our mission


our mission
Our basic priority is the protection of our clients’
intellectual property in Russia according to the
latest world standards.
Russia, Moscow
PATENTUS LLC was founded in 2006 by Sergey Pyzhev (one of the first certified trademark and patent attorneys in Russia), Nikolai Pyzhev and Mikhail Shurshilin to provide a full range of services for individuals and
corporate entities to protect their intellectual property rights and register such rights with the Russian Patent
and Trademark Office. Nowadays the company’s clients have customers from FORTUNE 500 list.
Sergey Pyzhev
The company founder, Member of the Russian Academy of Medical
Sciences, PhD in Chemistry and Medicine, trademark and patent attorney,
reg. No. 153 (inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks,
appellations of origin)
Mikhail Shurshilin
Nikolay Pyzhev
Managing Partner,
Director General
Executive Manager,
PhD in Chemistry and
Medicine, trademark
attorney, reg. No. 785
Dmitry Markanov
Larisa Grudina
Partner, Head of Trademark
and Litigation Departments, trademark attorney,
reg. No. 1567
Partner, Chief Expert, trademark attorney, reg. No. 1403
(formerly Senior Expert at
Fair Dealing and Integrity
Win–Win Partnership
Doing our work strictly within the law and staying honest to our customers, we gain a sense of inner freedom
and become truly strong.
Building equitable relationships and harmoniously
balancing our own interests and those of our partners is one of our major privileges.
Quality and Reliability
Client–Oriented Team
Our company is a team of professionals whose skill in
the art ensures high quality services and reliable results.
We do our best to protect our customers’ exclusive
intellectual property rights.
We are a team of likeminded experts united by a common goal of making the protection of intellectual property
convenient and understandable for our customers.
Dmitry Markanov, TMA, Lawyer
Andrey Akimov, Lawyer
Tatiana Sergunina, Lawyer
Angelina Grudina, TMA, Lawyer
Alina Zykina, Lawyer
Nikolay Pyzhev, TMA
Larisa Grudina, TMA
Svetlana Krotova, TMA
Natalia Denisenko, TMA
Rimma Slemtseva, TMA
Anna Atyakshina, TMA
Galina Sokolova, TMA
Igor Panichenko, TMA
Zhanna Vasilieva
Elena Mukhina
Gayane Stepanyan
Sergey Pyzhev, PA
Alexey Mikhailov, PA
Elizaveta Strizhova
Konstantin Zharinov
Lyubov Zharinova
Mikhail Shurshilin, MP
Natalia Novikova
Vitaliy Vakulinskiy
Yevgeny Kostin
Yulia Garmash
Olga Antonova
Yevgeny Agafin
Strong Litigation Department
PATENTUS is one of the leading Russian companies
in the area of protection of exclusive rights (30 cases
handled monthly).
Professional liability of our experts is insured for
RUB 5,000,000.
Specialization in Chemistry
and Medicine
Full Range of IP Services Provided
by One Company
The professional training and experience of our
patent attorneys allows us to obtain patents for
inventions in such complex areas of science and
technology as chemistry, biology and medicine.
You can contact us with regard to any IP and related
matters whenever they concern proceedings before
RuPTO, court, police or customs in the Russian Federation or the CIS countries.
Practice Area Leaders
Customized Approach
We are on the Top 20 list of Russian and international intellectual property law firms according to
the authoritative Russian ranking “Pravo.Ru—300”
in 2013—2014.
We are a medium–sized company working efficiently
with the level of customization and accuracy that only a law firm of such a scope can offer. Our experts,
including our top specialists, are always available.
You can easily reach us by phone or e–mail.
Seven thousand companies entrust their IP issues to us. We appreciate and are proud to work with each of
our clients. Below are just some of them:
Challenging RuPTO decisions in court
Patent and trademark cancellation actions
Registration of inventions, including those relating to chemistry, biology and medicine
Protection of company names and trade designations
Registration of utility models, industrial designs
in Russia
Challenging decisions rendered by antimonopoly bodies and rulings of the Customs Service
and police
Registration of national inventions, utility models
and industrial designs overseas
Renewal of patents
Protection of exclusive rights in the Internet, domain name disputes
Conduct of patent searches and reseach
Counterfeiting (Parallel Import)
Trademark (patent) infringement investigations
Making sample purchases
Legal support for administrative, civil and criminal cases in respect of trademark and patent
Patent Dispute Chamber (PDC)
Registration of inventions under the PCT procedure
National phase entry of international applications filed under the PCT procedure
Translation of patent and technical documentation into Russian
Challenging examination decisions in respect of
Registration of inventions with the Eurasian Patent Office
Early termination of trademark proceedings
in the PDC
Regional phase entry of international applications filed under the PCT procedure
Challenging examination decisions in respect of
patents in the PDC
Translation of patent and technical documentation into Russian
Early termination of patent proceedings
in the PDC
Registration of trademarks in Russia
Registration of national trademarks overseas
Conduct of preliminar y trademark identity
and similarity searches
Madrid Procedure
Registration of international trademarks under
the Madrid Procedure
Preparing responses to provisional refusals of
the Russian PTO regarding international trademarks
Goods/services Translation into Russian and
class breakdown according to the Nice Classification
Drafting assignment, license, franchise, security
and pledge as well as commissioning agreements
Recordation of contractual transfers of title to
intellectual property assets
Recordation of non–contractual transfers of title
to intellectual property assets
Computer Programs and Data Bases
Registration of computer programs with the Russian Patent Office
Registration of data bases with the Russian Patent Office
Registration of topographies of integral circuits
with the Russian Patent Office
Registration of computer programs and data
bases with the Library of Congress (U.S.)
Challenging transactions
Federal Customs Service (FCS)
Deposit Recordation
Registration of trademarks with the Customs
Register of the Russian Federation
Deposit recordation of literary works with copyright societies
Registration of trademarks with the Customs
Union Register
Deposit recordation of literary works with the
Library of Congress (U.S.)
The Company’s head office is located at Business Centre “Svyatogor 2”
2nd Floor, 10–2 Letnikovskaya Str., Moscow 115114, Russia
Telephone/Fax: +7 (495) 514–05–94
E-mail : [email protected]
Skype: patentus
Web: www.patentus.biz
Mailing address:
PATENTUS LLC, P.O. Box 107, 121059, Moscow, Russia
We look forward to working with you and encourage you to contact us
should you have any questions or concerns relating to IP matters in Russia.
Best regards,
Mikhail Shurshilin
Managing Partner,
Director General