2014 - The Rivkin Center



2014 - The Rivkin Center
2014 Annual Report to the Community
Working to save lives and
reduce suffering through
improved treatment, early
detection, and prevention
of ovarian cancer.
Message from the Founder & Chairman
Message from the Executive Director
I am so proud of the amazing progress that the Marsha
Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research has made
since our establishment in 1996. With your support, 2014
marked a series of exciting milestones.
I’d like to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of the Rivkin Center.
In 2014, we celebrated $7 million in research grants made
to date, making us one of the largest private funders of
ovarian cancer research in the United States. We also
celebrated having provided free screening to more than
500 women consenting to participate in our Ovarian
Cancer Early Detection Program, the Pacific Northwest’s only program to offer this service free
of charge to women at high risk of developing ovarian cancer. Finally, in 2014 we began a new
collaboration with the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), the nation’s largest
cancer research professional society, to co-present the biennial Ovarian Cancer Research
Symposium, established by the Rivkin Center in Seattle in 1994, which is now the longest-running
meeting of its kind. This progress is made possible because of generous donors like you who
give your time and resources to support our collective battle against ovarian cancer.
At no time in the year is the power of our community more apparent than at our two signature
annual fundraising events. On July 27, we celebrated the 20th annual SummeRun & Walk for Ovarian
Cancer. More than 3,000 people and 157 teams joined us that sunny morning on Seattle’s First Hill to
help raise over $540,000 for ovarian cancer research and screening and to celebrate and remember
the amazing women who have been touched by this disease. My daughters and I are still humbled
by the success of the SummeRun two decades after it started. On November 8, we gathered together
again at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue Hotel for the Rivkin Family & Friends Auction, which generated
nearly $1 million in support of our mission to save lives and reduce suffering through improved
treatment, early detection, and prevention of ovarian cancer.
Although the title is a new one, I have been actively involved with this organization
for more than 11 years, including as a former board member, past board president,
and interim executive director. Having lost both my wife and my mother to ovarian
cancer in 2003, the Rivkin mission to save lives and reduce suffering through improved
treatment, early detection, and prevention of ovarian cancer is close to my heart.
I echo Dr. Rivkin’s gratitude to you, our donors, volunteers, board members, and
partners, for making 2014 an extraordinary year. Together we generated nearly
$1.9 million in revenue, which allowed the Rivkin Center to meet a new milestone of having more than 500 women
participate in our Ovarian Cancer Early Detection program to date, to award 13 grants to talented ovarian cancer
researchers around the globe, and to co-present the nation’s longest-running ovarian cancer research symposium
in partnership with the esteemed American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).
The role of philanthropy in fueling our work cannot be overstated. Community support from individuals,
corporations, and foundations accounted for more than 98% of our revenue in 2014. Many thanks to all of our
donors for your incredible generosity.
I’d also like to thank our partners, who help us to drive ovarian cancer research. I’m grateful for our colleagues at
Swedish Medical Center and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and our wonderful Scientific and
Medical Director, Mary L. (Nora) Disis, M.D. from the University of Washington.
Ending ovarian cancer will take collaboration from many fronts and our organization is privileged to count the
support of many brilliant and generous donors and collaborators. Together, we are funding the best scientists,
developing the brightest minds, and encouraging the strongest research partnerships in our resolute effort
against ovarian cancer.
Very sincerely,
Finally, in December we said “goodbye” to longtime Rivkin Center Executive Director, Clint Burwell,
and welcomed former Rivkin Center Board Member Joe White into this role. I am grateful for Clint’s
leadership in guiding our organization through a period of tremendous growth and excited for the
Rivkin Center’s next chapter with Joe at the helm.
Thank you to all of our donors, volunteers, board members, and partners in the scientific and
medical community for making 2014 such a wonderful year. Together we are making critical
advances to impact the lives of women now and into the future.
Joe White, MBA
Executive Director
Warm regards,
Saul E. Rivkin, MD
Founder & Chairman, Board of Directors
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2014 Rivkin Center Research Grants
One of the primary functions of the Rivkin Center is to fund innovative pilot studies and scientists showing
great potential for ovarian cancer research. The Rivkin Center was pleased to award $840,000 in research
grants based on merit to Pilot Study, Scientific Scholar, and Bridge Funding awardees.
Pilot Study Awards
A one-year award of $75,000, our Pilot Study Program supports investigator initiated pilot projects in all areas
of ovarian cancer research. We were pleased to announce the following eight Pilot Study awardees in 2014:
Martin Cannon, PhD
University of Arkansas for Medical Science
Dendritic cell vaccination & inhibition of
tumor-associated immune suppression
Peter Kuhn, PhD
University of Southern California
Single-cell molecular profiling
of biopsies of epithelial cancer
Carol Hanchette, PhD
University of Louisville
Ovarian Cancer and Pulp and Paper
Manufacturing in the US:
A Geospatial Analysis
Steffan Nawrocki, PhD
University of Texas Health Science
Center at San Antonio
A new strategy to overcome drug
resistance in ovarian cancer
Stephen Howell, MD
University of California San Diego
Dendrimer-folate targeting of paclitaxel
to ovarian cancer
Kwong-Kwok Wong, PhD
University of Texas MD Anderson
Cancer Center
Targeted Therapy for Ovarian
Clear Cell Carcinoma
Mythreye Karthikeyan, PhD
University of South Carolina
Specific targeting of Inhibin in ovarian cancers
lacking the Type-III TGF-beta receptor
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Bin Zhang, MD, PhD
Northwestern University
Treating ovarian cancer with novel
ecto-5’nucleotidase (CD73) inhibitors
Scientific Scholar Awards
Bridge Funding Awards
A one-year award of $60,000, our Scientific Scholar Award
is intended to assist promising young laboratory and clinical
scientists in order to attract new investigators to ovarian
cancer research. We were pleased to give awards in this
category to the following three Scientific Scholars in 2014:
A six-month award of $30,000, our Bridge Funding Award is
intended to allow researchers to produce data needed to
substantiate their proposal resubmission to federal funding
agencies. This new award category was introduced in 2014
thanks to a lead gift from donor Margaret Sherman.*
Two Bridge Funding Awards were given in 2014:
2014 Kirwin-Hinton Family Scholar
Michael Goldberg, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Targeted disruption of ovarian tumor stroma to
enhance the penetration of therapies and lymphocytes
2014 Skacel Family Scholar
Capucine Van Rechem, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Copy Gain and Resistance: Uncovering Roles for
Epigenetic Regulation in Ovarian Cancer
Pradeep Raghavan, PhD
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Unraveling the oncogenetic effects of amplified
miRNAs in High Grade Serous Epithelial
Ovarian Cancer
Dipanjan Chowdhury, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
OC130658: Noncoding RNAs as Prognostic and
Predictive Biomarkers in BRCA 1/2-Mutated
and Wildtype Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
Margaret Sherman Bridge Funding Award
Yunfei Wen, PhD
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Promoting Autophagic Catabolism in
Chemoresistant Ovarian Cancer
*indicates a donor who has since passed away
The Rivkin Center would like to gratefully acknowledge the following scientists and physicians who participated in the
peer review of 2014 Pilot Study, Scientific Scholar, and Bridge Funding Award applications:
M. Robyn Andersen, PhD
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Christina Annunziata, MD, PhD
National Cancer Institute
Deborah K. Armstrong, MD
Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center
Michael Bookman, MD
Arizona Cancer Center
Joanna Burdette, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago
Denise Connolly, PhD
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Yamini Dalal, PhD
National Cancer Institute
Mary B. Daly, MD, PhD
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Daniela Dinulescu, PhD
Brigham & Women’s Hospital and
Harvard University
Ingegerd Hellstrom, MD, PhD
University of Washington
Beatrice Knudsen, MD, PhD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Keith Knutson, PhD
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Patricia Kruk, PhD
Univ. of South Florida College of Medicine
Hailing Lu, MD, PhD
University of Washington
Maurie Markman, MD
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Martin Matzuk, MD, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine
Franco Muggia, MD
New York University Medical Center
Santo Nicosia, MD
Univ. of South Florida College of Medicine
Kunle Odunsi, MD, PhD
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Daniel Powell, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
Victoria Seewaldt, MD
Duke University Medical School
Anil Sood, MD
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Karen Swisshelm, PhD
University of Colorado at Denver
Toshi Taniguchi, MD, PhD
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Weiping Zou, MD, PhD
University of Michigan School of Medicine
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2014 Rivkin Center
Board of Directors
2014 Rivkin Center
Scientific Advisory Board
Saul E. Rivkin, MD
Founder & Chairman
Mary L. (Nora) Disis, MD, Chair
The Rivkin Center Scientific
and Medical Director
Thomas Brown, MD
Vice Chair
Gloria Bensussen
Myra Tanita
Henry (Skip) Kotkins, Jr.
