Need to find - Memphis Tech



Need to find - Memphis Tech
Thanks to Ruth Sanders Morgan, T-68, for
scanning the photos.
Thanks to Maureen Thoni White, Honorary
T-69, for scanning the Yearbook.
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1967 Virtual Cemetery
ACRED, William Britt, Sr. “Bill”
Born: 17 February 1947
Died: 30 October 2011
ADAMS, Johnny L. (Need to find)
ALES, Phillip (Need to find)
ANDERSON, Billy Joe (Wittiest)
18445 Oakdale Road
Dallas OR 97338
(503) 623-3492
ANDERTON, Fred (Need to find)
ARIAN, Michael (Need to find)
ARNOLD, Charlotte (Need to find)
AUSTIN, Robert (Need to find)
BALLARD, Robert (Need to find)
BARBER, Larry (Need to find)
BARKER, Dixie (Need to find)
BATES, Sheila (Harris)
BEASLEY, Judith M. “Judy” (Rockafellow)
(Most Intellectual) (D.A.R. Award)
14 Jan 2017
5392 N. Wandering Oak Lane
Springfield MO 65803
(417) 840-1078 - E-mail: [email protected]
BEAVON, Shirley (Need to find)
BECK, James, Jr. (Need to find)
BELSER, William Ford “Bill”
Jan 2017
8925 Millertown Pike
Mascot TN 37806
BERLIN, William Price
Born: 10 October 1949
Died: 20 November 1973
BERRY, Henry
140 Wilbanks Cemetery Road
Holladay TN 38341
(731) 584-2248
BINKLEY, Johnnie Tamila (Need to find)
BLACK, Milton (Need to find)
BLACKWELL, Florence (Need to find)
BLACKWELL, Tanya (Need to find)
BLAISS, Marcuss (Need to find)
BOND, Danny Morris
309 Oak Grove Drive
Byhalia MS 38611-5942
(901) 482-2848
BOYD, Judy (Need to find)
BRADFORD, Donald (Deborah)
(Most Handsome)
45 Northern Leaf Drive
Oakland TN 38060
(901) 466-9815
BRANDON, Janet (Need to find)
BREWER, Jane (Tribble)(Most Versatile)
25 Jan 2017
4506 Tuckahoe Road
Memphis TN 38117L
(901) 830-1170
[email protected]
BRISCOE, Loree (Need to find)
BRITT, Robert L.
15 Jan 2017
3112 N. Christine Drive
Decatur IL
(217) 853-6788 – E-mail: [email protected]
Organ Player in the band with “The Chasers”
245 W. Poplar
Collierville TN 39017
(901) 853-7179 or (901) 292-7179
BROCK, Linda (Cottage) (Need to find)
BROWN, Betty (Ward) (Miss Tech)
(Need to find)
BROWN, Carl L. (Need to find)
BROWN, Charles (Need to find)
BROWN, James (Kathy) (Need to find)
BROWN, Judy (Need to find)
BUCK, Judy (Purdon) (Need to find)
BYARS, Sandra “Sandy” (Perkins)
Born: 3 November 1949
Died: 27 January 2017
CANIPE, Billy (Need to find)
CAPERS, Linda Jo (Johnson)
8535 Grand Oaks Cove
Arlington TN 38002-9386
(901) 372-6102
455 S. Front Street
Memphis TN 38103
(901) 652-2150
CAYSON, Judy (Need to find)
CHAMPION, Elva Rae (Need to find)
CHERRY, Sam Louis (Need to find)
CLARK, Jimmy
9045 Spring Grove Cove
Cordova TN 38018
(901) 491-8978
CODY, Jamie (Bull) (Need to find)
COLLIER, William Ronald
Born: 1 April 1948
Died: 8 June 2014
COLLINS, Sandra (Need to find)
COLEMAN, James (Kathern) (Need to find)
COLEMAN, Peggy (Floied)
872 Cardinal Lane
Hernando MS 38632
COOK, William (Buzzy)
3071 Shadow Bridge Cove
Lakeland TN 38002
(901) 299-1204
CRAWFORD, Virginia “Kay” (Jackson)
Born: 28 December 1949
Died: 2 May 2015
CURRY, Jo Lynn (Most Talented)
(Need to find)
DALTON, Jeanie Diane (Need to find)
DANCY, Jimmy (Need to find)
DANIELS, Alberta Jan (Kitchens)
Born: 20 August 1948
Died: 7 April 2016
DAVIS, Diane (Morris)
638 Green Leaf Road
Coldwater MS 38618
DAWS, Tommy (Need to find)
DAWS, William (Need to find)
DECKARD, Fred (Need to find)
DENLEY, George (Need to find)
DeVAUGHN, Jimmy (Need to find)
DEWESE, Jean (Need to find)
