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Human Computer Interface
Rajesh Aggarwal,
Election Commission of India
• Everything should be made
as simple as possible,
but not simpler.
~Albert Einstein
Tools – Save Time, Money, Effort
Punch Cards
EDLIN line editor
Assembly level Programming
Higher level languages
GUI – Mac, Windows
WIMP – Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointing device
Touch and Texture
• [IN]
Stylus – now common on cellphones and PDAs,
Tablet PCs
• [OUT]
Force feedback on steering wheels and joysticks
on games
Braille EVMs,
Touchscreens to show voter lists
• [IN]
Artificial nose –
detect bombs, trace scent of criminals,
warn of dangers
• [OUT]
Scent emitting chips –
add new element to VR
• Speech Recognition:
Simple command set easy: 646 on Airtel, IVRs
for rail reservation, in Jet fighter planes
Understanding full sentences difficult, but
learning softwares now becoming better
• Text to Speech:
Many English systems
HINDI & Indianised English used by EC to
announce results
Natural language
• Grafiti
• Typed: Ask Jeeves, ELIZA, Alicebot :
What is “meaning”?
Domain specialised systems work well
Computer should speak and
understand MY language
• Vernacular : OS support, on Web,
programming language support,
printer support
• Voter Lists in 14 languages
• Use of Maps - GIS
Extend my BODY
ROBOTS – Industrial use, in deep oceans, in Space, in HOMES
Be my part!
Chip embedding – Cyborgs
Thought waves – EEG
Smart clothes
Projecting movies into Dreams
Last invention?
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