Multi-Award Winning Community Credit Union



Multi-Award Winning Community Credit Union
Help with money from people
you can trust
How and Who can Join...
• All Loans at 2% per month on a reducing balance
• Savings Schemes (Adult, Junior, Corporate)
• School savings and training programmes
• Fuel poverty and oil clubs
•New tenancy starter packs (available for all)
• White Goods Packages (available for all)
• Laptop Packages
• Fa’s Money Courses
• Companies salary deduction schemes
• Community collection points
• Volunteer opportunities
• Engage debit card which has Envelope facility
(manage your money card)
• Any electrical items (
• Beds
• Carpets
• GO Online: visit, download the membership application.
Its Simple! Anyone & Everyone
• VISIT your local collection point. See website for details.
• PHONE or VISIT our offices.
You will need a couple of forms of ID.
For people, not profit
Monday - Friday: 10am - 4pm | Tel: 01224 899688
Email: [email protected] | Website:
•At least one piece of photo ID (e.g. Passport, driving licence) Two items as proof of address (e.g. Utility bill, bank statement).
•If you don’t have these then call us to discuss alternative forms of ID.
Say NO to Payday loans
and say YES to the Credit Union
Sample comparison on loan repayments:
Doorstop seller @ 272% APR
Sum borrowed - £600 - 52 Weeks (1 Year)
Repayment - £21 Per Week
Total Repaid - £1,092
Total Interest - £492
Payday Loan @ 1509% APR
Sum borrowed - £600 - Based on a 30 day period
Repayment - £744 before 30 days expired
Total Interest - £144 P/m
(Total payable £2328 if over 12 months)
Nescu @ 26.82% APR
Sum borrowed - £600 - 52 Weeks
Repayment - £13.18 Per Week
Total Repaid - £681.36, Total Interest - £81.36
Working in partnership with Nescu
Monday - Friday: 10am - 4pm | Tel: 01224 899688
Email: [email protected] | Website:
24 Victoria Road, Torry, Aberdeen, AB11 9DR
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Winning Community
Credit Union
24 Victoria Road, Torry,
Aberdeen, AB11 9DR
What is a Credit Union?
White Goods Package
Debit Card
A Credit Union is simply a community-based financial
cooperative, owned and operated by its members, providing
an alternative to commercial banking, pay day loans and
doorstep agents for all members of the local community –
regardless of situation, credit record and financial history.
Need a new cooker, fridge freezer or washing machine? “Yes”.
Well, look no further. We can offer our white goods package,
which is £550. including VAT.
To apply for an engage card you will need to be a member with
us and are continuing to save with us regularly.
• UK sort code & account number
• Contactless Visa Debit Card
Credit Unions are held to the same stringent regulations as
the banking industry, providing many of the same services but
without the hidden charges, fees and penalties. Best of all,
credit union members money remains in their local community,
benefitting other members, friends and relatives - every penny
saved with us is one more penny in the pot to help the other
members of the community.
• Borrowing is based on YOUR savings and YOUR
ability to repay.
• No hidden charges or fees.
• Fully inclusive to all members of the community: Business, Families, Employed or Unemployed, Young People or Retired.
• Envelope™ Money Management Tool
• Standing Order Facility
• Real Time Payments
Digital Inclusion Package
• ATM and cash back facilities
In a digital world, computer and internet access is less of a
luxury and more of a necessity.
To help keep you connected, Nescu can offer a ready-togo laptop, printer and laptop bag complete with a standard
warranty for total peace of mind.
• You decide how much you wish to save on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
The really boring bit
Other Services
All funds are protected through the
FCA/PRA compensation scheme up to the
value of £75,000 per member. However, our
Maximum savings allowance is £15,000 - so your
savings are always 100% protected.
It’s the little things that make a house into a home, but don’t
get caught out by high interest, weekly pay retailers. Nescu
can help provide more affordable TV’s and electrical items,
furniture, carpets, flooring, bed frames and mattresses for
members who meet the general loan criteria.
With each membership comes free life protection for
savings and loans. Life protection can increase your
savings by at least 50% and settle any loan in full,
providing peace of mind for your loved ones
Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the
Prudential Regulation Authority, Number 225531
• Mobile App
Plus all the other benefits of a current account!
Save money on everyday shopping and treats with up
to 15% cashback rewards from well known retailers

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