Garnet Anderson, PhD
Donna Benaroya
Joyce Cutler
John Deifendorf
Charles Drescher, MD
Edward Fisher
Patricia Flug
Gary Goodman, MD
Bobbie Hinton
Susun Hosford
Lois Mayers
Melissa Rivkin
Stuart Sloan
Alex Smith
Scott Swerland
Katie Van Kessel, MD
Joseph White
Financial Statement
Deborah K. Armstrong, MD
Michael J. Birrer, MD, PhD
Mary B. Daly, MD, PhD
David Huntsman, MD
Santo Nicosia, MD
Kunle Odunsi, MD, PhD
Saul E. Rivkin, MD
Victoria Seewaldt, MD
Weiping Zou, MD, PhD
Statement of Revenues and Expenses* (January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014)
2014 Rivkin Center
Total Fundraising Revenue Clint Burwell
Outgoing Executive Director
Joe White
Incoming Executive Director
Wendy Law, PhD
Scientific Programs Director
Program & Distributions
Individuals & Planned Gifts
General & Administrative
& Public Foundations
Symposium Registrations $465,169
Total Expenses
Gifts In-Kind
Total Revenue
Program expenses by area (January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014)
Colleen Bromen
Development Director
Marissa Brewer
Communications & Events Manager
Mary L. (Nora) Disis, MD
Scientific Program
Pilot Studies
Early Detection
Bridge Funding
Scientific Scholar
*figures include all cash and new pledges received during fiscal year 2014.
NOTE: At time of production, a formal audit of 2014 numbers has not yet been conducted.
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2014 Donors
The Walking Company Holdings, Inc.
Reza and Mojdeh Yasseri
The Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research gratefully acknowledges the following individual, foundation, and corporate donors who
gave so generously during the 2014 calendar year.
$1,000 - $2,499
Anonymous (5)
The 5th Avenue Theatre
Alex McMillan Family Foundation
Amgen USA
Dr. Garnet Anderson
Robin and Bill Andrulevich
Angie Ashe
Mr. Larry W. Atkinson
*indicates a donor who has since passed away
$100,000 and above
Wanda Jankelson Foundation for
Health Care and Research
$50,000 - $99,999
In memory of Lori Pape
The Lester & Bernice Smith Foundation
$20,000 - $49,999
The 2015 Barbara Learned Bridge Award
Bensussen Deutsch & Associates Inc.
Carol’s Cause
Edward, Eric, Rodney and Craig Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Green
Microsoft Corporation
Carol and Elbert Reed
Estate of Margaret Sherman
Skacel Family
SST Group, LLC
Mr. Scott J. Swerland
$10,000 - $19,999
Donna R. Benaroya
Eric and Gloria Bensussen
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Dale and Shereen Doughty
William O. & K. Carole Ellison Foundation
Ginny Gilder and Lynn Slaughter
Swedish Medical Center Auxiliary/First Hill
Mahmood and Schelaine Ghassemi
The Kirwin Hinton Family
Richard Kobylka
John B. Laughlin
Derek Loeser and Dr. Katie Van Kessel
Mr. Jeremy Lott
Sandy and Chris McDade
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Meisenbach
Mr. C. Eric Morse - Sales Result, Inc.
David and Mette Naness
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Polik
Mr. Roger and Mrs. E. Annette Rieger
Dr. and Mrs. Saul E. Rivkin
Chris and Char Saitta
Kjell and Katerie Schei
The Schuler Family Foundation,
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Schuler
Seattle Met
The Sloan Foundation
Sound Credit Union
Scott Trethewey
Ed and Katie Wallace
$5,000 - $9,999
Alfred & Tillie Shemanski Fund
Ms. Laurie B. Ashton and Mr. Lynn Sarko
AstraZeneca LP
Steve Barnet and Michelle Forman Barnet
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Benaroya
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Dr. Charles Drescher and
Ms. Robin Foster-Drescher
Margaret and Malcolm East
The Foster Foundation
Richard and Barrie Galanti Foundation
Jim and Katarina Garner
glassybaby, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Glazer
Mr. Luther D. Haugan
Jackie Immel
Mr. and Mrs. Farhang H. Javid
Dr. Susan Kupferman and
Mr. Michael Raskin
John and Rebecca Laughlin
Andrea and Jordan Lott
Mrs. Lois E. Mayers
Stephanie and Yusuf Mehdi
Dr. Karla Mooers
Sarah and Kent Rowe
SanMar Corporation
Skacel Collection, Inc.
Robert and Pamela Walker
Joseph White and Sherry Zeiler
Wilderness Place Lodge
$2,500 - $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Beales
Mrs. Joanne Birkeland
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bridge
Ms. Namchee Chan and Ms. Suzanne Arlt
Tiffany and Jim Cook
Delta Air Lines
Mr. Robert Devine and Ms. Karen Edgerton
Brad and Cristi Duea
Ms. Joan L. Elvin McAree
Mr. and Mrs. Craig H. Fisher
Fuel Talent
Ms. Nichole Garcia
Charles Goggio Jr.
