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renew refresh revitalize
™ est. 1997 ˜
Skin Care
Areyoutiredof conflictingadvicefromcosmetic
countersandthemedia? Itcouldbetimetotalk
witha licensedskincare professional, whohas
the time, knowledge and experience to help
you gain a better understanding of what is
influencingyour skin’s appearanceandhowwe
Our mission is to help you achieve your skin
caregoals. Wealsowant youtorelax andtruly
savour eachmoment of your timewithus.
Sanctuary Signature Facial
Fruit Acid Double Peel
Age Reducing Facial
(withPeel or Micro.)
™ $145
Designed to tackle the skin ‘internally’ by stimulating collagen
production, the combination of infra red and ultra violet light, along
with powerful products containing vitamin C, retinol, and kojic acid
aids in restoring skin to create a refreshed, smooth and luminous
™ $100
In a little over an hour, your skin will look clearer, healthier and
moreradiant. Withtheuseof ionization, andoxygenation, pores
will be cleansed, cells energized and with a soothing massage,
hand treatment and customized mask, not only will you look
refreshedyou’ll feel wonderfully relaxed.
*Canadd collagenmask or chemical peels if required.
™ $125
This is the deluxe version of our already deluxe Signature Facial!
This facial targets tone, elasticity and volume. With the inclusion
of a prescribed Collagen mask and enzyme peel on the hands and
décolletéyouwill seevisiblefirmnessandsmoothnesstoyour skin.As
anextratreat weincludeanourishingfoot massageinadditiontoour
Cleanse & Rebalance
™ $85
This‘no fuss’ treatment is designed to help clear up and calmdown
congested,irritatedskin.After exfoliatingandextractionof blackheads,
the skinis oxygenatedandthentreatedwithultra violet light before
theapplicationof asoothingmask.
™ $95
Thisrefreshinglyfruitytreatmentwitha VitaminCmaskbrightens the
complexion andregeneratestheelasticfibres. Thisisagreattreatment
for special occasions as skinlooks moreradiant andfeels tighter and
Light Therapy Facials
Vitamin “C” Lifting Facial
™ $100
Using vitamin C and collagen to stimulate the skin, this relaxing
treatmentisideal beforeaspecial eventtogiveyourskinahealthyglow
theThermolift maskencouragesthediffusionof activeingredients.
Microdermabrasion & Peels
™ Micro$65 ™ Peels $25 andup
Theepidermis is madeupof approximately 30 layers.Withtheuseof
microdermabrasionorapeel wecangentlyremovedeadlayersof skin
cells, revealinghealthynewskin. Witheither service, resultsarevisible
with1 treatment but maximumresults will beachievedafter aseries
Pick Me Up Facial
™ $60
Combiningexfoliation,facial massageandamask,thisquickboostwill
leaveyour skinfeelingsqueakyclean. Addapeel or collagenmaskfor
Back Facial
™ $95
This hard to reach area deserves your attention so enjoy a salt glow,
backsteam,soothingmassageanddeepcleansingmudmasque, with
someextractions includedinorder toclear andsmoothyour stressed
out back.
Ultimate Indulgence
™ $180
Theultimateexperience! Whether youreceivefacialsregularlyor
you’relookingfor theperfect‘gift’for yourself-or lovedone!
This90minuteindulgenceincludesacombinationof either
aPeel or Microdermabrasionontheface, décolletéandhands,
the SignatureFacial withCollagenorVitaminCmask,
andasoothinghandandfoot massage.
Collagen, Aromatic or Vitamin C Masks
™ $20 - 30
Enhance all facial treatments by increasing moisture level, elasticity,
toneandclarity.These fabulous additions area wonderful conclusion
toyour facial experience.
Makeup Lesson
™ Application $55 ™ HomeVisit - Discusswithcoordinator
Learntheprofessional tricks of thetradeandexperiencethebenefits
of mineral make-up. Whether you need a professional application
or decide to spend some time with us and learn some wonderful
techniques toenhanceyour experience, wehavethepros toshowyou
Broken Capillary
™ $125
Asafe andproven alternative tolaser removal. The use of a current
“tapped’ alongthecapillaryerases spider veins, quicklyandwithlittle
discomfort.Recommendedonfacial areasonly,usually1-2treatments
isall that isnecessary.
Professional Waxing
Our skilled estheticians use the highest quality wax to effectively
• Eyebrows ™ $20
• Full Leg™ $70
• Upper Leg™ 45
• Lip/Chin™ $20
• Lower Leg™ $35
• Arms ™ $38
• Full Leg& Bikini ™ 95 • Underarms ™ $25
• Bikini ™ $35
• Chest ™ $45 & Up
• Brazilian™ 60 & Up
• Back ™ $45 & Up
™ $35 per 15 minutes
Painfulelectrolysisisathingofthepast. Thisadvancedandgentletechniqueis
Eyebrow Shaping
™ $20 - Shapingwithwax, tweezersor both
Eyebrow Tinting
™ $15 withLashes$10
Eyelash Tinting
™ $30
Eyelash Perm
™ $70 - Perminglasts2-5months. Nomorelashcurlers.
