Poster - iuvsta



Poster - iuvsta
Dubrovnik 22-26.10.2006. Croatia
50th IUVSTA workshop on
Toward Novel Nano-structure based
Nanostructured materials fabrication,
characterization and assembly for
novel devices
Ministry of science,
education and sport
Organizers: IUVSTA - Electronic Materials and Processing Division (EMPD), Nanometer Structures
and Thin film Divisions & Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), University of Zagreb,
Croatia; AVS, USA ; Institute “Ruđer Bošković”, Croatia; Croatian Vacuum Socitey
Topics:  quantum dots and their integration into novel devices  hybrid organic and nanostructured
materials as active electronic elements  nanostructure-based LEDs and solar cells  fabrication and
characterization of novel organic materials  carbon nanotubes and fullerenes – synthesis, properties
and applications  quantum circuits-quantum computing  focused ion beams and nanostructures
 nanostructured magnetic particles applications in ultra-high-density data storage devices.
American Vacuum
Invited speakers: ● Dr. A. Briggs University of Oxford, UK ● Dr. S. O'Brien Columbia University, USA
● Dr.F. Flores Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain ● Dr. S. R. P. Silva University of Surrey, UK
● Dr. B. Terris, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, USA ● Dr. A. R. Peaker Univ. of Manchester, UK
● Dr. S. Bernstorff, Sincrotrone “Elettra”, Italy ● Dr. A. Sassella University di Milano-Bicocca, Italy
● Dr. A.Slaoui, CNRS- Strasbourg, France ● Dr. D. Fink Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin, Germany
● Dr. Klas Hjort Uppsala University, Sweden ● Dr. Branislav Vlahovic NCCU, USA
Workshop Co-chairs:
Dr. Gary McGuire, USA, EMPD-IUVSTA & Dr. Vesna Borjanovic, FER, Croatia
International Program Committee Chair: Dr. Pivac Branko, Croatia. Dr. James S. Murday
Washington DC; Dr. Hiroshi Yoshida, Osaka, Japan; Dr. John M. Zavada,USA; Dr. Lars Eric
Wernersson, Sweden; Dr. Milko Jaksic, Croatia; Dr. Vesna Borjanovic, Croatia
Local Organising Committee Chair: Dr. Vesna Borjanovic, Croatia, Dr. Milko Jaksic, Croatia,
Dr. Pivac Branko, Croatia, Dr. Nikola Radic, Croatia; MSc. Radomir Jecmenica, Croatia

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