Tara Graham and Daniel Gottesman
Mark Huston
Andrew and Jennifer Janison
Jon Kuzma
Laughlin Supply Company
Mr. Denis Leverich
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Lott
Mr. Kevin Mather
Myriad Genetics, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy C. Neighbors
David and Denise Nichols
Obot, LLC
Opper Melang Restaurants-The Matador
Pacific Gynecology Specialists PC
Pacific Northwest Fertility & IVF Specialists
William, Nina, Colby, and Zachary Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis C. Reusser
David and Sandy Sabey & Family
Seattle Mariners
Seattle Radiologists APC
Jana Shull
Ms. Rita M. Smith
Paul Song and Lisa Tran
Chip and Jennifer Spall
Mr. Chris W. Strand
Dr. and Mrs. Erik Suh
Dr. and Mrs. Dan S. Veljovich
Catherine Venable
Avennia Winery
Bank of America
Dr. Myrl Beck
Josh Beloff and Eva Corets
Ms. Julie D. Bennett
Larry and Shelley Bensussen
Kathy and Steve Berman
Bishop Fleet Foundation
Ms. Patricia T. Black
Drs. Garrison Bliss and Suzanne Wu
Greg Bloom
Debbie and Cliff Blumenthal
Mr. Lee Bogdanoff
Mike Breivik
Mr. Tracy Briggs and Ms. Tiffany Brown
Colleen and Matt Bromen
Bev Brown
Todd Butson and Melissa Boucher
Marc and Andrea Chatalas
Ms. Jean L. Christ
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Christenson
Ms. Joyce Y. Chui
Paul and Heidi Coebergh
Kelli Coombs
David Copley and Steven Chapman
Ellis and Roberta* Corets
Claire Craven
Ms. Mechelle Bush and
Ms. Lynn Crowley
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cutler
Definitive Audio
Brian and Cairns Dempsey
Dirtfish Rally School
Barry and Jen Dougan
Mr. Brian Duchin
Mr. and Mrs. William Duff
Mr. Robert Echentile
Elite Fitness Training
Gloria and John Evans
Dr. Mehmet Fer and Ms. Demet Kitis
Thomas Fish
Charles Fisher
The Fitness Outlet
Steve and Mary Kastenholz
David Follette
Tere and Stan Foster
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Ms. Gwyneth Gamble Booth
Caryn and Philip Gold
Gary and Joanna Goodman
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Gottesman
Mr. and Mrs. Craig H. Griffo
Lewis Guterson
Handcrafted Portraits
Carole Heath
Heavy Restaurant Group
Ms. Kathleen Higgins and
Mr. Patrick Jenny
Hobie Cat Company
Ms. Susun L. Hosford
Hotel Del Coronado
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff A. Johnson
Ms. Patricia Johnson
Dean and Stacy Jones
Dr. Philip Juno
Fred and Esther Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Keller
Keller Rohrback, L.L.P
Ms. Joan I. Kelly
Lynn and Timothy Kepl
Mr. Bill King
Chun S. Lee
Ronald Leibsohn
Thomas Loeser and April Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lund
Chuck and Karen Lytle
Jasmine Mac
Bob Mahler and Joanie Warner
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Mate
Marsh McCord
Jim and Sonya McDonald
Pamela and Robert Miller
Virgil L. Minter
Austin and Beverly Mooers
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Morgan III
Naked Juice
Dr. Santo Nicosia
Steve Ouellette
Overlake Obstetricians and
Gynecologists, PC
Drs. Pamela and Jonathan Paley
Dr. J. Greg Perkins
Douglas and Teresa Perry
Jason Peterson
Joe Peterson
Ms. Polly Pettersen
Mr. Adam Pisoni
Julie and Paul Polkinghorn
Mrs. Judy G. Poll
Precision Therapeutics, Inc.
Steve and Linda Reichenbach
Mr. Vernon Rice
Ms. Susan Richter
Dr. and Mrs. William S. Roberts
Thomas Robertson and Marcelle O’Connell
Kristi and Chad Robins
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Rosen
Mr. Louie Sanft
Mr. Bryan Satero
Richard Sauer
Andrew Kingston and
Terree Schmidt-Whelan
Schwartz Brothers Bakery
Brian Scott and Marianne Zarkin
Ms. Jennifer Scully
Seattle Sounders FC
Ms. Andrea Selig
Sequoyah Electric, LLC
Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Shaw
Ms. Sheryl Sirotnik
Moya and Donald Skillman
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Smith
Chad and Kristen Smith
Pat and Sylvia Smith
Spencer Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Stark
State of Washington
Sherry and Clyde Sterling
Mr. Peter G. Stewart
J. E. Stroh
Mr. John Galbraith and
Ms. Nancy Stumvoll
Susan Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Swerland
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Swerland
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Ms. Vera M. Taylor
Ms. Barbara Placek and Mr. John Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Carver
Mr. Al L. Triplett
Tumor Institute Radiation Oncology
Group LLP
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Urquhart
Via Lago
Ms. Tricia Voss
Washington Trust Bank
Kevin Westrick
Mr. Mickey Whitaker Jr.
Peggy and Bob Wilkerson
Mrs. Jennifer Winters
Sabin and Kimberly Woods
Mr. and Mrs. David Youssefnia
Dr. Daniel Zak and
Ms. Louise Christensen-Zak
$250 - $999
Melissa Ahlers
Violet and Fredrick Aiken
Alderbrook Resort and Spa
McKinstry Company
Charitable Foundation
Susan Allen
Amgen Foundation Matching Gifts
and Staff Volunteer Programs
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Andersen
Dianne and Paul Anderson
Animal Hospital of Maple Valley, Inc.
Debbie Apitz
Joel and Amy Arensberg
Dr. Deborah Armstrong
Robert and Traci Arron
Millie Awald
David Balint
Joe and Karyn Barer
Dr. and Mrs. Todd A. Barnett
Ms. Debra Beauchamp
Mr. Mark Begin
Helene Behar
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Bennett
Ms. Susan Bennett
Trevor and Erica Bennett
Mr. Brandon Benson
Mrs. Dunja Bezmalinovich
Jeff Bird
Ms. Cynthia B. Bittenfield
Donna Blyshak
Mr. Barry Boatman
The Boeing Company Employee
Giving Program
Ms. Kristi Roberts Bowman
Boy Scouts of America Venture Crew 107
April Boyd
BP America Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Bradshaw
Herbert M. Bridge and Edie Hilliard
Ms. Anne Brindle
Monica Brown
Carrie and Thomas Brown, M.D.
R. Scott and Karen L. Burger
Joe Burich
Toni Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Calderon
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Rob Caplan and Jennifer Teed
Ms. Dorothy Caravias
Mr. Stewart D. Carr
Ms. Brittney Casack
John and Shanna Case
Ellen Castillo
Michael and Brett Chamberlain
Kacee and David Chandler
Ms. Kelly M. Chapel
Carlotta Chernoff
Mrs. Evelyn Chestnut
Mr. David Chinn
Amy and Derek Chisman
Daniel F. Ciucci
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Clauson
Ms. Tami Cobb
Arik Cohen
Columbia Distributing
James and Jacqueline Copacino
Copperworks Distilling Company
Ms. Marilyn Corets and Mr. Adam Mihlstin
Dr. Elizabeth Cotter
Mr. Richard E. Crews
Ms. Lisa Crump
Mr. Trevor J. Culley
Timothy Dahl
John P. Danell
Mrs. Joan Goodman Davis
Mr. Tom Dawes
Karen Del Tatto
Suzanne A. Delgado
Laura Delman
Ms. Stacey L. Dickinson
Mr. John S. Diefendorf Jr.
Mrs. Shirley DiFrancisco
Din Tai Fung
Nora Disis, M.D. and Gregory Dunn
Ms. Lyndsay Downs
Drs. Jon Drezner and Heidi Gray
Mr. Lawrence Dupuis
Mr. Thomas Eaton and Ms. Janice Gorelick
Linda and Mark Edington
Candy and Kellen Eiler
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Elgin
Tony and Yasuko Elison
Mr. David Elsberg
Bette and Len Ericksen
Don and Sara Ericksen
Jennifer Evans
John Rhys Evans
Exelon Foundation
Expedia, Inc.
