The electric skate reference - Evo


The electric skate reference - Evo
The electric skate reference
Practical, fun and eco-friendly, this skate excels in free riding and achieves thrilling speeds.
A high powered electric motor drives the rear wheel by a totally enclosed belt.
Acceleration and braking are remotely controlled by a hand-held radio transmitter fitted with a light.
Steering is just like a conventional skate. The trucks equipped with large rubber wheels absorb
vibrations and can be used on very uneven surfaces.
CROSS800Chain is the entry level all-terrain model. Fitted with the 800watt motor, trucks with steel
springs and chain drive. Speed, power and thrills are guaranteed on all surfaces. You can climb 15° slopes and
its up to 50 km battery range will allow you long distance rides. It is THE skateboard for speed and power on
all surfaces!
Technical specifications:
• Speed : up to 35km/hr (20 mph)
with Lithium battery
• Battery range : up to 25km, depending
on the type of battery*
• Motor power : 800w
• Charging time : from 2 to 10hrs,
depending on the battery capacity or
the type of charger. The supplied
charger by default is 1.5AH
• Type of tires : tires with inner tubes
• Weight : about 16,7kg without battery
Dimensions :
• Length : 109cm
• Width : 48 cm
• Height : 27 cm
• Wheel diameter : 22 cm
Other electric skateboards may look similar however CROSS800Chain has a special finishing
touch and is equipped with lots of unique options:
• Grip type skate board with digital printing under the grip for an exceptional rendering.The grip has a great adherence and a much better life
than non-slip paint. When it is damaged, as on a skateboard, it can be replaced very easily.
• Reinforcement of the battery pack: battery pack with a reinforced aluminum bar to limit the damage even with strong shocks.
• Light on the remote control.
• Handle under the tail for easy transport.
• Circuit breaker for an immediate halt if you get off the skate, under the new European standard on electric skateboards.
• Stainless steel screws: avoid seeing rust spots after a few months of use.
• Complete repair kit and spare belt.
• Almost perfectly sealed motor, controller and battery pack, avoiding burning out the electronics in case of rain.
• Top in maple, with integrated insert. No visible screws on the top of the board. Repairs are facilitated by easily removable screws underneath.
• Optional all-terrain tire for use on rough terrain.
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• Rapid charger to charge the battery twice as fast
The electric skateboards are prohibited on roads open to traffic.
Wearing protective gear (helmets, elbow pads, knee pads ...) is required.
The use is prohibited to under 14’s.
*Battery range is calculated for a 70kg rider on the flat at half speed, without acceleration or braking.
When climbing or off-road, with acceleration and braking, battery life is reduced.