5 CQF report 13.07.16



5 CQF report 13.07.16
The fifth Care Quality Forum took place
at the Park Hotel in Netherton on 13
July 2016. Over 60 service users and
carers joined New Directions staff and
managers to review service user and
carer involvement in service delivery
and development.
We asked service user and carers to respond to the
following topics and this is what you told us.
1. New Directions wants carers and service users be involved
in supporting the future review and development its work.
You thought CQF meetings were well organised and let you find
out what was happening at first hand from ND staff. You said
they also gave you the chance to share your own experiences
with service users, their families and carers in similar situations.
But you also thought that some of the sessions could be shorter
and should talk about other things than transport or day service
And this is what else you told us about CQF meetings:
they gave you the opportunity to ‘grumble’ and provide
constructive criticism and to have your say in discussion groups;
the staff support available was welcomed; and,
the information pack, induction loop and transport
arrangements, when needed, were also helpful in making
CQF meetings a success.
But some family members wanted:
senior managers to visit services more frequently; and,
the CQF organisers to ‘fine tune’ physical arrangements
for meetings – particularly the use of space in the room,
presentation methods and to think about the needs of
working carers.
2. New Directions regularly holds Service User Surgeries
in each service base so that every service user has the
opportunity to speak directly to the Head of Care Quality
and Service User Experience.
You told us that some of those attending did not know about
service users surgeries. So you told us ND should make sure
people knew when and where they were being planned for
the future. Those who had attended Service Users Surgeries
thought they worked well because they provided an opportunity
to talk to each other, to share good things and bad and offered
the chance to talk to senior managers.
You also said that:
Service Users Surgeries should be held more often and
arranged so people knew when and where they were happening; and,
reports should be better written in plain language.
3. New Directions also regularly holds Carers Surgeries in
each service base so that every carer has the opportunity to
speak directly to the Head of Care Quality and Service User
You said, just like Service Users Surgeries, some of those
attending did not know about Carers Surgeries either. But those
who had attended Carers Surgeries thought they offered a
valuable opportunity to talk to other carers and families and a
chance to talk to a Senior Manager.
And you said ND should:
do more to make sure invitations and information was passed to as promptly as possible; and,
think about other ways of listening to parents and carers.
4. Some New Directions service locations hold their own
discussion groups.
You thought discussion groups at service locations would not
work at some services. But where they worked they helped
improve communication about changes. And they helped ND
listen more to parents and carers.
And you thought:
family members at some service locations would find discussion groups difficult due to age and mobility; and,
ND staff should follow up if people invited to participate in events did not respond to invitation letters.
5. Improving New Directions service user and or carer
CQF participants said they trusted ND but thought ND could
become even more accountable by including service user
representation on the Board. And carers said they would like to
know more about ND’s vision for the future so that they could
plan accordingly.
But you also told us some service users and carers get very tired
and find it difficult to get involved in lots of things. And you told
us carer’s free time is precious and there was only so much that
can be taken on.
And you also told us ND:
should be able to advise about or signpost people to other sources of support;
provide information relevant to service users and carers by adding additional content to the website;
ensure the data base of carers and their profiles are up to date, and invitations get to the right person via services;
provide an Annual Review for service users, carers and family members; and,
think about setting up ‘task and finish’ groups that would involve service users and carers in looking at specific
service areas.
New Directions have listened to service users and carers and responded in the following ways:
You said
We did
Improve communication with a regular Newsletter
Introduced a Newsletter in August 2016 to
be produced on a quarterly basis
You did not know when surgeries for
service users and carers were taking place
Ensured that information about future events is widely
circulated and posted on the ND Website
Consider the needs of working carers
Planned for an event to take place in the evening early in 2017
You would like regular drop sessions for carers
Planned timetable of drop in sessions during
2016 and into 2017 now in place
Have staff representatives from each service to
deal with individual issues/give information
Changed the format of the November Event to include
representatives of all service areas
You would like more detailed information
for carers on the ND website
We are reviewing the content and format of the website
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