Most of us have felt the impact of the financial



Most of us have felt the impact of the financial
As another eventful year draws to a close we have certainly all earned the right to relax a little.
2010 has been a year for the history books. Will we ever forget the screaming fans that came
from across the globe to watch the greatest game on earth? It was a proud moment for us all as
South Africans.
This edition is dedicated largely to those things that allow us to take a little time out. If you’re
planning to travel this holiday season, remember you can put your feet up in an airport lounge
with our compliments. For those of you who are fortunate enough to be winging your way
abroad please make sure you have adequate travel insurance.
RMB Private Bank offers a number of benefits to clients who are planning to celebrate with
family and friends this festive season. Buying gifts is made easy with eBucks and then there is
the launch of the fuel rewards – all dedicated to making life a little easier on your wallet at this
time of year. Talking of relaxing of a different kind, many of you will be pleased to read the good
news about the latest exchange control amendments. One area where we cannot let our guard
down for a minute, however, is with fraudsters on the take – please read our tips to help you
transact safely these holidays.
Continuing in a more serious vein, it is important to point out that the recent upheaval in the
financial markets has resulted in a far more complex investment environment. Many investors
face the prospect of weaker growth and unpredictable markets. In this more volatile world,
asset prices are under pressure and returns are expected to be muted. It is no longer safe to
assume that historical patterns for certain asset classes will provide sufficient diversification in
the future.
As a result of the financial crisis, the regulatory environment within which financial institutions
operate has become more complex and onerous. New regulatory standards have been
introduced locally and these requirements demand more effort from investment advisors and
the institutions that supervise them. A careful analysis of local media reports will reveal that
many local financial institutions are currently undergoing a process of change to ensure that
they are relevant and responsible in this new environment. Advising clients on their wealth in
this “new world” has become more complex and requires discipline and full disclosure.
To enable advisors to add real value to clients and honour their fiduciary duty we have critically
assessed our wealth management business. We want to ensure that we are responsible,
authentic and transparent in what we do for clients. Through this process of evaluation, we have
acquired BJM Private Clients (subject to regulatory approval), which not only adds significant
talent and intellectual capital to our business, but also enables us to enhance our total solution
and product offering for our clients.
The formal joint venture with Rand Merchant Bank is another initiative that enables us to
leverage institutional knowledge and expertise so that we can offer our clients unique solutions
that are not available in the retail investment market. It is through partnerships like these that
we are able to deliver the brand’s promise of “Traditional values, Innovative ideas.”
At RMB Private Bank our people can reflect, with a sense of pride, on our many achievements.
These accomplishments have a lot to do with the trust you place in us. For this we thank you, it
is a privilege to be entrusted with the legacy of all your hard work and endeavours. Your trust in
our brand is of utmost importance to us. For this reason, our commitment to our clients is
unwavering. We strive to advise on the best possible opportunities to create, build and protect
wealth. This requires investment in world class research, resources, analysis and risk
management. Through this process of evolution, we are confident that we are positioning
ourselves as the industry leader in wealth management and private banking services.
Should you have any additional questions or want to discuss matters further, please do not
hesitate to contact us.
Wishing you a safe and happy holiday.

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