Eyelash Extensions
™ $50
Lash clusters are blended between your own to create fuller, thicker
lashes. Lasts3-6days.
Semi- Permanent Lashes
Eye Care
™ $170
Look likea moviestar withlong, lustrous, natural lookinglashes. The
lashes can last for months with regular maintenance and will not
damageyour ownlashes. “Fill ins”arerequiredif youwant tomaintain
yourlashesandyourlashtech.will consultwithyouasfill inpricesvary
Collagen Eye, and Lip Masks
™ $20
Useof collagenmasks, will helpdiminishsignsof agingbynourishing,
reducingfinelines, reducepuffinessanddarkcircles.
Body Care
Luxuriateinthepleasuresof candlelight, aromaticoilsand
soothingmusicwhileexperiencingthebenefitsof our
Sanctuary Signature
5 Star Massage
Thisincrediblejourneyfor your sensesistheultimateinindulgence.
Includesour SignatureFragranceblendedwithessential oils, hot
stonestorelaxmusclesandsoothingparaffinonthefeet. Your
therapist will workfor 85minutesusingswedishmassageanddeep
tissueif required for anunforgettableexperience!
Swedish Massage
™ 25 min $55 ™ 55 min$90 ™ 85 min $145
Traditional Swedishmassage reduces stress, improves circulationand
relievesmuscular tension.
Deep Tissue
™ 25 min $65 ™ 55 min $100 ™ 85 min $155
A specialty massage that focuses on achieving maximum physical
results. This is tailoredtoconcentrateonthemuscles relevant toyour
particular sport or activity. Our AlphaEnviromental Capsuleis ideal to
warmupthemusclesprior tomassage.
Sports Massage
™ 55 minutes $135
™ 85 minutes $165
Designed to target muscular aches and pains by use of deep tissue
andvibratory massage. Stretching, warmoils andhot stones may be
includedif necessaryfor ultimaterejuvenationandrepairs.
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone therapy combines Swedish massage with heated basalt
stones. Heat and energy promotes intense relaxation, calmness and
createsamorebalancedandcenteredstateof well being.
Aromatherapy Massage
™ 25 min$65 ™ 55 min $100 Afteraconsultation, acustomizedblendofessentialoilsaremassagedusing
Ref lexology Massage
™ 40 min $70 ™ addtoa Pedicure
treatment stimulates the nerves in the body, and encourages blood
flow. Bothpainandthesourceof painis relieved.
™ $155 ™ $750 for 5 Thinkyoucan’t get ridof cellulite?Youcan! Results areimmediate. This
European treatment that totally smooths, tightens and detoxifies has
available in Europe for over 20 years and with just 1 treatment you’ll
seeandfeel adifference! If youwant seriouschangeswerecommenda
seriesof5-10ispreferablewhichyourspatherapistwill discusswithyou.
Couples Massage Lesson
™ $160
Learn some professional massage techniques and receive a massage
fromaprofessional therapist.You’ll get“handson”trainingoneachother
andreceiveabottleof massageoil soyoucanpracticeimmediately.
Pre-Natal & Post Natal Massage
™ 25 min $60 ™ 55 min $95
Aperfect shower gift! The specially designedbedwith a“cradle” for
thetummyallows“Mom”tohaveafull bodymassageandlayonher
stomach. Post Natal Massagethefocus is ona calmingandsoothing
sleepdeprivedmomswithoilsbeneficial tostretchmarkreduction.
™ 50 min 100
A classic Ayurvedic treatment in which warm oil is poured in a
continuous streamacross the forehead. , then massagedin the scalp
and upper body. Shirodhara is saidtopurify, nourishandstrengthen
the body on a deep cellular level by unblocking energy channels,
Hollywood Tan
™ $50 ™ with Sanctuary Scrub$90
Lasts 5-7days, givinganevenandnatural color.Weadviseyounot to
shower after tanapplicationfor at least 12 hours.
Add Ons
™ $10
If youwouldliketoaddsomeblendedessential oils, a fluidreducing
menthol gel, lavashells or hot stones withtheSwedishor Deeptissue
The Sanctuary Scrub with Vichy Shower
™ $50
Ablendof deadseasalts or crushedsugar, andessential oils areused
to exfoliate the body. This experience will leave your skin feeling
Alpha Environmental Capsule
™ $30 ™ $15 with an additional service
TheultimateinDryHeatTherapy, tenprograms offer manywonderful
possibilities including relaxation, energy, detoxification, weight loss,
pain relief and sleep. Add a Pick-Me-Up Facial to enhance your
Ear Coning
™ $65
This ancient remedy for treatingear aches andother commonissues
related to the ear is a holistic method of helping bring balance and
It’s a Wrap
Bodywrapsarerelaxing, therapeutictreatmentsthat canbe
enjoyedbymenandwomen.Our wrapsareperformedin
our AlphaEnviromental Capsulefor maximumbenefits.
