Securities Lending


Securities Lending
Securities Lending:
Today’s Realities, Risks and Opportunities
May 2016
Securities Lending Mechanics/Cash Flows
There are two components of the securities lending transaction:
1. Loan transaction
2. Cash collateral investment management
The two distinct sides of the transaction have unique risk/return profiles
Activity is typically facilitated by a securities lending agent
Cash collateral investment is where historical problems have arisen
Cash collateral investment risk can be avoided by taking non-cash collateral (i.e. U.S. Treasuries)
What Is the Opportunity?
2015 Global Revenue
Source: DataLend
2015 Global Revenue – Attribution
Source: DataLend
Key Market Developments and Considerations
Affecting borrowers
Affecting lending agents
How will it affect your program?
Are interests between lenders and lending agents still aligned?
Fee split changes are coming
Will indemnity be taken away?
Agents execute transactions in their best interests (i.e. lower capital charge)
Collateral Management
Cash: who manages the cash? The agent or the asset manager?
Non-Cash: preferred by borrowers today when compared to cash
What are the key considerations?
Collateral flexibility will lead to higher revenue but evaluating risk is critical
Participation Options (No Longer All or Nothing)
• Only execute certain
one-off trades that
meet predetermined
• One-off pre-clearance
of individual
• Transaction oriented
• Lend only for “intrinsic”/
inherent lending value of
• Set hurdle rate for loans
(25 bps, 50 bps, etc.)
• Capture the high value
loan opportunities in the
• 80/20 rule – majority of
value today concentrated
in small number of
• Loan everything that
has a positive spread to
the cash collateral
investment yield
• High volume and
utilization to achieve
maximum revenue
• Strong conviction in
cash collateral strategy
and approach
• Maximize available
revenue potential
eSecLending’s Value Proposition
Alignment of Interests – as the only independent firm in the market, we have no custody, borrower or asset
management affiliations that can lead to real or perceived conflicts of interest with underlying fund
shareholders. Our indemnification is not affected by new regulations, which is challenging traditional interest
alignment for clients of large banks.
Individual Program Management – all clients are managed as segregated programs; competitors use a
pooled approach where large client assets are utilized to subsidize the performance of smaller, less attractive
portfolios. Our approach results in higher returns and more transparency and control for clients when
compared to pooled programs.
Superior Lending Process – we utilize a transparent, proprietary auction process to optimize returns for
clients through two distinct execution strategies. Agency Exclusive arrangements provide a guaranteed return
profile while Discretionary Lending provides a daily, floating return. The only way for clients to outperform is to
utilize both execution strategies.
Partnership Service Model – our service model was built around the specific needs of large and
sophisticated investors rather than trying to service 100+ clients. All aspects of our business are customized to
specific client specifications. We innovate around client needs and the evolution of the market (i.e. our
ProxyValue® product which assists investors with managing the, at times, competing priorities of revenue
generation and corporate governance policies).
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