Jerry and Nancy Falk
Bill and Kirsten Fass
Ms. Nancy A. Faulkner
Matt Fechner
Mark and Heather Feldman
Ms. Jennifer Field
Bertha Fitzer
Ed and Fran Fleming
John Fletcher
Dr. William Folger
Leah and Lanny Foss
Ms. Lisa Foss
Traca Fragomene and Jocelyn Ungar
Pamela Frazier Jones
Shelley and Paul Gardner
Ms. Helene C. Geraci
Margareta Giambri
Joanne and Larry Glosser
Ms. Sharon S. Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gough
Cheryl Grafton
Gramercy Cellars
Joel and Holly Gray
Carol and Brian Gregory
Michelle and Joe Gretsch
Ms. Patra Grevstad
Mark and Mary Griffin
Rita Griggs
Ms. Leonie B. Griswold
Leslie and Beto Guajardo
Mr. Donald S. Gunstone
Sonja Gustafson
Mr. Scott Hagerman
Jerry Hahn
Mr. Robert Hamatani
Linda Hannick and Henry Maury
Ken and Cathi Hatch
Ms. Kimberly Hatchell
Brian and Aimee Haynes
Tom and Anne-Marie Hedges
Mr. David T. Helsby
David and Jennie Henry
Heritage Bank
Sally Hill
Ms. Gaynor Hills and Mr. Gregory Fleming
Mrs. Pat Hitchens
Arden and Brad Hofler
Suzanne Hoover
Laurie Hope
Ms. Wendy Hoyt
Professor Margaret Imber
Mike and Erin Imler
Tim Immel
Dennis and Nancy Irish
Mary Jackson
Jerry and Laura Jacobs
Tina and John Jacobs
Susan Jeffords
Rodney Jessen and Lisa Ericks
Joanne Shellan Fine Art
Cassie and Jeremey Johnson
Dave and Amy Johnson
Ms. Michelle Juno
Rochele Kadish
Susan and Henry Kaplan
Karan Dannenberg Clothier Ltd.
Matthew Karasick
Stewart Kelpe and Sami Gottschalk
Elaine and Herbert Kendall
Mr. Roger H. Kessler
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Kibble
Ms. Kathy L. Kimball
Andrea and Dwayne King
King County Finance and Business
Operations Division
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. King
Mary Claudia Kirk
Jim and Lorna Kneeland
Knights of Columbus # 3361
Kathryn Knowles
Dana Knowlton
Willaim Kosturos
Bea and Harvey Kriloff
Cantor Bradlee Kurland and
Ms. Sandy Samuel
Ms. Jeanne Labno
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lackman
Jon and Eva LaFollette
Ms. Nicole LaFollette
Cammi and Jeff Libby
Ms. Lynn J. Loacker
Linda and Sumpter Logan
Ms. Barbara Lombard
LPL Financial
Mr. Fred Luchino
Mr. and Mrs. Todd W. Lunde
Ms. Lois Maag and Mr. Bill Stokes
Raj Madan
Maxine Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Mason
Pat and Nancy McCabe
Ms. Mary McCaine
Ms. Michelle McCarthy
Mr. Patrick McDonald
Professor Thomas McGee
Ms. Sarah McGovern
McKinley Irvin
Gina McSweeney
Martin Medak
Tom and Chris Medhurst
Robin and Craig Medin
Peggy Mekuria
Ms. Harriet Mendels Weiss
Michael Rosenberg Photography
David and Victoria Miles
Carrie and Dave Miller
Anne Mobley
Mrs. Hildegard Mohr
Ms. Annie Lant-Smith
Ronn Larpenteur
Midori Lawler
Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce
Minako Yoshioka Lee, M.D.
Dr. Martha J. Leigh
Mary Lemke
Mrs. Phyllis Leventhal
Carolyn Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Levy
Robert Lewis
David and Tami Mooers
Dr. Mark Moore
Astrid D. Morris, M.D. and Robert D. Morris
Ms. Betsy Moseley
Mrs. Beret E. Mott
Larry Nath
Jodi and Rick Negrin
Neiman Marcus
Ms. Linda Ness
Patti and Gene Neuberger
Nick Newcombe
Kathy Noon
Mrs. Catherine Norris
Dr. and Mrs. Dodi Nov
Mari and Peter Offenbecher
Ms. Carolyn J. Olsen
Dr. and Mrs. Hal Olsson
Evan Ong and Ellyn Lee
Lauri and Thomas Ott
Gregory and Barbara Owens
Dr. Bettina Paek and Mr. Rob Paek
Wendy Paeth
John and Lorraine Pai
Ms. Alison E. Paisley
Miss Barbara Pape
Robin Paris
Passport Unlimited
Katerina and Tony Perez
Scooter and Helen Perrenot
Ms. Whitney Phillips
Charles and Tammy Piatok
Dr. and Mrs. John Pittari
John and Kamala Plaisted
Steve and Hillary Poler
Ms. Andrea Poschman
Loretta and Carl Poschman
Raina Powers
Gordon Preecs
Robert Price
Mr. Mark Protus
Liz and Brian Quinn
Kimberly and Paul Randal
Daryl Reichstein
Tim and Tami Reinertsen
Drs. Mara Rendi and Paul Farris
Ms. Lee Rhodes
Betsy and Mario Ribera
Ms. Melissa Rivkin and Mr. David Cohanim
Mr. Greg Robinson
Mrs. Pamela L. Rogers
Robyn Rogers
Ms. Laurie A. Rose
John Rosser
Mrs. Gayle C. Roth
Patricia Ryan
Abbie and Justin Samson
Ms. Ariel Sanchez
Ms. Julia E. Sandler
Owen Santos and Hannah Morgan
Nancy and William Sasek
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Schaefer
Mike and Leslie Schreck
Bill Schultz
James and June Schwartz
Ms. Nancy Schwartz Sternoff
Sea Glass Fine Art
Seattle Nanny
Seattle Seahawks
SEE Eyewear
Mathew Seguin
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Praveen Seshadri
Niloy S. Shah
Suzanne Shaw
Jack and Shawn Sikma
Mr. Andrew Sirotnik
Lynne Sloan
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Michael and Stephanie Smith
Mr. Orin C. Smith
Jeffrey and Marta Smoll
Mr. Richard F. Spencer
Mrs. Grace E. Stahre
Sandra Stallings
Mr. and Mrs. Michel P. Stern
Dorothy Stevens
Dr. Joy Stiefel and Mr. David Stiefel
Nadine Strauss
Jim and Kari Stull
Ms. Sylvia L. Stump
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Sturman
Danné and Jim Swartwood
Jordan and Katie Swerland
Barrie Taraday
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Taylor
Mrs. Lynda Taylor
Mr. Kim Thayil
The Olympic Group
Darcy Thompson and Darrell Howe
Mrs. Chris Thrash
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University Village Shopping Center
Ms. Sharon Usher
Gordon Van Kessel
Larry and Dorothy VanNess
Ms. Susan M. Vitus
James and Sarah Volkmann
Voya Financial Advisors
W Seattle
Brad Wang and Cindy Tran
Erin Warner
Ms. Judith Weber
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Weissman
David and Sharon West
Mr. Robert W. White
Renee and Jim Wiess
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Wilson
Jeffrey and Ilana Wodlinger
Maria and Graeme Womersley
Gilbert H. Wong
Hanne Zak
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Zeiler
$100 - $249
Anonymous (10)
Steve Aaselund
Dave and Mary Abbott
Joanne Abelson
Ms. Liane Abrams
Cati and Brad Ackley
Dr. and Mrs. Todd H. Adams
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Matching Gift Program
Mary F. Albino
Karen Alliston
Ashley and Daniel Alsup
Laura Altschul and Nancy Alpers
Mr. Shafiq Amarsi
Ms. Kathleen Anamosa
Ms. Linda Anderson
Mr. Robert J. Anderson
Rob and Theresa Anderson
Shelly Anton
Page 12
Bhagat Aramandla
Ms. Marisa Arbanas
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Archer Jr.
