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www.mcsl.com - Millennium Software and Service Solutions
Our team brings together people, processes
and tools to help organizations deliver quality
projects that meet their needs.
With over 50 years of combined experience leading projects and helping organizations
improve their business; Millennium can help maximize your investments to achieve
great project results! Our team has a successful track record in delivering strategic
and information technology projects and solutions to our clients. Whether your
project is large or small, technical or business focused, we can help!
Business Process
Millennium is a different type of
company than you may be used
to. We don’t just sell solutions, we
are part of your solution and will
form a long term relationship
with your organization.
Our FAST software provides
your user community with the
correct tools to collect and deliver
accurate information at the
right time.
We have a team of dedicated
people that have over 50 years of
experience leading projects and
improving business.
We offer live, instructor led
training courses so you can
constantly keep your user
community trained and efficient
in all aspects of FAST.
Take advantage of our professional services to achieve quality, predictable results and
maximize your corporate strengths. To ensure optimal performance and strategic alignment,
Millennium helps our clients assess, envision and design their processes to achieve desired
results. Our goal is to empower your organization to drive process improvements and business
innovation to reduce cost, enhance customer service and maximize efficiencies.
Project Management
Millennium has extensive experience in delivering strategic, operational and information
technology projects collaboratively with our client. We adapt our methodology and approach
to fit the needs of our clients while following rigorous project management methodologies
endorsed by the Project Management Institute. With a successful track record in strategic
and information technology projects and over twenty years of experience in the postsecondary and health sectors, Millennium brings a strong project management approach
to your organization.
Technical and Implementation Services
Through collaborative engagements, we work with our clients to align performance and
operations with organizational goals. In today’s information technology marketplace, a
sound technical infrastructure is foundational to organizational performance. If you need help
designing, implementing or evaluating your information technology solutions, we have the
expertise and resources to help! Our goal is to enable our clients to measurably improve
performance through the strategic alignment, application and management of their
information technology investments.
real solutions.
real experts.
real relationships.
Head Office
200 -1620 garnet road
victoria, british columbia
canada v8p 3c8
1 888 598 MCSL
Prince George
206 - 300 brunswick street
prince george, british columbia
canada v2l 2b5

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