or 1.66 kg
Touch Screen
Computer Interface
Uni-directional via Serial Port (RS232)
Automatic, self-calibrating
Data Entry
On-board Touch Screen
CLIA-waived, CE-marked, UL, EMC
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, a global leader
in clinical diagnostics, provides healthcare
professionals in hospital, reference, and
physician office laboratories and point-of-care
settings with the vital information required to
accurately diagnose, treat, and monitor patients.
Our innovative portfolio of performance-driven
solutions and personalized customer care
combine to streamline workflow, enhance
operational efficiency, and support improved
patient outcomes.
and all associated marks are trademarks of
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. All other
trademarks and brands are the property of their
respective owners.
Product availability may vary from country
to country and is subject to varying
regulatory requirements. Please contact
your local representative for availability.
Identification of strip type
Humidity exposure tested on every strip
with leukocyte pad
Common sample-interference check
available depending upon strip type
(Not available in the U.S.)
Temperature Range:18 to 30ºC
(64 to 86ºF)
Humidity Range:18-80%
Relative Humidity,
User Interface
Global Siemens Headquarters
Siemens AG
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80333 Muenchen
Global Siemens Healthcare
Siemens AG
Healthcare Sector
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91052 Erlangen
Telephone: + 49 9131 84 - 0
*Available only when using Siemens test strips
with IR or color bands.
Global Division
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.
511 Benedict Avenue
Tarrytown, NY 10591-5005
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