Miss Denise Archuleta
Fred Armenta
Ms. Deborah Arnold
Angela Aronica
Steve and Candace Ash
Sonu Batra
Mrs. Sarah Battle
Ms. Michelle Bauchman
Mrs. Susan Baumgartel
Mrs. Kathleen Baxstrom
Rachel Beam
Eric Bean
Susan Beardsley
Julie Ashborn
Jean Ashby
Mrs. Rebekah P. Ashton and
Mr. Bobby A. Moss
Ms. Shana Aucsmith
Autoworks of Issaquah
Peter and Martina Baer
Louise Bahar
Dr. Ritu Bahl
Ms. Debbie K. Bailey
Dr. Desi Bailey
Ms. Mona H. Bailey
Ms. Darcy Baker
Mrs. Jamie Baker
Melissa and Ben Baker
Sharon and Steven Baker
Boo Bakke
Robin Baldwin
Sylvia Baldwin
Bill and Becky Ballantine
Joan Ballard
Paula and David Ballard
Ms. Debbie Balsam
Mr. Kenneth Banks
Mrs. Alice Bankson
Stacey Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Barnard
Mr. Christopher Barone
Susan and Kevin Barrett
Cathy Barta
Keegan Basse
Mrs. Mary Batdorff
Dr. Lynn Behar and Mr. Howard Behar
Denny Bekemeyer
Ms. Susan B. Bell
Mrs. Bonnie Belzer
Alison and David Bennett
Ronald A. Bennett
Ms. Miriam Bensky
Ms. Connie Benson
Cheryl and Ronald Berenson
Brandon Berglund
Carl and Leanne Berkenwald
Sandra Berman
Dr. Catalina Bernal-Schmidt
The Bernbaum Family
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Bernhard
Anna Berry
Debbie Bertram and Alison Clayton
Mrs. Lisa Besaw
Biddle Group
Bis on Main
Ann Bjorseth
Michelle Blackburn
Dr. Ryan Blair
Bob and Charlene Blaisdell
Matt and Tracy Blakeman
Cheri and Marc Bloom
Mark and Donna Blum
Ms. Julie Blystad
Allan and Tamar Boden
The Boeing Company
Lonny Boender
Ms. Janet R. Boguch
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck L. Bolender
Mr. and Mrs. John Bolender
Mamie Bolender
Jill and Walter Boltmann
Maelita and Gary Bolton
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Bond
Mark Bonner
Ms. Theresa Boock
Randy Borek
Cheri Bortleson
Ms. Crishna Bose-Bansal
Ms. Stephania M. Boswell
Chris Boucher
Darwin Bowman
Jess Bradley
Wally Bradt
Mr. and Mrs. Mike E. Brandeberry
Candice Brandenburg-Wong and
Donald Wong
Lisa and Steve Braverman
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Brawford
Ms. Priscilla Brekke
Ms. Debbie Bresko
Ms. Kim Breznikar
Ms. Tanya Breznikar
Gloria J. Brigham
Ms. Valerie Brink
Ms. Sandee Brock
Ms. Anne Brooks
Gary and Felicia Brown
Ms. Sharon K. Brown
Mr. Fred C. Bruce
Jo Brunhaver
Ms. Sylvia S. Brunson
Ms. Sue Brush
Drs. Claire L. Buchanan and
Paul J. Rasmussen
Mary Anna Buffaloe
Bill Buirman
Dr. Andrew J. Burich
Teal Burkhead and Roger Potter
Carolyn and Robert Burnham
Mrs. Connie Burns
Janet Burnstead
Chris Burroughs
Mr. Kyle Bush
Mr. Robert C. Butts
Mr. Erwin E. Cado
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Calvo
Mr. Mark Camillo
Bob and Cecelia Campbell
Susan Campbell
Valerie and Tom Campbell
Dr. Daliang Cao
Capital Heating and Cooling
Ms. Cynthia Carey
Mary and Scott Carlsen
Ellen and Christopher Cella
Ms. Julie Challenger
Gerry Chambers and Edward Deal
Ross and Gloria Chambers
Brenda and David Chamness
Sue Chari
Dr. David Charney
Mr. Ajoy Cherian
Ms. Nancy Chesnutt
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Chestnut
Dr. Greg Chin
Dee Christenson
Ms. Linda Clapham
Brian Clark
Chris and Claire Clark
Larry and Sheila Clark
Theresa Clark
Judith and David Clarridge
Veronica Clayton
Mary and Robert Cleland
Tammy and Kelly Clinch
Jeff Cobb
Holly Coburn
Liz and William Coffer
Ms. Jaclyn A. Cogdill
Mr. Bobby Cohanim and
Ms. Beth Weisfield
Mrs. Alana Coleman
Ms. Lorilyn Coleman
Mr. David Collins
Mr. Rodney A. Combellick
Andy Conklin
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dagle
Bruce Dahl
Susan Dahlberg
Suzette Dalpez
Dr. Katya Dass-Hillard
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Davis
Mr. Jerry Davis
Kathleen and Robert Davis
Mr. Robert Davis
Patricia L. Dawson, M.D. Ph.D.
and Donna H. Kerr, Ph.D.
Darryl Dayton/Laing
Kathy DeBoer
Tom Dedonato
Allison Delong
Ms. Jane DeMar
Barb and John DeMuri
Rita N. Depoule
Anne Derezes
Ms. Sally Derrwaldt
Charles Desiderio
Kevin and Kristin Conklin
Lorraine Cook
Patrick and Emer Cooke
Ms. Linda Corets
Mr. and Mrs. William Corral
Annie Corruccini
Mr. Mark S. Costello
Kathleen Cottay
Colette Courtion
Ms. Aimee Cox
Karla Crawford
Jen Creamer
Katherine Cronquist
Ingrid Crosbie
Ms. Julie M. Crosby
Yvonne and Doug Crosby
Kathy Cruz
Kristie and Jim Cummins
Ivy and Brian Cunningham-McGarvey
Theresa Bennett Cuthill
Pat and Joe Desimone
David and Vickie Detlefsen
Chris Di Re
Kelly DiBlasi
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron L. Dichter
Ms. Kimberly Dirksen
Cathy Dixon
Marcy and Mike Dobb
Dixie Dolivio
Patrick and Betsy Donegan
Beth Donnelly
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic E. Dorkin
Nancy Dorman
Dr. and Mrs. Bob Douglas
Mrs. Teresa Douglas
Daniel Dover
Mr. Tim Dowell
Ms. Susan D. Draper
Dr. Ronny Drapkin
Mr. Maurice Drayton
Page 13
Patricia Drummond
Ms. Susanne Dubois
Mrs. Mary Ducharme
Rob and Tracy Ducken
Merilyn Duff
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence C. Dunn
Richard and Lisa Dykstra
Mrs. Nazmi Echevarria
Ms. Shirley Eclipse
Ms. Nancy Edelstein
Dr. Paul Edmonson
Michael Edwards
Eggs and Ovaries
Anna C. Elias
Mrs. Karen Ellis
Abey Emmanuel and Senait Terfa
Jon and Rosemarie Engman
Enviro-Care, Inc.
Estate Home Design Inc.
