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Deep Fryer User Instructions
Safety Warning
Before using any electrical equipment, adequate safety measures should be in place. Such measures
should include, but not be limited to having an appropriate fire extinguisher or fire blanket located nearby.
Place the fryer on a firm, level surface in the required position. The feet can be slightly adjusted if
an uneven surface.
Make sure there is a well-ventilated gap between the fryer and anything else of at least 10cm. If it
is to be placed near particularly heat sensitive items, a larger gap is recommended.
The elements and controls are designed as separate components to the body and pans. These are
referred to as the control boxes. The main switches, thermostats and pilot lights are located on the
face of each control box. There are two control boxes on each fryer. The control boxes can be
tilted back and rested in the upright position or removed all together from the fryer body. Once
removed the pans may then be removed by sliding your fingers beneath the lip and lifting them out.
Before connecting the fryer to the power supply ensure all controls are in the “OFF” position.
Plug each control into a standard single-phase power point. Ensure the power cable is not in
contact with the hot parts of the fryer when in use.
Please contact Aussie Events and Amusements if the cord is damaged and DO NOT continue to use.
Ensure pans are completely cooled before attempting to remove them.
Each control box must be connected to an individual power circuit. Do not piggyback into power points.
Ensure everyone is aware the machine is operating and take care to avoid contact with hot surfaces.
1. Make sure the pans are correctly positioned in the fryer body.
2. Ensure the control boxes are in position and the element guards are positioned over the element in the
bottom of each pan.
3. Fill the pans with the required volume of oil (approximately 6 litres). Never allow oil to fall below the
minimum oil level as operation of the unit in this manner could result in a fire.
4. Rotate the main switch to the “ON “ position. The green pilot light will illuminate, indicating the power is
5. Rotate the thermostat knob to the desired cooking temperature. A setting between 170 and 180 should
suffice but experience will dictate the best temperature for the particular food being cooked.
6. When the temperature has been set the amber light will illuminate, indicating the oil is heating. When
the oil has reached the set temperature the amber light will go out. The thermostat and amber light will
then continue to cycle on and off to maintain the set temperature.
Deep Fryer Instructions
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7. When you have finished using the fryer turn off both the thermostat and the control switch.
8. Ensure the power is off and the fryer is cool before draining the oil or wiping the machine.
9. If the fryer is going to be used again by yourself make sure you filter the oil before its next use. If you
are returning the fryer wipe the fryer down with warm soapy water using a damp cloth.
10. Empty and wash the drip tray at the bottom of the fryer. The tray is removed by simply sliding it out.
Do not immerse any part of these units in water other than the drip tray and oil pan.
Always turn both the thermostat and the main switch “OFF” and allow element to cool completely before
lifting the element out of the oil.
If the fryer does not function please check the following points before calling for service.
The control boxes are plugged in correctly and the power is switched on?
The ON/OFF switch is on?
The power points are not faulty?
The temperature has been set correctly and the overloads have not tripped? This will cut the power to
the fryer when the oil temperature reaches 238c, thus preventing the oil reaching flash point
temperature. To reset the tripped temperature overload switch, press the red button behind the
control box. Frequent tripping of the overload may indicate a problem.
The thermostat knobs are not loose or broken, rendering the thermostat inoperable?
Cooking Tips
To obtain the optimum results from your fryer we recommend:
Keep salt away from cooking oil.
Check your oil to food ratio:6:1 oil to food is recommended.
Top up the cooking oil regularly
Never use copper or brass utensils in the cooking oil.
Keep fryer covered when not in use (making sure oil is cool before covering).
Always be careful when cooking frozen food or over-wet food products as these items are more prone to
surge-boiling and are more likely to result in the ‘spitting of oil’.
Deep Fryer Instructions
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