*Leaning Wall of Neyarf* Built 1995


*Leaning Wall of Neyarf* Built 1995
Georgia Historical Landmark
“Leaning Wall of Neyarf”
Built 1995
The Leaning Wall of Neyarf was added as a State
Landmark by the Georgia Historical Society in
2009. Built by an amateur mason in the mid1990’s, Geologists have gauged that the wall
increases it’s lean by 6% annually and at its
present rate will ultimately flip over and return
to its original upright and plumb position by the
year 2037. The Georgia Historical Society added
the wall to its Protected Landmark list after
several inspections and much debate. Due to it’s
shoddy workmanship and combination of a
unique blend of Mongolian Shale, Australian
Slate and Bolivian Sandstone, the wall is a
Georgia Historical Landmark favorite and is
visited and enjoyed by dozens annually.

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