Maribeth and Stuart Evens
Robert Everitt
Keaton and Deirdre Everitt
Pamela and Gary Everitt
Erik and Jeanne Fabricius
Mr. Michael Fairbanks
Ronni Fallows
Marilyn Farrell
Linda Fay
Ms. Patricia Fay and Mr. George Stevenson
Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Feldman
Natalie Ferrari
Jerry Ferrier
Barbara and Allan Ferrin
Ms. Lori Ferrin
Ginny Ferron
Derek Few
Len Fielder
Ms. Sara J. Finlay
Brian Finnegan
Sung Fitzgerald
Mr. Donald Fleming
Ann and Violet Fletcher
Sue Forbes
K. E. Foreman
Mr. Stephen D. Forman
Mr. Brian Forsse
Fort Lewis Firefighters IAFF Local 283
Lanny and Lanny Foss
Dr. Ryan Fox
Bernard Fox
Shirley Di Francisco
Mrs. Tara Franco
Timmie and Charlie Freedenberg
Heather and Curt Freeman
Susan Friedman
Lauren and Bob Fritzen
Holly Fudge
Ms. Cat Fugman
Kay and Roger Fuson
Marsha Gale
Ms. Nancy Gallagher
Mark and Debbie Gallinatti
Mr. and Mrs. Leon E. Gamaunt
Bruce Gamman
Diane Gamman
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Gamman
Lissa Gardner
Page 14
Ms. Shirley Gardner
Eletha Ann and Steve Gariano
Ms. Maridee F. Garvey
Gary Manuel Studio
Michael Gates
Dennis Gaughan
Ms. Lila Gault
Ms. Lisa Gelber
Gene Juarez Salons Inc.
Mr. Dan George
Ms. Carol Gessell
Ms. Lindsay Geyer and Mr. Jon Inge
Ms. Cindy Gholson
Renée Gilbert, Ph.D.
Robert and Lynn Gilbert
Mr. Steven Gilbert
Tiffany Gilbert and Kendrick Efta
Mr. Blaine Gilchrist-Smith
Victoria Gironda
Mr. and Mrs. David Gladish
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gladstein
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Gleason
Dr. Caron Glickman
Mr. Corey Gloede
Corey Goelz
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan H. Goldberg
Mr. David Goodman
Ms. Mary F. Goplerud
Arne E. Goranson
Ms. Marilyn Gorsuch
Ms. Julianna Gothard
Michael Gottlieb
Mr. Benjamin Gould
Rosaleen and Timothy Gould
Barbara Grashin
Ms. Teresa J. Grassley
Bettie Gray
Janet Gray and Bradley A. Rind
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Greenway
Susan Griffith
Mr. Steven Gronski
Katharina Grosman
Catherine and Malcolm Grothe
Sudha Gulkhandia
Bill Gulledge
Don and Gail Gunstone
Mary Gurry
Joan and Arthur Habu
Jim and Linda Haeckel
Kent and Debi Haehl
Ms. Betsy Hafkin
Miss Debgra L. Hagen
John and Barbara Hager
Ms. Rae Hagerman and
Ms. Michelle Jennings
Mr. Ross Hagerman
Ms. Cara Hairston
Mr. Glenn A. Hall Sr.
Ms. Linda Hallgren
Mr. Michael Hammar
Jenn Hanes
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hanlon
June Hannick
Kelsa Hannick
Royal Hanson
Angela Harley
Colleen Harper
Mr. James Harting
Debra Thompson Harvey
Brian Haslam
Ms. Ruby Okada and
Mr. Michael Hatmaker
Lisa and Howard Hawk
Joseph Hawryluk
Ms. Rosemary Headman
Mrs. Brooke Healy
Marie Heard
Ms. Hannah Hedglin
Ms. LuAnne Heins
Helen Wax Spa
Lindsey Helgen
Mr. Mark J. Henning
Joni Henry
Ms. Melissa B. Henry
Lorilee and Brett Herrin
Mrs. Denise Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Hideshima
Paula Higashi
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Hilburn
Michael and Victoria Hilton
Ms. Wendy J. Hirotaka
Karen Hirsch
Hersh Hoaglan
Fred Hodara
Ms. Laura Hoffenbacker
Karyn Hoffman
Marla Hogan
Mrs. Marsha Holbrook
Janice Holmes
John Holt
Mr. Jay Holzman
Feng Hong
Kathleen P. Hopkins
Ms. Marie Horner
Samuel and Eleanor Horton
Ms. Beverly A. Howald
Jeff and Linda Howard
Linda Howitson
Cindy Huang
Mrs. Kathleen S. Hues
Kris L. Huget
Paul and Birgit Hunter
Mr. Steve Hussey
Shelly Huylar
Mrs. Melinda Hyde
Ms. Laura E. Ichikawa
Mr. Evan Ilias
Michael and Martha Immel
Linda Ingalls
Mrs. Jessica Ingle
Richard and Joanne Ingwall
Ms. Samantha A. Inks
Mr. Robert J. Inshetski
Christina Isacson
Gail Isenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Jackson
Erica and Brian Jacoby
Tim Jaeger
Helene L. Jaffe
Marlene Jasper
Alex Jassen
Janet and Larry Jassen
Ms. Linda Jeannotte
Kathi and Lan Jenness
Ms. Michelle Jennings
Tina Jewett
Jewish Community Federation and
Endowment Fund
Nathalia Jimenez
Mrs. Karin Johansson
Carolyn R. Johnson
Elise Johnson and Liz Knowles
Jeanann Johnson
Judy A. Johnson
Dr. Steve L. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Jonas
Ms. Cydney Jones
Linda M. Jones
Dr. Beth Julian-Wang
Deb Jung
Patricia Kallio
Ms. Valerie Kampe
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kane
Ms. Ja Kao
Diane and Eric Karlsen
Mrs. Debbie Karnes
Craig Kastelle
Ms. Howard Katz
Keiko Kawasaki
Mr. Bill Keadle
Kevin and Lynn Keane
Robert M. Keefe
Kim and Thomas Keeler
Elisa Keller
Chris and Camille Kelling
Carol and Verne Kelling
Denise Kelly
Kelly and Hans Kemp
Mr. Farhad Khouzani
Ms. Irina Khurana
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. M. Killmer
Ms. Lee Ann Kincade-Herman
Kinetic Sports Rehab
Molly King
Ms. Elaine K. Kinney
Mike Kinney
Ms. Joanie Kinsman
Christine Kirby
Vance Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kirkland
Jon and Shaunett Kirwin
Mike Kirwin
Drs. Robert and Carolyn Kitchell
Christopher Kloberdanz
Joe and Janet Kobylka
Deborah Koch
Mr. Jason Kono
Steve Kono
Wendy Koob
Ms. Alexis Kort
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Kotkins, Jr.
Ms. Ourania Koukousoula
Sandy Kraus
Ms. Julie N. Krick
Ms. Toni S. Kubly
Robin and John Kubovsak
Cheryl Lamey
Ms. Kerry Lange
Tyler Langenkamp
Joseph and Cinda Langjahr
Ms. Judith C. Lanou
Mr. Benjamin Lantz
Cary Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Larson
Don and Linda Laspesa
Mr. Eric Law
Mr. and Mrs. David Lawrence
David Lawrence
Tom and Deb Lawson
Mrs. Jo Anne Lawson
Rabbi Anson Laytner
Ms. Miriam Laytner
Melisa Lea
Ms. Patricia Leahy
Laura and Cassius Ledeboer
Mr. Chris M. Ledford
Sallie Lentz
Debbie and Sarge Lester
Leah Lester
Dr. Richard Lester
Sally Lester
Mr. Mark Levine
Renee Levine
Drs. Marilyn and William Likosky
Ms. Haley Lilliman
Ms. Elana Lim
Seok Bee Lim, D.M.D.
