Vendor Application - Hollywood



Vendor Application - Hollywood
Appvd:_______ Vendor ID_____ Booth_______
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Yellow Green Farmers Market
Vendor Application
Business/Farm Name ____________________________________________________________
Owner/Contact Name ____________________________________________________________
Mailing Address ________________________________________________________________
Phone _____________________ Fax ______________________ Cell _____________________
Email ________________________________________________________________________
Car license numbers_______________________________________________________
Describe any products you will sell at the market and the quantity you intend to bring. Include produce,
value-added products, flowers, bakery or other non-produce items you will sell and the degree to which
they contain local ingredients, if applicable. Please review YGFM rules and regulations section regarding
Market Product Rules. Attach extra sheets or photographs if needed.
If growing produce, please describes your farming practices (Organic/conventional)?
Vendor Space
Please indicate your intended start date at the market __________________________
Please review the available booths and pick out your top three choices. A map is available in the office.
1. ________ 2. __________ 3. __________
Number of booths requested ________
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When you are approved to become a vendor at the market a booth will be assigned. To hold the
booth until your start date a deposit is required. Booths may be reassigned until a deposit is
By signing this agreement, participants acknowledge that they have received and read a copy of the
Application, Rules and Regulations and agree to abide by the guidelines and decisions of the Yellow
Green Farmers Market or other representatives of the Private Owned Company and YGFM
Participants agree by signing to accept the following hold harmless clause:
All authorized vendors participating in the Yellow Green Farmers Market agree that they are
independent operators and not partners or participants in a joint venture, and shall be individually liable
for any loss, personal injury, deaths and/or any other damages that may occur as a result of the vendor’s
negligence or that of its employees, agents and associates. All vendors agree to indemnify Yellow Green
Farmers Market, its Private Owned Company, and Market Manager, harmless from any loss, costs,
damages and other expenses, including attorney’s fees, suffered or incurred by Yellow Green Farmers
Market by reason of vendor’s negligence or intentional misconduct or that of its employees, agents and
associates; provided that, the vendor shall not be liable for nor required to indemnify Yellow Green
Farmers Market, its Private Owned Company, and Manager, for their negligence or that of their
servants, agents, employees or associates. It is required that each vendor carry his or her own personal and
product liability insurance. Furthermore, vehicle liability insurance is required to cover any damage
Vendors participating in the Yellow Green Farmers Market agree that a market representative may visit
the vendors farm or production facilities when necessary. Prior notice of visits will be given unless it is
impossible to do so.
Signature _____________________________________________________
Date ________________
Please attach all copies of applicable inspection forms, licenses or other required documents to this
application prior to submission.
Please mail completed application and any additional paperwork to:
Yellow Green Farmers Market
1940 North 30 Road
Hollywood, Florida 33021
For further information contact us:
By phone 1-954-513-3990
By e-mail: [email protected]
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