Function Booking Information Sheet


Function Booking Information Sheet
Function Booking Information Sheet
We thank you for your interest in the King Tom Club for your function
The following information outlines the conditions and costs associated
with the hire of our function rooms.
General Conditions
The patron is responsible to conduct the function in an orderly manner and in full
compliance with the Rules, Regulations and By-Laws of the Club and all applicable laws.
We reserve the right to intervene if a function’s activities are considered illegal, noisy or
The Club will take all necessary care but will not accept responsibility for damage or loss of
any client’s property in the Club before, during or after a function.
The patron assumes responsibility and is liable to pay for all damage caused by them or
any of their guests, invitees or other people attending the function, whether in the
function rooms or in another part of the Club.
General and normal cleaning is included in the cost of the room hire charge, but additional
charges may be payable if the function has created cleaning needs above and beyond
normal cleaning.
The organiser is liable to pay all money due for the consumption of beverages by any of
their guests attending the function at the conclusion of the night.
Room Hire Costs
Function Room 2
$500 + $400 Bond Deposit
The bond for the auditorium will be refunded if there is no damage resulting from the
function. This amount will be refunded five (5) working days after the event.
The Room hire charge is non-refundable.
Conditions of Hire
Bookings are held for 14 days from the date the booking is made. Full payment of the room
hire charge is required within two (2) weeks of the booking being made to confirm the hire of
the function room.
Advice of guest numbers and menu selection must be finalised with the caterer two (2) weeks
before the function.
All functions are to start and finish at normal Club operating hours, which are as follows:
Monday – Thursday
12noon – 9pm
12noon - 1.00am
11.00am - Midnight – 1.00am
11.00am - 10.00pm
The organiser may decorate the function room, however sticky tape and/or thumb tacks may
not be used on the walls. All costs associated with the decoration of the function room are at
the organizers own expense.
Any special equipment or facilities required are the organizers own responsibility.
Access to the Club for decorating purposes is only available during normal Club operating
Food & Beverage Policy
Beverages are either done on a consumption or cash bar basis.
Consumption – Any beverages consumed by guests during the function are placed on a
running bill, recorded and paid for at the conclusion of the night.
The organiser can allocate what beverages he/she wishes to place on the list.
Cash Basis – all beverages ordered over the bar or through a beverage staff member must be
paid on the spot.
All function attendees must abide by Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) regulations. The Club
reserves the right to refuse the service of alcohol to any guests it considers to be under age or
intoxicated or behaving in an offensive manner
It is not permitted for members or guests to bring any alcohol on to the club premises. Any
liquor purchased within the club is not to be removed from the premises, before, during or
after the function.
The Club’s policy does not allow for any outside food to be brought on to the premises for
consumption. Our functions are catered for exclusively by Luce Mala Restaurant. Any food not
consumed during the function remains the property of the restaurant and is not to be
removed from the premises. The only exception is the celebration cake and traditional
Croatian cakes.

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