Ms. Joan L. Lindell
Ms. Lisa Lindstrom
Peter Louras
Shawn Lovin
Mrs. Lisa Luchau
Mr. Brent Lumley
Mr. Steve Luper
Al Lykken
Polly Ma
Mrs. Robin Maass
John Maciel
Carin Mack
Laura Macpherson
Mr. and Mrs. John Madden
Chuck and Barbara Maduell
Dr. Deborah Magallanes
Ms. Abigail Mahler
Richard W. Maider
Ms. Catherine O. Major
Jennifer and Paul Malakoff
Mr. Apoorva Mallya
Daren and Caroline Mancini
Mr. Eric Mandel
Paula Manner
Monika March
Chiara Marcy
Ethel M. Marcy
Renee Markert
Mrs. Sandra Marsh
Mr. Todd Marshall
Mrs. Jan Martinell
Mrs. Audrey Link
Joanne Liss
Mark Litt Family Donor Advised
Fund of the Jewish Federation
of Greater Seattle
Lenna Lizberg
Ms. Barbara Llewellyn-Butts
Jeffrey Lloyd
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Loeser
Laura Longcore
Tony Longinotti
Susan Loren-Taylor
Betsy Losh
Ms. Julie Lotz
Mrs. Kathy Marty
Larry Marty
Jeff Mash
Bob and Carol Maslan
Mr. David B. Mason
Willie Mason
Mrs. Ashley Mate
Lori Maudlin-Oviatt
Raya Mawad
Patrick and Jan Mayer
Julie and Blayne McAferty
Mr. Marvin W. McCamey
Mr. Byron McCann
Page 15
Ms. Linda J. McCargar
Mr. Bill McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. McCarthy
Jennifer McCarty
Mrs. Elaine McClure
Eileen and Dan McCormack
Betty McDonald
Ms. Katherine Howard and
Mr. James McDougall
Trudy McGill
James McGlinchy
Terry McGuigan
Donald and Elizabeth McKenzie
Rainelle McLaughlin
Constance McLean
Elizabeth and Jay McNally
Robert Meany and Karen Woodward
Ms. Andrea Mebust-Boscolo
Ms. Lisa Melenyzer
Catherine Melfi
Mr. Timothy L. Melhorn
Kim Melton
Sally Mendel
Ms. Barb Merklinghaus
Jeff and Jamie Merriman-Cohen
Dr. Mark T. Messe
Mary Meteyer and Jim Sudbay
Pete and Randi Jo Mezich
Robert and Rachelle Mezistrano
Mary Michener
Mrs. Kathryn Mier
Mr. Steven Mihlstin
Ms. Pam Mikesell
Barbara Miller
Mr. Dan Miller
Howard B. Miller
Ms. Shirley A. Miller
Mr. Jerry C. Millhon
Ms. Kerida M. Millison
David Mingey
Mr. Thomas Minter
Mrs. and Mr. Elaine Mintz
Ann Moffette
Ms. Vanetta Molson-Turner
Mr. G. L. Monahan
Mrs. Carol Mondschein
Ms. Sonja Montgomery and
Ms. Margaret Kearney
Mrs. Barbara Mooers
Ms. Sandra I. Moon
Reed Moore
Renee Moore
Linda and Michael Morgan
Mr. Dan Moriarty
Ken and Bridget Moriarty
Nancy Moriarty
Cindy Morris
Mr. and Mrs. G. Richard Morry
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Moss
Christa and Dwight Motz
Mr. Kevin Murray
Ms. Sandra Myerson
Mrs. Alli Myrick
Shannon Nagle
Kit and Sally Narodick
Bob Neal
Ms. Lorrie J. Neiburg
Page 16
Tom Neir and Sally Otten
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Newby
Reva Newland
Siri Newman
Dr. Zephron and Rabbi Sarah Newmark
Mrs. Kathleen Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nilsen
Ralph and Elise Nilssen
Mr. Chris Noeske
Ms. Linda Beach Noon
Ms. Carol W. Nordling
Northwest Patient Alliance
Dockside Coop
Norton Corrosion Limited, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Oberg
Kelle Oblizalo
Kathy and Charles O’Briant
Audrey and John O’Connell
Mr. Steve O’Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Ron O’Gwin
Erin Ohearn
Dan Okada
Sonya and Eric Okin
Ms. Linda Olmstead
Greg Olson
Linda Olson
Mrs. Margie Olson
Dr. Peggy O’Neill
Sherry O’Neill
Leslie Oosterwyk
The Optical Shop of WA
Mr. Ralph Osness
Kristine Ostler-McGrew
Kenneth and Karen Ott
Ms. Melissa Overdorf
Ms. Lauren Owen and Mr. Simon Siegl
Frederick Pace
Christopher Pagaduan
Gary Pahlka
Joseph Paino
Ms. Lily Y. Pang
Rich Pang
Dr. and Mrs. Adlai L. Pappy
Kathryn Parks
Ms. Laurie Parmelee
Greg Pasley
Manish Patel
Casey Paul
David Pauls
Mary Payment
Neal Payne
Ms. Cheryl A. Peach
Alice M. Pease
Jamie Peha
Mr. Charles Peifer
Pension Income, Inc.
Barbara and Byron Perdue
Dr. Christopher Perdue
Dr. Nuria Perez-Reyes and
Mr. David Meagher
Michael and Mary Kay Perrenot
Kimberly Perrenot Rowe and
Nicholas Rowe
Brandy Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. L. Douglas Peterson
Ms. Laura Peterson
Marjorie Petree
Roger and Ellen Phelps
Cheryl Philipp
BJ Phillips
Mr. Dwight Phillips
Mr. Fabien Pichard
Mark Pickard
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Pierce
Ms. Carolyn Pittari
Darcy and Tony Pleskaczewski
Page Pless
Lisa Poe
Greg Poehlman
Mr. Bert Polacci
Mrs. Marie-Sophie Poli and
Mr. Michael Hausenfleck
Ms. Marcy Porus-Gottlieb and
Mr. Steven Gottlieb
Ms. Bernadette Poydras
Uma Prasad
Kari and Richard Priest
Ms. Catherine A. Purpur
Harry Purpur and
Karen Scherrer-Purpur
Ms. Angel Quant
Dr. and Mrs. Alan S. Quint
Ms. Bonnie Raitt
Kelly and Steve Rakes
Susan Ranft
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ransdell
Theresa Rawls
Randi and Eric Redick
Kathy Reed
Linda Reich
Dr. Dennis D. Reichenbach
Ms. Joan Reichstein
Ms. Julia Renouard
Charlene Renquist
Mr. Robert G. Resta
Randy Rettig
Teresa Reynolds
Nancy and Paul Richards
Ms. Nicole Riches
Ms. Beverly C. Ricker
Nicole Ridley
Ms. Courtney Riffkin
Joshua Rigtrup
Joanne Ringen
Laura Riolobos
Laura Ritzow
Ms. Heidi Rivkin and
Professor Benjamin Jacobs
Rebecca Roach
Ms. Melissa Roadman
Ms. Stephanie J. Robel
Gina and Mark Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Robertson
Laurie Robertson
Michelle Robinson
Meg Robinson-Li
Wayne and Colleen Rockwell
Steve and Anne Roe
Mrs. Frances Rogers
Chris Romney
Ron’s Transmission Shop LLC
Ms. Phyllis G. Rosalli
Rachel Rose
Rabbi and Mrs. Jay Rosenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Rosenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rosenman
Kiera Rouissi
Cristi Rowbotham
Carly Ruacho
Dr. Renee Rucinsky
Don and Elizabeth Russell
Kristi Russell
Tim Rutherford
Ms. Karen Sacco
Sonya Sack
John Sahr
Ross and Lauren Salita
Vandita Samavedi
Eva Samtmann
Dianne Samuelson
Beth Sanchez
Ms. Marla R. Sanders
Stephanie and Tony Sansone
Dr. Kathleen Sasnett
Anna Satenstein
Brian Satero and Jane White
Ken Schafer
Mr. Timothy Scheffler
Ms. Sharon A. Schierle
Dr. and Mrs. Irwin Schiller
Jennifer Schilling
Miriam Schleicher
Brenda and Garth Schlemlein
Mrs. Susan Schlemlein
Mr. Dean Schmaltz
Audrey Schmitt
Stacey Schmitt
Julie and Jeffrey Schoenfeld
School Of Aerobatics and New Circus Arts
Amy Schottenstein
Melissa Schuessler
Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Schuffler
Ms. Lora B. Schuldt
Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. Schultz
Ms. Abby Schwalb
Jeanne and Jeff Schwartz
Jeffrey Schwartz
Mrs. and Mr. Christina N. Schwarz
Barby Schwid
Patrick and Carol Scott
Cindy and Gary Scott
Beverley Scruton and Barton Drake
Kim Searcy
Dr. Rachel Seder
Tanya Seligman
Mr. Scott Serna
Catherine Sewell
Mr. Neil Shah
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Shaver
Ms. Melissa Shaw
Evelyn Sheahan
Kathy Shelby
Dave Shelly
Mr. James Shelly Sr.
