Power of Parity – Parity of Power: perché e come



Power of Parity – Parity of Power: perché e come
Power of Parity – Parity of Power: perché e come aumentare il numero delle donne in politica
Thank you Silvana, and thank you to the permanent mission of Germany for promoting this
important side session and inviting me to it..
Talking about parity of power I would briefly focus on two main points. First: why gender parity of
power is necessary. Second point : how we can achieve it.
About the first point, I think we have to make more and more clear to people why parity of power
between men and women is so important for the future of our world. We have to insist on this point
first of all to convince us women, to convince ourselves, that parity of power is not only our
demand for justice and for the protection of human rights, but that it is also a global need for
rebilancing our unbalanced globalized world.
That's why the campaign "He for she" is a very important initiative in order to stress the objective
and nonpartisan character of gender equality goal and to show how such an awareness begins to be
shared by many leaders in the world .
We have to tackle huge challenges for achieving a sustainable development to guarantee earth
survival for future generations. Challenges about distribution of wealth within different countries
and within each single country; challenges in terms of different impact of climate change and in
terms of distribution of food, malnutrition and health.
We have to manage the impact of migrations which requires hospitality, mutual understanding and
respect, spirit of tolerance, desire for peace.
To do this we need more women in power, we need a female point of view in the decision making
process, we need their long-term vision, their ability to take into account the community's interest
much more than their own interest which is the traditional male way of managing power. We need
the way in which women handle power which is serious, concrete and generally oriented to social
responsibility . We need women in power because women and girls are against violence , wars and
terrorism. The women, together with children, are the first and most numerous victims of all this.
Second point. How we can concretely achieve this goal moving from rethorics to action.
After twenty years from Beijing's conference there is visible progress in percentage of women
members of Parliaments virtually all over the world. However, in a few countries, the percentage
achieved dropped in past few years, so we have to monitoring the situation constantly because, even
in more advanced countries, nothing is achieved forever.
In Italy legislation introduced quotas for elections, both at national and regional level : we got good
concrete results. We have now about 30% of women in Parliament and with next election this
percentage will grow to 40%. Our government is now composed by one half of women and, which
in my opinion is even more important, is that women ministers were given the responsibility of
strategic sectors such as defense, energy and industry, health, education, institutional reforms,
innovation in public administration.
I would also mention two further initiatives adopted by the Italian Parliament and by the
Government: the first is that a recent bill states that boards of all listed companies and state owned
companies have to be composed for one third by women. I think this is a very strategic measure
because it affirms women's high level presence in business where fundamental decisions are
adopted about climate change, about communication and , more generally, about sustainable
A second measure I would mention is a program funded by the University and research Minister,
who happens to be a woman, to support young girls who want to pursue studies in the scientific
and technological sectors. We need more women in science and innovation because our future
world will be shaped by the new achievements in these sectors. So we have to be part of these
crucial changes.
Similar reforms could be proposed by women parliamentarians in their countries. As WIP members
we could also promote specific seminars about these experiences which can be considered good
Finally I suggest that we could propose the gender equality index to become a prerequisite to
access programs funded by international financial institutions as well as by the european union and
national governments.
Considered that it is generally agreed that increasing gender equality is a huge factor for increasing
growth, this a good way to increase the value of the money spent at global level for development
Thank you for your attention.

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