Differentiation for targeted groups



Differentiation for targeted groups
The De Montfort School
Welcome to the Year
10 Parents’
Information Evening
Miss K Green
Using Frog, you are able to :•
Monitor your child’s attendance
Monitor your child’s behaviour
View your child’s school timetable
Download your child’s school reports and other documents
(in PDF file format)
Visit the school website “http://www.tdms.worcs.sch.uk and
click “Frog” at the top of the page
Select “Frog Parents”
Log on using the username and password given to you. If you
do not have an account, you can request a login by clicking the
link shown below in red.
When you have logged on, you will be presented with the Frog
Parental Portal Home Page. From here you have links to all the
areas available to you in the left menu, as well as information
regarding your child’s teachers. The Latest Feed displays any
updates such as positive or negative behaviour marks, and if any
new documents are available to download.
Selecting “My Child’s Timetable” displays the timetable for that
day. You can move backwards and forwards by clicking the links
at the bottom of the page.
Selecting “My Child’s Attendance” allows you to view the attendance
marks for your child. If you have more than one child in school, you
can specify which child you wish to look at from the pull down menu
at the top of the page. You can also choose a month to view as well.
Selecting “My Child’s Behaviour” will display any positive or negative
behaviour marks given to your child by their teachers. The staff name
and a brief description will also be given next to each mark.
Selecting “My Child’s Documents” allows you to download a secure
copy of your child’s reports when they become available. These files
are in PDF format and are available to view on most computers,
laptops, and other mobile devices.
Our tutors
10FD – Mrs Denton
10LL – Mr Lungley
10DB – Mr Broe
10CM – Miss Morton
10CT – Miss Thomas
10NT – Mrs Taber
10RHu – Miss Hughes
Senior Intervention Tutor (S.I.T.)
• Mrs Green
How to contact
Tutors will be pleased to speak with you.
1. Use email - We will try to return email queries
within 48hours
2. By phone – before 8.35am or after 3.40pm
3.Make an appointment
4. A note in the planner – but please remind
your child to show their tutor the query!
Year 10 expectations and our Core Values
Our aim is for every child to achieve their potential. To
assist them we have the following expectations:
• The highest expectations and a genuine sense of prideTo always be in correct uniform and wearing it correctly
• Developing healthy and safe lifestyles- Apply skills/
knowledge from school in their life
• Developing lifelong skills- Apply themselves in all
• Respect for others- Allowing all class members to
• Realising potential- Being fully applied in all subjects
Progress reports
• You will receive regular progress reports
throughout the year
• Progress evening to meet all teachers –
Thursday 19th May
• Pupil’s work and progress is assessed as well
as their attitude to Learning (ATL)
• Progress report 1 issued on 6th November
Stamps in planners - up to 18 per day
Non uniform days
Reward days –earn ‘money’ from the stamps
they collect (Rewards Day: 20th July)
• After school detentions on the same day
• Parents informed by telephone/text alert
• Report cards electronically issued by
Tutor/HoL/SLT if necessary
Homework timetables in planners
Please check regularly
Sign planners at the end of the week
Use for communication
Key Dates
• 20th/21st October and 29th February: Science
• 19th May: Parents’ Evening
• May 2016: GCSE Science exams (excl. 10P1
and 10P2)
• 27th June – 1st July: Y10 Exams Week
• 11th July-15th July: Work Experience and Child
Development Placements
11-15 July 2016
“Unlocking your potential”
Aims of work experience
• General workplace skills
Culture of workplace and routines
Working alongside adults
Fitting in with the ‘workplace culture’
Developing self-confidence
• Opportunity to experience an environment/occupation they may be
interested in
• Opportunity to develop and apply employability skills; for example
Personal presentation
Communication & Literacy
Time Management & Organisation
Problem solving & creativity
Benefits of work experience
More confident individuals
Develops social skills
Understand and develop employability skills
Relate school subjects/life to their future
Gain a better understanding of themselves
Networking skills
Time Line
• 1st October - Launch work experience with students with an
• 2nd October – Letter for parents with briefing notes given to
students in tutor
• Rest of autumn term – ongoing support in school with
organising placements
• Spring/summer terms – activities to prepare students for
their placements
• 11-15 July – work experience placement week
• 18 July – feedback activities
• GCSE Childcare students HAVE to find a
placement within a setting relevant to that
• We discourage students from
– School placements (unless interested in teaching
or a particular department, e.g. ICT)
– Working with parents
• Encourage your child to organise their
placement as early as possible
Follow on Twitter
for information, jobs, advice and generally good
GCSE 2017 onwards
• New courses, first examination summer 2017
English and Maths, 2018 all other subjects
• New grading structure 1-9 instead of A*-G
• This will apply to all of you son/daughters
• Maths: 3 papers, each 1 hr 30 mins long
• Small changes to the content of the course
• Some content has moved from higher tier to
foundation tier
GCSE English 2017 onwards
• 100% exam, no more coursework
Year 10 Mathematics
Students set on ability within each pathway
Students regularly assessed
Past papers to clearly show progress
Analysis of papers to aid teaching and
students revision
Y10 Mathematics
Attitude to learning
Doing the right things in Year 10 can make a
huge difference at the end of Year 11!
Available Support
• MyMaths: www.mymaths.co.uk
• Mathematics Frog Page:
How can you help
• Ensure your son/daughter is always equipped
for maths lessons (Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Rubber
and Scientific Calculator)
• Talk to your son/daughter about their maths
• Be positive about the subject
An exciting new course…
• Designed to give a varied, full, engaging and
functional curriculum diet
• Designed to develop strong communicators
and empathetic individuals
• Designed to offer challenge
Year 10 curriculum
English Language and English Literature – 2 distinct GCSEs
100% terminal examinations
PAPER 1 – Explorations in
creative reading and writing
PAPER 2 – Writers’ viewpoints
and perspectives
50% reading
50% writing
1 hour 45 mins each
PAPER 1 - Shakespeare and
the 19th Century Novel
1 hour 45 mins (40%)
PAPER 2 Modern texts and
2 hours 15 mins (60%)
What will my child be studying?
A range of text types, including:
literature fiction
literature non fiction
non fiction
print and web based texts
• Half termly assessments, exam style questions
• Alternate reading and writing focus
Attend lessons!
Complete all homework to a good standard
Attend any extra sessions by invitation
Give 100%
How can I support my child?
Encourage reading of any genre
News in any format
TV adaptations
Information from us
Key dates – please check your child’s calendar
Staff email addresses
Homework timetables
Work Experience Information
Information from you
• Please keep us informed of any change in
circumstance, new address and mobile phone number
• Please sign parent and student agreement in planner
• Parent view
Year 10 Tutor Team
Miss K Green (Year 10 HoL): [email protected]
Mrs S Green (Senior Intervention Tutor): [email protected]
Mrs Taber: [email protected]
Miss Morton: [email protected]
Ms Thomas: [email protected]
Mr Broe: [email protected]
Miss Hughes: [email protected]
Mr Lungley: [email protected]
Mrs Denton: [email protected]
Mr Hopkins (Head of Maths): [email protected]
Miss Scanlon (Head of English): [email protected]

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