David and Alice Shepard
Dr. Daniel Sherman
Dr. Donald Shifrin and Ms. Bobbi Chamberlin
Susan Shiland
Mr. Victor Shimkin
Jon Short
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Siegel
Mr. Ray Siegrist
Mr. Brian Silkworth and Mr. Bill Colter
Ednea Simon
Bethany Simpson
Renata Simpson
Lauren and Gavin Sing
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sirotnik
Mr. Ivan Slocum
Ms. Barbara A. Smith
Christy Smith
Kevin and Karen Smith
Ms. Lois E. Smith
Patrick Smith
Mrs. Phyllis Smith
Mrs. Rhonda Smith
Ms. Sandra E. Smith
Alix Snyder
Ms. Lisa Sofis
Mr. Miguel Soliz III
Sound Urological Associates
Manuela M. Sousa, M.D.
Kelli Spann
Rick Spoonemore
Mrs. Carrie Stalder
Connie Standish and Dave Darby
Robin Stangland
Jenny Stanton
Suzanne Stanton
Jo Ann and Hobie Stebbins
Cynthia Steen
Brooke Stegmeier
Mrs. Ginny Stegmeier
Cynthia and Jonathan Stein
Deborah Stein
Dr. Marcy Stein
Therese Stein
Mrs. Shelli Stelmak
Mr. David Stern
Ms. Robin Stern and Ms. Kim Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Sternberg
Mrs. Kathryn Stewart
Ms. Eleni P. Stoneman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stratiner
Ms. Julie A. Strauch
Otto and Nancy Streuli
Ms. Kristin Stumm
Lori Stutsman
Soma Subramaniam
Sherri Sugarman
Bill Suhr
Mrs. Priscilla Suhre
Ms. Erzsebet Sullivan
Ms. Beth L. Sundquist
Mary Helen Surovik
Ms. Carolyn A. Swanson
Traci and Jeff Swanson
Chris Swasand
Megan Szerwo
Sheryl Tack
Mary and Tim Talevich
Ms. Myra H. Tanita
Jeff Taraday
Julie Taraday, M.D.
Dawn Taylor
Rich and Angela Taylor
Ms. Sandy K. Teeple
Brynn and Mike Telkamp
Mrs. Marcia Terry
Mr. John Thai
Les Thomassen
Dr. Lisa V. Thomassen
Cathy Thompson
Erika Seidel and Eric Thompson
Fred Thompson
Gregory Thompson
Molly Thompson
Jennifer Thomsen
Mrs. Darlene Thorpe
Scott Thorpe and Sarah Clemons
Leslie Thorson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thynes
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Tickman
Naama Tokayer
Mr. Leslie Tolzin
Denny and Stacy Tompkins
Brenda Tong
Mr. Maine Tonkin
Top Pot Doughnuts
David and Kathryn Townsend
Mr. Kevin S. Traff
Travelers Employee Giving Campaign
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Trent
Heidi Trier
Ms. Jennifer Tuato’o
Mr. Will Tumulty
Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Tupper
Mr. and Mrs. Lanning A. Turay
Gail and Kim Turett
Toby Turlay
Kris and Mark Tyler
Avi Ulstein
Ms. Angela Ursino
Nancy Vaeth-DuBroff
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Valanzano
Mrs. Jacqueline E. Valentine
Tina and Sean Valley
Mrs. Penny L. Van Buren
Mrs. Beatrice van Tulder
Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit L. Van Voorst
Donna VanOmmeren
Kathy Vanucie
Kris Vasquez and Bev Nyberg
Mr. Michael Vaughan
William Vaughn
Chris Veblen and Victoria Meadows
Chaitra Vedullapalli
Ms. Sue Vermeulen
Ms. Jodi Vevoda
Susan Vining
Ms. Maurice Vitus
Ms. Marianne Vivona
Iris von Jouanne
Marvin and Claire Voskuhl
Mr. John Voss
Heidi and Belan Wagner
Mrs. Mindy Waham
Kim and Bill Wahl
Kelly and Jennifer Waldher
Mr. Craig Walker
Mrs. Donna Walker
Ms. Stephanie Walker
Stephanie Wallace
Page 17
Mr. John Wallheimer
Mike and Dina Wampold
George Wang
Josh Warborg
Eric Ward
Thomas and Thea Ward
Shannon Ware and Sasha Keys
Wendy Warfield
Ms. Kathryn C. Warner
Roxanne and David Warren
Alex and Amy Wasserman
Kate Watabayashi and
Brian Murdock
Dr. Margaret Watson
Kim Weatherby
Erinn and Wade Webber
Tina and Paul Weber
Harald and Kathy Weckwerth
Drew Weigner
Jennifer Weiland
Debra Weinstein
Mrs. Debra Weisleder
Abbie Wessel
M K Wesslen
Jodi West
Mr. Jeffrey Westerberg
Kirk Westrick
Kyle Westrick
Kathi White and Marcie Headen
Barbara and Tom Wick
Mary and Michael Wierusz
Diane and John Wiese
Lori and Jason Wilbur
Dr. Alan Wilensky and
Ms. Judi Wilensky
Miss Denise W. Williams
Kirk and Marlys Williams
Ms. Rachel A. Williams
Teresa and Jeff Williamson
Ms. Patty Willis
Geraldine Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dwight Wilson
Miss Wendy Wilson
Mr. James Winkelman
Joan Wise
Diane Witte
Bonnie and John Bart Wojciehowski
Dave Wolfe
Karen and George Wolff
Ryan and Christy Woodey
Scott Woodey
Angie Woodstock
Jack Woodward
Rebecca and Benjamin Wool
Lori Wright
Ms. Weijia Wu
Ms. Melissa A. Wynne
Mr. Roger S. Yamaguchi
Mrs. Rita S. Young
Christian and Kendra Younger
Ms. Myrna M. Yuasa
Jeff and Natalie Yusen
Mr. Jon Zak
Leo and Marlene Zeiler
Ms. Johnna E. Ziegler
Laura Ziegler
Mr. Chad Zinda
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Dr. Adam H. Zivin
Jessica Znosko
Mrs. Barbara Zorich
Ms. Julie Zunker
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