Sustainability Action Plan 2015-‐2018



Sustainability Action Plan 2015-‐2018
 Sustainability Action Plan 2015-­‐2018 As a theatre that has always stimulated both visionary conversations and practical action, La Mama has committed to an ambitious, long term and multifaceted environmental and social sustainability plan that brings benefits to our company, its environment and the communities in which we work. La Mama is working towards becoming a more sustainable organisation,
setting an example in our community through our energy use and waste management practices.
La Mama is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact and wants to acknowledge that the concept of sustainability means that we need to link development with protection of the environment in order to protect and manage ecosystems and natural resources essential for fulfilling basic human needs, and to improve living standards for all. The La Mama Sustainability Action Plan details La Mama’s current strategy to be more sustainable and includes any barriers to the development, to ensure that La Mama reduces, reuses and recycles whenever and wherever possible. How Humans Can Fly (Image: Dorine Blaise) 1 Make our venues more sustainable Owning the theatre and property at 205 Faraday Street puts La Mama in the unique position of being able to incorporate environmental sustainability into necessary upgrades to the building and facilities. Renting the Courthouse theatre on Drummond Street and working with Heritage listed buildings requires additional research and creative solutions. We are deeply committed to reducing our own environmental impact and influencing the wider community to make sustainable choices. Area Renewable Energy Improve the building’s energy-­‐efficiency Improvement Greener Energy options Responsibility Company Manager Required Action Conduct some research about any possibility of installing solar panels. Include House Manager and external experts to make plans around the installation of panels. Progress Update To be actioned (2015-­‐
2018) Energy Reduce Heating and Air Conditioner use House Managers, Front of House staff Groundsman Research possibilities around receiving grants for solar panels. House Manager ensures that the heater or the In progress but still to be air con is off after the office working day and FOH actioned (2015) would be in charge of it after evening performances. Water Reduce water usage House Managers Front of House staff Groundsman House Managers to run a “Switch Off” energy awareness campaign to make staff and artists aware of the financial and environmental cost of heating and air conditioner at La Mama. Install a recyclable-­‐water toilet system (already in To be actioned (2015-­‐
the office) in the toilets of the garden at La 2018) Mama. Research possibilities of doing this at the Courthouse. Garden Make the garden a more sustainable environment and a vitrine of La Mama SAP House Managers Groundsman Use recycled water wherever possible. Build a worm farm from lunch and FOH’s wastes. Take care of the flowers with this waste farm. To be actioned (2015-­‐
2018) Use some spare space to grow vegetables for actors and staff members. 2 Make our office practices more sustainable La Mama currently manages two venues, La Mama Theatre and La Mama Courthouse, and a busy office, providing vital infrastructure for the independent theatre sector in Australia. While mindful of our environmental impact, we have the potential to significantly improve the way in which we use resources. Area Energy Improvement Reduce unnecessary use of energy Responsibility House Managers All staff members Required action Progress update Install an automatic switch-­‐off computer system. To be actioned (2015) Install automatic switch-­‐off light system for the kitchen and the toilet of the office. Install timer on printer to ensure that it operates only during business hours. Paper consumption Reduce use of paper in the office House Managers Company Manager Marketing and Communication Managers All staff members Remove active screensavers and set monitors to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity. Encourage staff members to use recyclable paper In progress but still to be and encourage the use of verso used paper. actioned (2015) Encourage staff members to limit their use of paper and promote emails, computer note pads, etc. Increase electronic marketing techniques and decrease the number of printed fliers, postcards, and posters for shows’ publicity. Printer use Waste Reduce use of the printer and the environmental cost linked to its use House Managers Improve waste sorting House Managers Groundsman Front of House staff Discourage fliers and magazines being dropped out our venues without approval from a staff member. Increases protection from the weather for brochures and fliers to ensure a longer shelf life. Use only recyclable paper on the printer and recharged toner. Encourage staff members to use the printer less. Ensure waste is sorted depending on material (plastic, glass, cardboard, etc). In progress but still to be actioned (2015) To continue 3 Educate our artists and audiences about environmental questions Producing and presenting more than 40 new theatre works and engaging more than 400 artists each year, La Mama has the capacity to significantly influence the sustainability of the sector. Working with artists to imbue environmental principles into each production not only ensures that works presented at La Mama are sustainable, but also contributes to the development of individual artist’s eco-­‐
conscious practice. La Mama also attracts more than 20,000 audience members to our theatres each year and communicates regularly with a large cohort of loyal followers. As such we are well positioned to convey important messages and act as advocates for environmental sustainability within the broader community. Area Paper consumption Improvement Clean up “post-­‐me-­‐a-­‐program” database to reduce erroneous address sending Encourage audiences to download the brochure online instead of receiving a printed version Help FOH to reduce use of paper Responsibility Marketing and Communication Managers House Managers Front of House staff GHG emissions Encourage audiences and staff member to reduce their GHG emissions Education and Communication’s strategy Make people aware of La Mama Sustainability Action Marketing and Communication Managers Front of House staff Marketing and Communication Managers Required action Ensure that only one program is going to each household. Send out a note advising that patrons can access the brochure online and encourage them to switch from the printed version. Encourage audiences to download shows programs online/on their smartphone instead of using printed version. Use Ipads to get performances’ booking sheets for Front Of House and check the audiences. Change unsustainable raffle tickets into a more sustainable thing (eg: playing cards that audiences can give back when entering the theatre space). Develop a strategy for rewarding staff and audiences who come to La Mama by bike or Public Transport (eg: double raffle tickets, etc). Create a page on the website explaining La Mama Sustainability Action Plan which includes our goals, policies and programs. Progress update In progress but still to be actioned (2015 -­‐ 2016) To be actioned (2015-­‐
2016) Under process 4 Training Awareness Campaign Creative Producer House Managers Educate artists through an information sheet and To be actioned (2015-­‐
verbal inductions to look at waste, energy use 2018) and themes within the work. Make the artists aware of how to tour or come to La Mama from different states or regional areas in a sustainability way (community accommodation + share cars/hostel). Encourage artists to reuse decorations and former set items from one show to the other. Write a sustainability checklist for all incoming artists. La Mama’s commitment Recently, the urgency of the climate crisis has been explored on our stages as artists respond by re-­‐examining our relationship with the environment in which we live. Consequently, La Mama wants to reduce the environmental impact of its everyday operations, its consumption, make sustainable choices and provide opportunities for our artists and audience to do the same. For this purpose, La Mama is making serious commitments, had defined a timeline for the implementation of its Sustainability Action Plan and plans to review and update it on a regular annual basis. All feedback is also welcomed, and people can reach us on [email protected] to let us know their own perspective. 5 

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