100% pure and natural aromatic raw materials - In



100% pure and natural aromatic raw materials - In
100% pure and natural
aromatic raw materials
Albert Vieille
in 100% pure
and natural
aromatic raw
Venerable savoir-faire
Naturally inspiring!
Our company, founded in the Grasse region, has always specialized
in the distillation and extraction of local perfume plants such as rose,
orange tree, and iris.
Our expertise is deeply rooted in a land where the sense of smell, indepth knowledge of botanic raw materials, and the art of composition
are long-standing, treasured traditions.
For nearly a century,
Albert Vieille has crafted
exceptional savoir-faire
in the realm of aromatic
raw materials, acting
as your partner in the
scented and flavored
creations and offering
100% pure and natural.
Oris pallida
Centifolia rose
A wide range of products for perfumery, aromatherapy,
cosmetics, and food industry professionals
From Frankincense from Somalia to Tonka bean from Brazil,
from Indian jasmine to Turkish rose, we offer more than 200
aromatic products that are 100% pure and natural – essential
oils, floral waters, absolutes, concretes, resinoids, and gum
resins – for your creations.
Explore the depths of Albert
Vieille’s history and discover
traditional jasmine picking in
the Grasse region.
Perfumery in the Grasse region: historic
savoir-faire now listed as part of France’s
Intangible Cultural Heritage
In 2014, the savoir-faire of the Grasse region’s master
perfumers was listed as part of France’s Intangible
Cultural Heritage. The distinction serves to recognize
the region’s world-renowned expertise in raw
materials, perfume plant production, and the art of
Ladaniferus cistus pistil
a core
value in
our customer
What matters most to us at Albert
Vieille is being an authentic, reliable
source of natural raw materials and
sharing those values with our clients,
such that they might incorporate
them into their formulas with pride.
A commitment to ethics and responsibility
Over the years, we have developed a network of producers in over 40 countries and built
reliable, long-lasting relationships with our agricultural partners. Doing so means we can
offer raw materials on a consistent basis in terms of quality and availability.
We are also committed to supplying these raw materials while respecting and preserving
nature and the people who nurture it.
Arabica coffee
In 2008, our company became a founding member of the NRSC, the Natural
Resources Stewardship Circle. This network of leaders in the beauty, flavor,
and fragrance industries is committed to preserving biodiversity and
promoting the economic and social development of local communities.
Since its founding, we have helped monitor the association’s collective
initiatives to ensure the sustainability of raw material supply chains.
In Haiti, for example, we support the NRSC’s initiatives on local vetiver
production, with particular focus on fighting soil erosion, minimizing adverse
social impact, ensuring advance payment to collectors, and improving
workers’ wages.
Offering you nature’s best
The unimaginable diversity of plants across the planet is a bountiful
botanic resource, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us.
We are meticulous in our selection and processing of the essences
we import from every corner of the earth, to ensure that all our
products satisfy the requirements set forth in our 100% Pure and
Natural Charter.
Characteristics of a 100% Pure product:
Rose of Damas
100% Pure and
Natural to render
Sourced from a plant:
• that is botanically certified, the variety identified by genus and
• for which the growing methods and harvested portions are
clearly established.
• that has a single geographic origin, meaning we can distinguish
its chemical composition and identify chemotypes.
Characteristics of a 100% Natural product:
The company’s CEO, Georges
Ferrando, travels the world in search
of pure, natural raw materials that
will bring a touch of originality to
your creations.
The product is:
• obtained using physical processes in accordance with ISO 9235:
distillation, extraction using organic volatile solvents, or cold
• has not been denatured by the addition of any organic materials
or petrochemical ingredients.
your scent creations all
the more exquisite
By virtue of our quality sourcing policy
and stringent in-house standards that
include our 100% Pure and Natural
Charter, we at Albert Vielle guarantee
our customers that the products we
furnish are of outstanding character.
Set off to meet the cistus ladaniferus collectors in
the Sierra Norte natural Regional Park, near Seville,
Roman Chamomile
Ladaniferus cistus
A palette of savoir-faire exemplified by our
mastery of many different processing techniques for aromatic raw materials
Our production center processes raw materials using
a variety of techniques, choosing the process best
suited to the character of the product in question:
Gum resins: Through steam distillation or ethanol
extraction of these gums, we manufacture products
such as our frankincense and myrrh essential oils
and resinoids.
production center to meet your
varied needs
Floral concretes: Our factory also processes floral
concretes to produce absolutes, such as our rose,
osmanthus, and jasmine absolutes.
It is north of Seville, Spain, that Albert Vieille established a production center. In
the authentic, protected site of Sierra Norte Natural Regional Park flourishes the
only plant with amber notes, an essence prized by perfumers: cistus ladaniferus, or
Cistus ladaniferus var beta maculatus Dun.
Nestled in fields of cistus, our
8 distillation, rectification, and
solvent-extraction units bring
into being Albert Vieille’s
signature products: cistus and
labdanum essential oils, gums,
concretes, and absolutes.
Myrrh gum resin
Rose of Damas
Various natural raw materials: Our facilities
can distill or perform extraction on fresh and dried
natural raw materials, such as pink peppercorn, iris
rhizomes, or tonka beans, from which we produce a
wide range of essential oils.
Pink peppercorn
Learn more about our production center
nestled in the cistus fields in the Sierra Norte
Natural Regional Park near Seville, Spain.
Grandiflorum jasmine
Olibanum gum resin
Our quality specifications are based on an in-house,
olfactory and analytical quality-assurance framework
born of many years of research and experimentation,
as well as ISO, AFNOR, and French and European
pharmacopoeia standards.
control laboratory
guarantees the quality of the
you use in
Our quality control laboratory analyzes all our
aromatic raw materials so we can be certain
to offer only the most exquisite products that
fully comply with our 100% Pure and Natural
Peru balsam tree bark
physicochemical, chromatographic, and olfactory
controls. Our panel of experts verifies our products’
integrity to guarantee the quality of the ingredients
you include in your compositions.
Pink peppercorn
Experts in product authentication
Albert Vieille is a member of several expert commissions, such as the AFNOR,
the French Pharmacopoeia Commission. We work closely with the collaborative
analytical platform ERINI (European Research Institute on Natural Ingredients)
and the CNRS (French national scientific research center) in Lyon, both wholly
committed to analytical research on natural products.
The ceaseless quest for
Albert Vieille believes it is essential to support
customers in the development of products ever
better tailored to their needs. It is for this reason that
our company assigns such great importance to
research and development.
Through involvement in several scientific
think tanks, Albert Vieille helps expand the
knowledge base on natural aromatic raw
materials. For example, our company took
part in drafting the Charter of the France
Eco-Extraction Association, specializing
in the creation of extraction processes less
harmful to the environment and producing
greater yields.
Olibanum gum resin
Our partnerships with organizations such as the INRA
(French National Institute for Agricultural Research) in
Avignon and the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis mean
our Research and Development laboratory can ensure
you enjoy the advantages of more targeted and effective
Advanced technologies for optimized performance
Our company has a pilot molecular distillation unit, meaning we can supply products
tailored to your needs. We use this process of fractional distillation under high vacuum
to remove color from our plant extracts, eliminate allergens found in certain essences, or
isolate fractions.
We also have a production pilot platform to ensure a project’s feasibility on an industrial
scale. Conclusive test results then lead to manufacturing at our plant near Seville.
Arabica coffee
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Naturally inspiring!
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