PickMeUp Facial canbeaddedduring
the“wrap”timefor $50
The Swedish Miracle Wrap
™ $135
AKALoveHandleReducer For Men
This inch loss wrapcompacts the soft, fatty tissue andworks on the
theskin’s surface.Weguaranteea six inchloss whichwill last several
Sedona Clay Wrap
™ $125
Smoothandrejuvenate tiredmuscles anddull skinwitha Sanctuary
Scrubandvichyshower,followedbytheapplicationof richorganicclay
Hydra Quench Wrap
™ $125
tothebody tohelpnourishcells, eliminatetoxins fromthebody and
hydrate andtightentheskin.
Moor Mud Wrap
™ $125
Purifies andstimulates circulation with over 1000 plant extracts and
Purify • Rejuvenate • Eliminate
Nail Care
Ladies and Gentlemen, your hands are a reflection of who
you are andyour feet are often neglected.Take the time to
‘repair’ them both. Let our experienced nail technicians
performmagiconyou.You’ll begladyoudid!
European Manicure
™ $24
Arelaxingexperienceincludes nail shaping, buffing, cuticlework and
relaxing massage followed by warmmitts to aid the absorption of
creamandconcludedwithproteintreatment andcolor.
Spa Manicure
™ $45
Following the European Manicure an exfoliating treatment and anti
agingmaskis usedtosmoothandhydrateskin.Wethenapplywarm,
soothingParaffintothehands whichwill nourishtheskinandrelieve
sorejoints. Theexperienceisconcludedwithapolishapplication.
Gel Manicure
™ $38
This‘nochip’manicureincludesaEuropeanManicureandgel polish
that wont chipor wear off, wesimplyremoveit whenitsgrownout
or whenyou’vegrowntiredof it!
Spa Pedicure
™ $50
Recline andrelax in our deluxe massagingpedi throne, soakingyour
feet inaromatic foot bath. Nail andcuticlework is followedby a sea
saltscrub,hardskinremoval, footmaskandmassage.Theexperienceis
Mini Pedicure
™ $36
A“touch up” for in between pedicures. Feet are soaked, nails shaped,
feet exfoliatedandpolishapplied.
Hand Peels and Microderm
™ $10
Our handsreflect our ageandareoften abusedandneglected! By
exfoiliatingthehands, aswedotheface, thehandswill lookmore
youthful andfeel smoother andsofter..Inaddition, theremoval of
deadskinallowsthelotionsweuseafter topenetratemoreefficiently.
Ideallyperformedweekly, even1treatment will revitaliseyour hands
The Ultimate Pedicure
™ $75
If your feet aretotallyabusedandyouneed
ultimatepamperingthisistheonefor you!
Awarmwrapisappliedtoyour neck
whilewespend over anhour onyour tiredfeet!
Removal of hardskin, cleaningupcuticles,
andwarmstones, beforea warmgloveof
richscentedparaffinisappliedtothefeet andthen
massageandpolishapplication.Total indulgence
guaranteedtoput aspringinyour step!
Spa Packages
Always a great gift for men and women. A Gift Certificate can be
mailed for your convenience or collected at our reception desk. We
haveaselectionof combinationsthat arethemost popular services.
We carry;
Sanctuary Signature Experience
™ $495
TheUltimateGift! Our SanctuarySignature5Star MassageandFacial
Detox Delight
™ $260
Sanctuary ScrubwithVichy Shower, Sedona ClayWrapwith Pick Me
UpFacial and25minuteAromatherapymassage.
Mens Escape
™ $215
45 min Swedish Massage, Pick Me Up Facial, Mini Pedicure and
Rescue Remedy
™ $165
PickMeUpFacial, 25minuteSwedishMassage, Mini Pedicure.
Please be advised that when booking spa packages treatments may
not be substitutedfor alternate services. We recommendyou book a
la carte services inorder toreceive the exact combinationyouprefer.
Seriesof select servicespaidinadvancereceiveadditional discounts.
All SpaPackagesincludegratuities.
Werequireacredit cardtoreserveappointments.
Werequest 24hoursnoticeof cancellationor theright tochargea
50%cancellationfee. Our spapackagesrequire48hourscancellation.
Noshows will becharged100%.
Pricesaresubject tochangewithout advancenotification.
Gratuitiesareat your discretion.
Pleaseturnall cell phonestosilent topreservethe
tranquilityof our environment. Pleaseleaveall valuables
inyour purseor inthelockersprovided.
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