SB 350 Fight Reveals Potential For Blunting
California’s “Unstoppable” Regulatory Zeal
John E. Husing, Ph.D.
Chief Economist, IEEP
Environmental Perfection
Public Health
Economic growth and job creation provide more than
income and the ability to afford health insurance and
medical care. They also enable us to live in safer homes
and neighborhoods, buy healthier food, have more leisure
time for physical activity, and experience less healthharming stress.
In that way, economic policy is, in fact, health policy.
Robert Woods Johnson Foundation
Key Determinants of Public Health
Causes of Public Health Difficulties
Population’s Health Behaviors Related to Poverty
Access to Medical Care Related to Poverty
Source: Different Perspectives For Assigning Weights To Determinants of
Health, University of Wisconsin, Public Health Institute, 2010
California’s Policy Vacuum
Share of People In Poverty
Social Justice Issue
Educational Attainment:
High School or Less
California Environmental Policies
Unintended Consequences
PM 2.5: Diesel Pollution
Job Quality & Balance
Gold Mine Theory
Secondary Tier
Primary Tier
What is Needed To Attack
•Sectors With Few Education Barriers to Entry
• Median Incomes Approaching Middle Class Earnings
• Skill Ladders Up Which Workers Can Move To Median Incomes
• Sectors That Are Adding Jobs
Median Incomes Near To Middle Class Needs,
Minimum Entry Level Requirements
Middle Class Earnings,
Minimum Skills To Enter
Can Help Put a Household
in the Middle Class
SB 350
Will Worsen This
CA Is Not Loved By Executives or Entrepreneurs
CA Just 2.9% of
U.S. Manufacturing Job Creation
CA Sector Growth
Who Is Hurt?
Workers Whose Jobs Are Never Created
Workers Whose Jobs Are Lost to Other States
Whose Districts? Largely Mod-Democrats
Industrial Construction, 2015
CA Sector Growth
8.9% of
Total Job
Indirect Source Rule Proposal
1. New Warehouses Would Pay Fees To Offset Trucks They Might Attract
2. AQMD Study uses 95% Highest Attractor Per Square Foot As The Standard
3. Intent Is To Slow Or Stop Warehousing Development In The Inland Empire
4. Rationale Is AQMD Can’t Meet Its EPA Target Without Cutting Truck Trips
5. Impact Would Hurt The Inland Empire’s Strongest Economic Base Sector
Who Is Hurt?
Workers Whose Jobs Are Never Created
Workers Whose Jobs Are Lost to AZ or NV
Whose Districts? Largely Mod-Democrats
CA Sector Growth
8.3% of
Total Job
CEQA Repeatedly Abused
• NIMBYS Wanting To Stop Projects, Drive Up Their Costs
• Lawyers Using Threat Of Suits As A Cash Cow
• Business Wanting To Drive Up The Costs Of Their Competitors
• Unions Using Threat of Suits To Force Developers To Use Their Members
CEQA abuse and ‘social justice’
By San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board
Aug. 4, 2015
Whose Is Hurt?
Families Forced Inland
Whose Constituents? Democrats
SB 350 Would Have Raised
Petroleum Prices Dramatically…
Affecting Lower Income Families
Why gas prices in California are so
much higher than elsewhere in U.S.
March 31, 2015
Whose Districts? Largely Mod-Democrats
State Policies
SB 350 Coalition: A View Of
State Power & The Future?
Mod-Democrats … Job Friendly
Republicans … Business Friendly

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