Topaz Class Term 1 Our Topic is - St John Fisher Catholic Primary



Topaz Class Term 1 Our Topic is - St John Fisher Catholic Primary
For the first week we shall be
revising what we know about the
features of good story writing,
demonstrating this by writing our
own story about a superhero. Next
we will be learning the story ‘A
Medal for Leroy’, focussing on how
to improve our use of complex
sentence structures and
characterisation. We will also be
exploring how to include a flashback
in our stories. Finally, we will be
looking at a non-fiction text called
‘Walter’s Scrapbook’. We will be
securing our use of the correct
verb tenses and developing the use
of connectives as sentence openers.
In Science, we will be learning all
about properties of materials. We
will be taking part in a variety of
experiments in order to compare and
group materials according to their
characteristics. We will consider
why materials are selected for
particular purposes. We will learn
the vocabulary associated with
materials and their properties, and
we will show our understanding of all
our learning in an end of term
Personal, Social and
We will be starting the
school year by looking at
school rules and the school
mission. Within this
context we will be
designing our own class
rules and our individual
mission statements that we
feel demonstrate what we
would like to focus on.
Topaz will also be learning
about the roles and
responsibilities that come
with being Year 6.
Topaz Class
Term 1
Our Topic is
‘What makes a hero?’
Here are the areas of learning
that we will be focusing on
during Term 1 of this year. If
you would like to come in and
help, please come in and see
This term we will be
looking at Pop Art. We will
learn about the lives of
some of the most
influential artists linked to
this style. Using our
research we will replicate
pieces of Pop Art before
designing and creating our
own unique pieces
incorporating superheroes.
In Maths, we will initially be
revisiting what we know and
remember from previous learning,
consolidating anything we may
have forgotten. We will then be
moving on our learning using
written methods to complete
harder calculations involving all
four operations. We shall also be
developing our ability to solve
multi step problems in various
contexts including, money and
measure. To finish this term we
will be exploring the relationships
between fractions and
percentages, ratio and proportion
as well as converting measures.
History/ Geography
This term, we will be focussing
on the period from 1914 to 1918.
We will explore the timeline of
World War One, recognising the
key figures involved in the Great
War. We will discover the
important role of women during
the war and how the war
affected home life. We will
expand our research to discover
how the USA entered the war.
Finally, we will look at how
Britain was permanently changed
by the war and the relevance of
Remembrance Day.
Physical Education
This term we will be looking at the work of
Benjamin Britten. This unit presents an
integrated approach to music where games,
elements of music, for example pulse, rhythm,
pitch, singing and playing instruments are all
linked. Other learning within the unit will
provide the opportunity to research Benjamin
Britten's life and to listen to many of his other
throulto and fridayafternoonsmus
Swimming will be a focus
during this term. We will be
learning to use different
strokes with controlled
breathing. We are also lucky
to be involved with the Oxford
Academy, which we will be
attending each week to take
part in a variety of different
sports, developing the
required skills and our
Religious Education
To begin the term we will be looking at our school mission statement, discussing its meaning and relevance
to our everyday life. We will then write our own Mission statements, considering what we would like to
focus on individually. Our main unit this term is called ‘The Story of the People of God’. In this unit we
will be revisiting some stories in the Old Testament, thinking about life before Jesus and how these
stories affect Christians today.

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