Coordination of Donor Activities on Public Administration reforms in


Coordination of Donor Activities on Public Administration reforms in
Coordination of Donor Activities
on Public Administration reforms
in Russia
Donor Secretariat for Civil
Service and Administrative
Reforms in Russia, World
Donor Secretariat for Civil Service
and Administrative Reforms
 Source of funding:
DFID Trust Fund
 Timeframe: January 2004 – March 2007
 Location: World Bank Moscow Office
Mission of the Donor Secretariat
Coordination of technical assistance to Civil
Service, Public Administration and Budget
reforms in Russia to consolidate donor
efforts and ensure effective cooperation
between donor projects and efforts of the
Russian Government in the course of reform
Donor Secretariat: Main Clients
 Government structures (Presidential
Administration, Cabinet of Ministers, MEDT,
Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour…)
 Government implementing partners (under
the Federal program on Civil Service reform)
and expert community at large
 Donors
 Donor implementing partners
 Community, NGOs, business
Functions of the Secretariat
 To ensure optimal cooperation of current and planned donor
projects with activities of the Russian Government on civil service
 Function as a Resource Center on issues of state governance;
 Contribute to the information support and public outreach on the
reform related issues;
 Provide analytical support to the requests of the government
 Act as a facilitator to mobilize additional technical assistance for
emerging needs of the Russian Government in the course of public
administration and budget reforms;
 Support for regional pilots and experiments and contribution to the
information exchange on the regional level;
 Contribute to the monitoring of the reform process.
Ensuring effective cooperation
 Donor Matrices on coordination of activities on:
- civil service reform
- administrative reform
- budget reform (federal level)
- performance budgeting at the regional level in the RF
 Organizational support to coordination meetings between
donors and the Russian Government structures
– Briefings for experts, consultations, seminars;
– Organization of thematic meetings
 Information exchange;
 Databases (legal database, database of experts involved in
program implementation).
Resource Center
 Legal and regulatory database;
 Reports of consultants;
 Analytical and reference materials on
international and Russian experience of
preparation and implementation of public
administration and budget reforms;
 Statistical database;
 Information support to the pilot regions.
Flexible technical assistance
 Coordination of preparation and addressing new
requests for technical assistance from the Russian
 Conducting consultations with representatives of
donor organizations and project teams;
 Avoid duplication of activities and provision of
efficient use of available resources;
 Ongoing analytical support with the efforts of the
Donor Secretariat
Contribution to the monitoring of the
reform process
 Monitoring of the status of the Russian civil service
– Monitoring indicators based on the information received
from state clients (size, composition, remuneration of
civil servants, etc.)
– Surveys of citizens and civil servants, analysis of the
 Developing recommendations and suggestions for
further discussions with government counterparts
and local experts
Information support for civil service
reform at the regional level
 Database on state governance reform programs in the
regions of the RF;
 Analytical and information support on international
experience to the Working Groups in the regions;
 Contribution to coordination of activities of donor projects in
the regions (in cooperation with the key Ministries);
 Monitoring of the civil service reform at the regional level
(information from regional partners and regional surveys of
civil servants and citizens to be implemented within the
DFID Trust Fund;
 Contribution to the exchange of experience on the results
of reform implementation at the regional level.
Up to date information – state
 Annual plans of activities on
implementation of the Federal program
«Civil Service reform in the Russian
Federation (2003-2005)»
 Plans of the Government Commission on
Administrative reform and outcomes of the
work of the Commission
 Summary of analytical reports developed
as a result of the activities of the Federal
Program on Civil Service reform (to ensure
complementarities of donor efforts and
unification of approaches)
Up to date information –
international organizations
 Information on current and
upcoming projects of technical
assistance to the public
administration and budget reforms
in Russia
– Terms of reference of donor projects;
– Contact information of experts;
– Update on activity of the project
working groups;
– Mid-term and final reports on ongoing
activities as well as analytical materials
developed in the course of the project
– Discussions on possible changes and
amendments to the programs.
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Contact information:
Julia Shirokova, Consultant (Analyst)
Maya Gusarova, Consultant (Coordinator)
(095) 745 7000 (ext. 2082, 2021)
[email protected]
[email protected]

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