East Africa Crisis Appeal assembly for young people (pptx



East Africa Crisis Appeal assembly for young people (pptx
The United Nations warns that the world
faces the largest humanitarian crisis
since 1945.
Across East Africa, 16 million people face
Famine has already been declared in
parts of South Sudan.
People are already dying.
The weather effect known as
El Niño and failed rains have led to
drought and poor harvests.
In East Africa, droughts are occurring
more often, so people have less time to
recover between them.
In some areas, conflict has driven
people from their homes, stopping
them from making a living, and the
economy has collapsed.
CAFOD partners and Caritas agencies
are helping in many of the areas where
food shortages are most severe.
In East Africa we are helping in Kenya,
Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan.
Fergus Conmee, CAFOD’s Head of
Africa, recently returned from
South Sudan:
“The CAFOD team in South Sudan
is making plans to provide
emergency food to 12,000 people
this month, but this will only meet
a small part of the enormous
“Now is not the time for the
international community to walk
Fergus met a man called
Santino Matwili who was
blind, due to extreme
He said:
“The hunger this year is
very dangerous, far worse
than previous years. We
have not been able to grow
food, as no rain has come."
"Food has run out.
You cannot let us die.”
Our partners – local organisations that
we support – know the communities and
their needs.
CAFOD is part of ‘Caritas International’ –
a global network of agencies in the
Catholic Church.
This means we can reach remote places
that other charities cannot reach.
Find out more: From the news, twitter and our website.
£25 = One month’s
special food for a
malnourished child
Tell others: Through a talk or display.
Fundraise: We know how you always respond to
emergencies. Thank you for all you will do. There are lots
of fundraising tips on our website.
Pray: Set up a prayer space at break or lunch. Ask people
to light candles, write prayers or simply pray quietly.
£60 = Clean
drinking water for
two families for
a month
£100 = A week’s
supplies to a clinic
treating children who
are malnourished
Many of you fundraised for Lent Fast Day. Thank
you! Our partners’ long-term development
projects depend on Lenten and year-round
Your generosity means that we have already been
working with many communities who are now
suffering extreme hunger.
But our partners and all agencies agree that the
urgent need means we must make a special
appeal now for East Africa.
Loving God,
we pray for our sisters and brothers
suffering the effects of conflict and drought.
We pray for those who hunger and thirst,
and we pray for those trying to help them.
Inspire the world, and each one of us,
to share what we have been given,
so that everyone has enough
and all your children can live life to the full.
We make our prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen
Credits: Photographs: David Mutua, Fergus Conmee/CAFOD Maps: d-maps.com

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