Home Nutrition Support Program



Home Nutrition Support Program
Home Nutrition Support Program
Parenteral Nutrition Therapy (TPN)
in the Home Setting
Soleo Health's Nutrition Support Program provides
exceptional, personalized service and expert nutrition
care to patients requiring TPN at home. Our
specialized nutrition patient care is implemented from
the start:
Reimbursement experts verify and explain benefits.
Experienced clinicians provide a smooth
transition from hospital to home.
Nutrition support clinicians provide the
recommendations for the TPN formulation and
monitoring plan, keeping it simple for the
ordering physician.
Patients are educated in all aspects of therapy,
including the intended goals and treatment plan
while receiving TPN.
A multidisciplinary nutrition support team
monitors patient status via routine lab review,
assessment phone calls and skilled nursing visits,
all of which promote success at home, decrease
risk of hospital readmission, and result in positive
clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.
Soleo Health's Nutrition Program Managers are
dedicated to the ongoing TPN education of infusion
clinicians, supporting our commitment of
excellent patient care.
Medicare TPN Expertise
Soleo's reimbursement and nutrition teams are
experienced in the requirements of Medicare Part B
coverage of home TPN. We quickly review medical
records to determine if Medicare criteria can be met.
If criteria are not met, we will research other coverage
the patient may have, and provide any possible
alternative guidance for the nutrition care of the
Homestart TPN Program
Soleo's certified nutrition support clinicians offer the
expertise to initiate TPN in the outpatient setting,
advocating for hospital avoidance when clinically
appropriate. Our clinical team will assess
appropriateness, considering risk vs benefit. We can
facilitate placement of a central line for central venous
access. Our clinical team understands the importance
of monitoring and preventing complications like
electrolyte and fluid imbalance, as well as refeeding
Continuing Education Program
We are pleased to offer Continuing Education (CE)
programs including multiple topics in specialty
infusion. Our nutrition topics include:
TPN: From Hospital to Home Initiation.
The Use of Nutrition Support in the Oncology
Medicare Part B and Home TPN.
Gastrointestinal Diagnoses and Nutrition Support.
Soleo is happy to provide a complete listing of our CE
program offerings upon request.
Benefits of Soleo Health's Nutrition
Support Program and Home TPN:
Multidisciplinary Nutrition Support Team led by
Registered Dietitians with Certified Nutrition
Support Clinician credentials and extensive home
TPN patient care expertise.
24/7 patient access to clinicians.
Physician access to Soleo Connect: a secure, webbased portal to Soleo Health's nursing and
pharmacy system.
98% Patient Satisfaction Rate.
Indications for Home TPN can include:
Short bowel syndrome
Small bowel obstruction
Severe Crohn's disease
Severe pancreatitis
Intestinal fistulas
Gastroparesis/motility disorders
Cancer cachexia
Severe hyperemesis gravidarum
Complications of bariatric surgery
Pediatric GI diagnoses
Soleo's Nutrition Program Managers
East Region
West Region
Holly Flax, MS, RD, CNSC Lisa Kinder, RD, CNSC
[email protected]
[email protected]
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