What You See, What You Don`t To Quit or Not to Quit


What You See, What You Don`t To Quit or Not to Quit
Golden Triangle Area Narcotics Anonymous Helpline: 1-888-811-3887
November 2016
Narcotics Anonymous
The GTA Newsletter
After a long work week….in early recovC’mon its been a
hard work week
Are you
What else are you
doing tonight?
Umm. I have
to...ah no...I
see you
40-50 Recovering
addicts, their friends
and Families enjoyed a night of fellowship,
dancing and singing at Scaryoke!!!
Well now that I’m
clean, what do I
do now???
What You See, What You Don't
Crying on the outside and dying on the inside.
That's me; that's all you can see.
But what you don't see is that it's not really me,
Or at least not the girl that I once used to be.
I'm drowning in my addiction, this is true,
But I'm desperately reaching out to you.
Won't you throw me a lifeline,
And try to help me save this life of mine?
After some thought...
Sponsor? Can
you help me?
Hi!, yes, yes…..it’ll
be ok….I’ve been
there too
To Quit or Not to Quit
I should wash these pills down the drain,
But it seems easier to prolong my pain,
Because I know going through withdrawal will
just about kill me.
Later at a local NA meeting…..
Grab a seat….
You earned it!!
It seems easier just to go on,
Smoking crack and popping pills until dawn,
Knowing in the end what will be, will be.
Yet somewhere deep inside,
There's a little bit of pride,
A tiny shaft of light that still reminds me.
Of the girl I used to be,
When my brain was clear and free,
I'm just not sure that I can be that girl again
An Anonymous Addict…..
"Untreated addiction without the steps on a daily basis will make my past my future."
The No Use News
The Golden Triangle Area Service
Committee usually meets on the 2nd
Saturday of each month @ 10:00 am
At the Allan Reuter Center
507 King Street East, Cambridge, ON
Next Meeting *November 12th
Contact info: [email protected]
Subcommittee Meetings
Golden Triangle Area Service Committee
Meets on the last Sunday of each
month @ 6:00 pm in Guelph at the
Homewood Health Centre.
(Basement of MacKinnon Bldg)
Contact info: [email protected]
Public Relations (H&I/PI)
Meets on October 23rd @ 3:00 pm
Calvary Memorial United Church
Contact info: [email protected]
Meets on the last Sunday of each
month @ 5pm in Guelph at the
Homewood Health Centre café
Contact info: [email protected]
Phone # Ken L: 519-993-7485
Please refer
ORCNA registration inquiries to
[email protected]
We will be meeting on the third
Wednesday night of each month. In
Coach House behind the Lutheran
Church at 6 pm.
If you need more info about the convention, go to the website
www.orcna.ca for it.
You can also download a registration
form from there and send it in.
Rodger F.
May 19th — May 21st
Hilton Mississauga Meadowvale
6750 Mississauga Rd
Mississauga ON, L5N 2L3
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Service & Contact Information
GTASC Secretary: [email protected]
Literature Chair: [email protected]
Area Chairperson: [email protected]
Alternate Chair: [email protected]
GTA Regional Rep: [email protected]
Ontario Regional Service Committee
Canadian Assembly
World Service Office
Homegroup & Events NEWS
Thursday night Together We Can Group has a new time 7pm-8pm
The Just For Today group now meets at the
Welcome In Drop-In Centre @ 23 Gordon Street, Guelph
MEETING TIMES: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays9:30am-11:00am
FYI: The Homewood Health Center is now a smoke free facility
All forms of tobacco related products will be considered contraband
on the property.
The Living Group will be having it’s 4th Annual
Holiday Potluck Dinner & Meeting on December 19th
Time: Doors open at 5:30 Dinner at 6:00
Where: 8 Torch Lane, Guelph Ont.
The Welcome Home group will be having it’s Annual
Holiday Potluck Candle light Dinner & Meeting on December 22
When: 6pm
Where: 40 Baker St, Guelph Ont.
