Unit 10



Unit 10
Unit 10
Text I
“Keep Class 2 Under Your Thumb”
1. thumb:
2.first finger/ index finger
3.the middle [long] finger
4.the ring finger
5.the little [small] finger
be all thumbs/ have ten thumbs
I’m every thumb today.
I’m all thumbs.
thumbs up ( approval or support)
thumbs down (disapproval or rejection)
thumb a lift
be under (one's) thumb
keep sb. under one’s thumb
Group Discussion
• 1. What qualities should the governing
bear to keep the governed under his
• 2. What do you expect of your teachers?
• 3. What do you expect of your students?
• 4. Share with us your experience of
making fun of teachers.
• 5. Pick out several small incidents and act
them out.
Main idea
• The text is a short narrative piece of
writing which vividly and amusingly relates
how a young inexperienced stand-in
teacher attempts to control a class of
unruly boys without success.
• Supporting details:
• young inexperienced teacher—
• a class of unruly boys----
young inexperienced teacher—
apologized to students who broke the rule
felt invisible,puny
mood being all placatory
crept through the door
shocked, stung and frightened
spoke pleadingly to the students
shouted but nobody paid attention to him
wanted to punish the boys but didn’t know how
a class of unruly boys---enormous boys, very noisy
frightened away one teacher after another
had no respect for school discipline
did indefensible things---handle the
furniture roughly, desk and chalk wars
• were defiant to the teacher—indifferent to
him; skeptically silent; laughing at him
Figures of speech
• simile ( direct comparison of one thing to
another by using the word like or as)
“My love is like a red, red rose.” (Burns)
“So are you to my thoughts as food to life”
a huge thing, like a pocket cudgel (Line 2)
There was, for time , pandemonium, like a big
scene in an opera being played backward on the
Figures of speech
• Metaphor: (describes one thing in terms of
another thing without using the word like or as,
thus making an implicit comparison.)
a sea of troubles
“All the world's a stage.” (Shakespeare)
She's an angel.
He's a lion in battle.
I was inwardly all white flag. (Line 11)
--- individual desks: doll’s house things that
rested on mountainous knees and swayed from
side to side. (Line 17)
Language points
1….a huge thing, like a pocket cudgel
a pocket knife, a pocket dictionary
2.He turned pale at the news.
The sky was pale blue.
a pale performance of a melody
Language points
• 3. succession
• A.>the act or process of following in order or
• the succession of the seasons
• Reports of victory came in quick succession.
• in succession: 接连, 一个接一个
• Many soldiers in succession fell in the
Language points
• B.>a sequence: series
• A succession of accidents spoiled our trip.
C> succeeds to a title, throne or estate
in succession to继...之后(担任), 继位[任]
He was the first in succession to the throne.
He attempted to secure his succession to the
Language points
• 4. substitute: n:
• Is tea a satisfactory substitute for coffee?
v. vt.
substitute sb. /sth. for
substitute A for B
“Only art can substitute for nature
substitute sb. by [with] another 用别人接替某人
Language points
• 5. Get somewhere/nowhere/anywhere
• No one quite knew where the class had got in
any subject.
• get somewhere: make some progress
• The class got somewhere after one year’s study.
• get nowhere: make no progress at all
• She practiced piano every day but got nowhere.
Language points
• 6. plain
• He made it plain that he did not like me.
• make one's intention plain
• She wore a plain brown dress.
• plain food (清淡的食物)
• plain clothes (便衣)
• plain talk (开诚布公的交谈)
• be plain with you (坦率)
Language points
• a plain girl
• a plain face.
• He a plain fool to act in that way.
• This is a plain cheating.
• plain sailing (一帆风顺)
• as plain as the day/ daylight / the sun at
Language points
7. nail down
Let’s nail down the lid of the box.
If the corner of the carpet curls up, nail it down.
We nailed him down to a specific time and
place.( force him to tell)
• The investigator nailed down the story by
checking all the facts.(establish clearly)
• He nailed down another victory in the golf
tournament. (won)
Language points
• 8. Make out (see, hear or understand with
• The numbers are too small, I can’t make them
• How is Jane making out in her new job?(going
• 9. Trail away (gradually disappear)
• His voice trailed away (off) as he saw the look
on her face.
Language points
• 10. Toy with (not consider in a serious way)
• We’re toying with the idea of going to Peru next
• He toyed nervously with a button on his jacket
as he was speaking.
• 11.skeptical (uncertain, doubtful)
• Some experts think the economy will improve
soon, but many experts remain skeptical about it.
• He listen to me with a skeptical expression.
Language points
• 12. Invisible (hidden, inconspicuous)
• The aircraft was designed to be invisible to radar.
• It was so foggy that day, even the school gate
was invisible.
• Invisible trade; invisible export
• 13. Mount (climb, rise)
• The temperature mounted into 80s.
• The old lady can mount the steps only with
• The united opposition partied are getting ready
to mount a powerful attack on the government.
Language points
• 14. Negligent (careless, neglectful)
• Most people think that the school authorities had
been negligent in allowing the students to jog on
the drive way, which caused the death of many
• Not in any case can we be negligent of our duty.
• 15. Pleading
• Their pleading was flatly refused.
• plead guilty ( to a crime) 服罪;plead for mercy
恳求宽恕;plead against sth.反驳,劝人不要做
某事;plead with sb.向某人恳求
Language points
• 16. To the core (completely)
• He’s a conservative to the core and he was very
proud of it.
• The basic lack of government funding is at the
core of the problem. (是问题的关键)
Difficult sentences
• But the stories of what had happened had been
filtering through all day. (Text II)
• ( But throughout the day, the stories of what had
happened had been gradually spreading among
the people)
Difficult sentences
• The class guffawed obligingly. (Text II)
• (The class laughed heartily and
• Notice the difference among “smile”, “grin”,
“simper”, “giggle” and “guffaw”
Difficult sentences
• Colin seethed with anger. (Text II)
• Seethe---with 因---而激动
• (Colin was seized with fury.)
Difficult sentences
Aged fools, yanked out of their retirement
bungalows, attempted to through the
motion of teaching.
( The elderly teachers were forced to step
out of their own houses and tried to teach
in a mechanical manner.)
The End!
Thank You!

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