DRINNEN, Linda Ann (Farris)
Born: 23 August 1948
Died: 18 November 1994
DUNAWAY, Betty Jean (Money)
5790 Cedars Bay Drive
Millington TN 38013
(901) 873-4658
EADS, Lonnie (Need to find)
2547 Van Eaton Lane
Memphis TN 38133
EARNEST, Mary Sue (Franks)
Born: 29 February 1948
Died: 5 June 2013
FARRIS, Dennis Ray
Born: 24 February 1947
Died: 26 April 2015
FISHER, Roy (Need to find)
FOGG, Stanley (Need to find)
FORD, Mary Jean (Need to find)
FRANKLIN, Vickie (Need to find)
FREEMAN, Eddie (Need to find)
FREDERICK, Mitchell (Need to find)
FREDERICK, Roger (Liddie)
7881 Mellford Drive
Southaven MS 38671
(901) 734-1957
GAINES, Linda (Need to find)
GAREY, Michael Lee
Born: 17 November 1947
Died: 24 May 2012
GARY, William (Need to find)
Born: 30 July 1947
Died: 25 April 1970
GEANS, Frances (Need to find)
GODSEY, James David (Jackie)
40 Emma Road
Oakland TN 38060
(901) 465-6521
GOGGINS, Shelia (Hamm) (Need to find)
(Most Courteous)
GRAY, Helen (Need to find)
GRAY, Roy (Most Versatile) (Need to find)
GREEN, June (Need to find)
GREGANTI, Steve (Need to find)
4608 Plato Avenue
Memphis TN 38128
(901) 382-0720
GRIFFIN, Mike (Need to find)
GURLEY, Theresa (Seaton)
175 Needmore Road
Henderson TN 38340
(731) 982-0532
HALE, Lynn (Need to find)
HANKINS, Janie (Need to find)
HARPER, Geri (Need to find)
HARRIS, Betty (Need to find)
HARRIS, Michael Dallas “Mike”
Born: 21 October 1949
Died: 31 March 2017
HART, Carol (Most Beautiful)
(Need to find)
HARVEY, Vernon (Need to find)
HEATHCOTT, Karla (Need to find)
HENRY, Cheryl (Need to find)
HERREN, Brenda (Need to find)
HERREN, Glenda (Need to find)
HESTER, Steve (Need to find)
HILL, Alice (Need to find)
HISAW, Janie (Lockhart)
781 County Road 301
Falkner MS 38629
HOLLOWAY, Sara Diane (Jones)
13 Jan 2017
5688 Quince Road #1
Memphis TN 38119
(662) 347-8232
E-mail: [email protected]
HOLYFIELD, Marcille (Need to find)
HOOD, Larry (Need to find)
HOPPER, Dorothy (Need to find)
HOWARD, Rita (Need to find)
HUDSON, Diana Gail (McClure)
Born: 17 August 1949
Died: 22 December 2009
HUFFMAN, Walter Lee
Born: 2 November 1949
Killed In Action-Forever Honored
Died: 16 May 1970
HUTCHINGS, Linda (Howes)
Huntington Beach CA
JEANS, Leon (Lynn) (Need to find)
JOHNSON, Bonnie Jean (Shipley)
(Senior Girl Favorite)
Nashville TN
JOHNSON, Brenda (Stephens)
10435 Riggan Drive
Olive Branch MS 38654
JOHNSON, Richard (Need to find)
JONES, Linda Carol (Need to find)
JORDAN, Jerry (Julie) (Need to find)
JORDAN, Kathy (Need to find)
79 Edenwood Drive
Jackson TN 38301
(901) 870-1363
KELSON, Kuran Anne (Need to find)
KENNEDY, Janet (Need to find)
KISNER, Peggy (Need to find)
(Most Likely To Succeed)
KRAUSE, Priscilla (Need to find)
LANCE, Sarah (Need to find)
LANGSTON, Ken (Senior Boy Favorite)
(Need to find)
LEATHERWOOD, James Ray “Jimmy”
Born: 1949
Died: 29 May 1965
LEWIS, Donna Kaye (Crossland)
616 Clark Street
Hot Springs AR 71913
(501) 321-0385
LUMPKIN, Frances Elaine (Teague)
30 Jan 2017
3116 Clubview Cove S.
Lakeland TN 38002
(901) 734-0282
[email protected]
MALONE, Nora (Need to find)
MATHIS, Helen (Need to find)
MAXEY, Judy (Gayhart) (Need to find)
McCLURE, Demetris (Need to find)
McEWEN, Sherry L. (Need to find)
McGEHEE, Mary Ann (Need to find)
McIVER, Garry (Need to find)
McKINNEY, Maxine (Need to find)
McNAIR, Linda (Best Personality)
(Need to find)
McRIGHT, Thomas (Need to find)
MEREDITH, Howard Walton, Jr.
