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HB 2929 Equal Pay Act - Oklahoma Women`s Coalition
HB 2929 Equal Pay Act
HB 2929 Bill Summary
This bill focuses on two areas to help decrease wage disparity between men and women. The act seeks to decrease
pay secrecy policies by prohibiting employers from punishing employees for disclosing their own wages or discussing
co-worker wages. It also increases fines and the frequency of those fines for employers that are violating the act.
Why Support HB2929?
• Women in Oklahoma make on average 73 cents
for every dollar a man makes.
• Current legislation hasn’t helped close the wage gap
despite being in place for more than 50 years.
• This bill establishes transparency.
• Wage transparency can help reduce the wage
• HB2929 prohibits retaliation.
• No retaliation or discrimination against
employees who discuss wages.
• Employers can’t retaliate or discriminate against
individuals involved in legal proceedings to
enforce the law.
• Equal wages would be good for Oklahoma’s
economy. Women in Oklahoma would produce an
additional $6.2 billion in income if they received
equal pay.
• The number of working single mothers who live
in poverty would drop from about 30 percent to
15 percent if they earned on average as much as
comparably skilled men.
• Only one year out of college, women in the same
job as men will make 82 cents for each dollar that
their male co-workers make.
• Families, businesses and the economy suffer due
to lost wages. Families have less money to spend
on goods and services that help drive economic
Contact these committe members to support HB 2929.
Phone Number
Osborn, Leslie (Chair)
(405) 557-7333
[email protected]
Pfeiffer, John (Vice Chair)
(405) 557-7332
[email protected]
Biggs, Scott
(405) 557-7405
[email protected]
Cockroft, Josh
(405) 557-7349
[email protected]
Cooksey, Marian
(405) 557-7342
[email protected]
Enns, John
(405) 557-7321
[email protected]
Kouplen, Steve
(405) 557-7306
[email protected]
Lepak, Mark
(405) 557-7380
[email protected]
Scott, Seneca
(405) 557-7391
[email protected]
Shoemake, Jerry
(405) 557-7373
[email protected]
Vaughan, Steve
(405) 557-7355
[email protected]
Wallace, Kevin
(405) 557-7368
[email protected]
We Need Your Help!
Without your help, this
equal pay bill may not
be heard by the House’s
Natural Resources
& Regulatory
Services committee,
a subcommitte of the
Appropriations &
Budget committee.
Without a committee
hearing, it has no
chance of ever
becoming law.

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