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El Nuevo Dia - Puerto Rico
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With over 200,000 daily copies, El Nuevo Día (ENDI) is the newspaper with the highest
circulation in Puerto Rico, reaching a readership of 1.2 million people. The newspaper was
founded in 1970 and it has since been the leader in the communications industry, while acting as
a constant modernization agent. ENDI's policy is to implement the latest technology, exploring
new horizons and venturing into new niches and media to foster continually the renewal and
expansion of the journalistic sector. In Puerto Rico seven out of every ten people use
elnuevodia.com, which has made it the number one site of the island.
Despite this fantastic position, ENDI needed to enhance and strengthen its on-line classified ad
system, where items such as real estate, vehicles, job opportunities and services are publicized.
One of the main objectives was the increase of the number of visits and traffic. It was in this
context that APEX (the company in charge of ENDI's IT systems), selected Infocorp as a
partner in facing this important challenge. They started planning what the new classified system
should be like in order to solve pre-existing difficulties and become a powerful tool for forging
the future of this business division of the newspaper. After carefully planned work, APEX and
Infocorp were able to solve the challenges presented and give El Nuevo Día an on-line classified
ad system that meets the newspaper's needs and that caters for its future vision.
El Nuevo Día already had an online classified ads system for which it was developing a new
version, which had performance problems which appeared in specific areas such as time for
page loading, difficulties that arose from the structure of the Data Base that contained user
information, and dozens of bugs (errors that were registered during a detailed Quality
Assurance process carried out by Infocorp.)
This reality was not up to par with the image of the most prestigious and highest circulation
newspaper in Puerto Rico, and it had the potential to cause a decrease in the number of
visitors to the classified ads site, with the corresponding effect in the business prospects of this
division. That is why changing and enhancing the classified ads system became a priority for
ENDI, who entrusted APEX with the task of finding a solution to this sizable challenge. APEX
selected Infocorp to work together with them in designing solutions and proposals for ENDI
Design of the Technological Solution
The first step was for APEX and Infocorp to carry out together a comprehensive audit and
report of the status of the previous system. Among the most important findings of the process
were the Quality Assurance test results, where errors were found in a number 400% higher
than it had been previously reported.
“Nowadays, when new
changes in Web 2.0 are made
by the second, the challenge
is to have a company that
has the capacity to create
tailor-made products based
on flexibility, creativity and
engineering expertise; for us,
Infocorp was the solution.”
Carlos Mercado
VP Development - APEX
El Nuevo Día
Puerto Rico
El Nuevo Día (ENDI) is the
newspaper with the highest
circulation in Puerto Rico, with a
readership in the millions.
ENDI's policy is to implement the
latest technology, venturing into
new niches and media to
continually foster the renewal and
expansion of the journalistic sector.
In Puerto Rico seven out of every
ten people use elnuevodia.com,
which has made the site the
number one of the island.
With performance as their number one priority, Infocorp and APEX carried out an in-depth
analysis of the Data Base and decided to implement structural changes, such as adding tables
and migrating information from the existing tables to the new ones.
El Nuevo Día - Puerto Rico - Web Classified Ad System
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Once this first step was finished, the remaining incidents were prioritized in order to be able to
design a solution in phases, so as to correct the highest priority incidents in the first phase and have a
successful go-live with this version.
Many of the difficulties were related with data processing and the way the site's administration
managed data. Therefore, a large portion of the resources was devoted to solving existing incidents
in the data base, thus facilitating filing of and access to the information included in it. These changes
resulted in a more efficient, agile site, with faster loading and a substantial improvement of end user
Software and Services
C# .Net
Framework 3.5
SQL Server 2005
J Query
One of the fundamental aspects for the success of this process is the multi-disciplinary team that was
formed with members from APEX, Infocorp and ENDI, which included Users, Application
Responsible People, IT Managers, Project Manager, Specialized Technicians, Software Architects,
Analysts and Senior Developers, who worked as a tightly-knit team, with a clear objective and
remarkable dedication and effort.
The race against the clock that was faced by all the project members was won with time to spare,
due basically to the proper use of the methodology. The planning carried out together by APEX and
Infocorp made it possible to have 100% of compliance with deliverables in the challenging deadlines
that had previously been established and it set a strong benchmark for future projects.
Challenges Encountered
Software development projects usually stand rigorous pressure in terms of achievement of results. This usually happens because client companies allot a
certain budget for a specific period of time and they need to see clear results to measure their investment. In this aspect, this project was no exception.
The work was done in a limited period of time, in which it was necessary to understand the existing solution, propose and execute repairs to dozens of
performance issues, all the while managing the distance factor (the physical distance between Puerto Rico and Uruguay).
Concerning this aspect, constant communication with intensive use of tools such as teleconferencing (VoIP), e-mail and Internet, in addition to trips at
the key points in the project, made it possible to neutralize this factor and proved that distances nowadays are truly relative.
Business Benefits for ENDI
The new site presents noticeable improvements in performance. This results in large improvements in usability.
A reduction of about 90% in search time in Web Applications, going down from 22 seconds to a little over 2.2 seconds.
Loading time of the home page was reduced in over 60%, from 12 seconds to a little over 4 seconds.
High value user functionalities were added, such as help tutorials for loading a classified ad and warnings/alerts to cell phones.
Now El Nuevo Día has an up-to-date and powerful on-line presence for its classified division.
Thanks to this powerful platform, El Nuevo Día will achieve a new position in the on-line classified market in Puerto Rico.
El Nuevo Día - Puerto Rico - Web Classified Ad System
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Lessons Learned
Thanks to this project, Infocorp has approached the interesting market of on-line classified ads, where hundreds or thousands of ads are
published daily and where there is steep competition for pioneering and offering a high level of performance. We have been able to verify
the usefulness of our methodology and the good results obtained from betting on project follow-up as a fundamental tool. And once again
it was proven that teamwork is the foundation for everything; the integration we had with APEX definitely made a difference. Leading the
launch of this product by integrating a team together with APEX's staff and talent has represented an excellent professional experience
for Infocorp.
For more information:
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El Nuevo Día - Puerto Rico - Web Classified Ad System
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El Nuevo Día – Puerto Rico – On-line Classified Ads System
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