Born: 17 February 1947
Died: 26 January 2013
MIDDLETON, Janet (White)
MILLER, Don (Best Personality)
MONEY, Liddie (Frederick)
(901) 734-1957
MOORE, Jimmy
MORGAN, James LaFayette III
Born: 2 April 1948
Died: 3 January 1999
MORRIS, Nancy (Collins)
Memphis TN
MURPHREE, Susan Diane (Need to find)
Died: Deceased
NORWOOD, Randy (Need to find)
NOWLIN, Sammy (Need to find)
O’NEILL, Barbara (Friendliest)
(Need to find)
OSBORNE, Charles Jack (Need to find)
OWENS, James (Need to find)
PADGETT, Margaret (Need to find)
PANNELL, Sherry (Need to find)
PARKER, Connie (Abrams) (Wittiest)
598 Eaton Road
Edgewater FL 32132
(386) 409-7846
[email protected]
PATTERSON, Virginia (Need to find)
PLUNK, Sara (Need to find)
PORTER, Linda Alice (Moncrief)
Born: 10 June 1949
Died: 19 April 2015
QUALLS, Arthur (NOT ON F.A.G.)
Killed In Action-Forever Honored
Died: 20 May 1970
RAGAN, George (Need to find)
RATLIFF, Carmen Ann (Need to find)
RAYBURN, Charles (Need to find)
REVES, Eddie (Need to find)
REYNOLDS, Raymond (Best Dressed)
(Need to find)
REYNOLDS, Shelia Kaye (Landman)
(Need to find)
RIVES, Dee Dee (Most Athletic)
934 Bear Creek Road
Pinson TN 38366
ROBBINS, Frances (Lee) (Need to find)
ROBERTSON, Charles V. (Juvenia)
(Most Courteous)
285 W. Sweetwater Road
Byhalia MS 38611
(662) 895-0906
RODGERS, Jimmy (Need to find)
RODRIQUEZ, Andy (Need to find)
RUSSELL, Wayne Erwin “Butch”
(Most Talented) (Need to find)
SHANDS, Phillip (Need to find)
SHERRILL, Lee (Need to find)
SHOEMAKE, Mat (Need to find)
SIVERT, Mike (Civitan Award) (Need to find)
SMITH, George (Need to find)
SMITH, Pam (Need to find)
SOJOURNER, David (Mr. Tech) (Need to find)
SORRELL, John A. (Judy) (Most Intellectual)
13 Nov 2016
545 Fossil Place
Collierville TN
(901) 262-8570
E-Mail: [email protected]
SPENCER, Candy (Best Dressed)
(Need to find)
SPRADLING, Carolyn (Need to find)
STANFIELD, Buddy (Need to find)
STANFORD, Danny (Need to find)
STARNES, Nancy (Need to find)
STERLING, Nancy (Need to find)
STONE, Larry Lee (Need to find)
STOOTS, Lynn (Most Versatile)
(Need to find)
STUTSY, Barbara Ann (Need to find)
SULLIVAN, James (Diane) (Need to find)
SWAIN, Donald (Need to find)
SWINDLE, Patti (Need to find)
4303 Leatherwood Avenue
Memphis TN 38111-7917
(901) 744-3874
TERRY, Tommy (Need to find)
THOMPSON, Linda (Need to find)
VINSON, Charles (Need to find)
WADE, Judy (Need to find)
WAHL, Melvina (Need to find)
WALLS, Barbara (Need to find)
WARD, Barbara (Need to find)
WARLICK, Larry (Need to find)
WARREN, Bruce (Need to find)
WEATHERBY, Steve (Need to find)
WEATHERLY, Pat (Need to find)
WEAVER, Ralph (Need to find)
WEBB, Ron (Need to find)
WEST, Rachel (Need to find)
WHITE, Johnny (Need to find)
Died: 29 May 2011
WHITE, Kathy (Hawkins)
Eads TN 38028
WILKERSON, Diane (Need to find)
WILBANKS, Gay (Need to find)
WILLIAMS, Terry (Need to find)
Jan 2017
1267 Chickasaw Court
Orange Park FL 32065-7408
E-mail: [email protected]
WINTERS, Margaret (Street)
1128 E. Chipman Road
Phoenix AZ 85040
WOOD, Kay (Need to find)
WOODS, Doug (Need to find)
WOODS, Linda (McCall)
Jan 2017
2690 Hickory Hill Drive
Nesbit MS 38651
(901) 568-0136
E-mail: [email protected]
WOOLEY, Charles (Need to find)
WRIGHT, Craig (Debra) (Need to find)
XIQUES, Kenny (Most Athletic)
(Most Likely To Succeed) (Need to find)
YARBROUGH, David L. (Need to find)
YEWELL, Bobby Joe
Born: 17 February 1948
Killed In Action-Forever Honored
Died: 12 May 1969

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