The Activities subcommittee
Presents Our Annual Holiday Dinner & Dance
At the 1st Baptist Church:255 Woolwich St. Guelph (Phoenix Group)
December 10th Doors open at 4:00-Dinner at 5:00
*Lasagna* Desserts* Chicken* Chilli* Potluck* Fellowship*
Tickets are now Available
Please call Ken L 519-993-7485
if you or your Homegroup would like to contribute NA t-shirts,
Memorabilia, Books or other NA Merchandise for Prizes
The No Use News and NA, does not endorse the articles presented in this newsletter. The articles are considered personal opinions and interpretations of recovery. We invite you to submit an article, poem etc. to the newsletter. They
need to be recovery oriented and reflect experience, strength and/or hope. All contributions become the property
of the GTA Newsletter Sub committee, we reserve the right to edit the content to convey an NA message, or to not
publish. Send your submissions to [email protected] any time during the month up to 3 days before the area
meeting. (Thurs. 12pm deadline)Note: N.A. is not affiliated with the places where we hold our meetings or events
No Use News
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Darin C
18 months
November 10
Together We Can - Cambridge
Rob L
6 years
November 11
More will be Revealed - Guelph
Dianne P
12 years
November 12
Awakening group - Guelph
1 year
November 17
Stepping Stones - Hanover
Jason W
12 years
November 21
Phoenix Group - Guelph
18 months
November 24
Stepping Stones - Hanover
Alan M
8 years
November 20
Inside Recovery - Guelph
Deb M
10 years
November 29
Lust for Life - Waterloo
18 months
December 5
Living Clean Group - Guelph
Tom S
1 year
December 8
Stepping Stones - Hanover
Jay M
27 years
December 12
Friendship Group - Kitchener
Cassie C
1 year
December 15
Stepping Stones - Hanover
Rachel F
5 years
December 17
Clean Times - Cambridge
Geoff O
1 year
January 9
Friendship Group - Kitchener
Mark S
28 years
January 26
Welcome Home Group - Guelph
Mark F
30 years
January 26
Welcome Home Group - Guelph
Tony L
6 years
January 29
Together We Can - Cambridge
Cory S
18 months
January 30
Friendship Group - Kitchener
A— Acknowledgement
C-Celebration (?) Unknown
5. Isolation is dangerous to spiritual growth.
6. At this point, many of us felt lost and confused.
7. We must use what we learn or lose it in a relapse.
8. We do not have to look at the past alone.
9. We began to lose our fear through the experience of sharing.
11. Many times in our recovery the old bugaboos will haunt us.
Frightful Halloween Crossword
1. Some of us thought of suicide.
2. Surrender means not having to fight anymore.
3. We hurt the ones we loved.
4. Do we really want to be rid of our resentments, our anger, our fear?
5. Addiction is a disease that involves more than the use of drugs.
10. When we did seek help we were only looking for the absence of pain.
Found in the
Basic Text,
“What Can I Do?”
The No Use News
Page 4
The information below is available online at the Golden Triangle Area RCM blog. (http://goo.gl/WSuG6x) or scan
the code on the right with your smartphone.
Lots to report this month following the Regional Meeting in October:
CANA ○ Speaker recordings that were purchased at CCNA XXV are now available
for download and purchase at canadianconvention.com/store
$12,000 was donated from CANA to NAWS (which is down from $25,000 last year)
Looking into getting a standardized form for all NA volunteers at Federal Facilities
(Corrections Canada) and getting clearance for members at more than one facility.
English PSA's were a success. Looking to do more this year.
PR is looking at building a relationship with the RCMP to offer NA as a viable program and
resource in communities.
Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions is available for purchase. Look for it on your
Literature order form.
Literature Project: an IP on recovery and mental illness ■ Questions for you to answer to
help frame project plan available at na.org/mhmi. Deadline is June 1, 2017
Literature Project: Meditation Book ■ Questions for you to answer to help frame project plan
available at na.org/meditationbook. Deadline is June 1, 2017
PR Pamphlet: We have just published a pamphlet for use in public relations service work titled "Narcotics Anonymous and Persons Receiving Medication-Assisted Treatment". This
pamphlet is intended for professionals who prescribe medication to treat drug addiction. We
have posted it online at na.org/pr and, by the end of November, copies will be available for
order from NA World Services as well.
Issue Discussion Topics: The Issue Discussion Topics for the cycle are: Introduction to Guiding Principles, Atmosphere of Recovery in Service, and Applying Our Principles to Technology and Social Media. Workshop outlines, PowerPoints, and handouts for the IDTs are all
posted at na.org/idt. If you put on a workshop locally, don't forget to send us the input. The
input helps us better understand local needs and concerns. We summarize what we've heard
in the Conference Report each cycle.
Contributions are up. For the first time in years, contributions are up in 7th Tradition compared to literature sales. Last year it was 9% contributions and 91% Literature. This year
it's at 13% contributions and 87% Literature
ORCNA ○ ORCNA XXIX saw only $7,000 in profit ($15,000 was projected) ■ Costs continue
to rise for rooms, AV equipment, set-up, ect. while Hotels are not as desperate for our business like they used to be. ■ Registration costs will be rising for the first time in 10 years.
ORCNA XXX - We need an Area Service Core Rep from this area and fundraising for ORCNA
XXX: Are we interested? Anyone interested?
Regional Business ○ Registering Ontario Region with Canada Revenue requires area conscience.■ GoTO Meeting Package ($350 annually) was approved for purchase. This Online
meeting platform will allow ORCNA and Region to conduct business meetings online.
The July roving Regional meeting will be in North Bay this year.
Regional Budget is to be voted on in January ■ Elections in January: Alt. Secretary (3
years), Outreach Coordinator (4 years), ORCC (6 years)
YILS, Marc S
Addiction -When you can give up something any time, as long as it's next Tuesday…

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