Domestic Violence



Domestic Violence
Definitions and Air Force Policy
Possible Domestic Violence Indicators
Rules of Engagement
Referral Agencies
MP 1: Definitions and Policy
Domestic Disturbance
• An incident (physical and/or verbal) in which an
outside agency has responded to control and
assess the situation
• May or may not involve violence
MP 1 - Definitions and Policy
Domestic Abuse
Pattern of behavior resulting in emotional or psychological
abuse, economic control, or interference with personal
Domestic Violence
An offense under the UCMJ or state law that involves the
use, attempted use or threatened use of force or violence
against a person or the violation of a lawful order issued for
the protection of a person.
MP 1 - Definitions and Policy
Abuse and Violence definition include:
• A current or former spouse/intimate partner
• A person with whom the abuser shares a child in
• A current or former intimate partner with whom the
abuser shares or has shared a common domicile.
MP 1 - Definitions and Policy
General term encompassing child abuse or neglect and spouse abuse
or neglect.
Commander and First Sergeant responsibilities
• Reports all suspicions of family maltreatment to the FAP.
• Directs suspected active duty AF family maltreatment offenders to
FAP for comprehensive assessment and service planning.
Mandatory Reporting for all AF members and
civilian employees
• AF members and civilian employees (including contract employees)
will report all incidents of known or suspected family maltreatment
immediately to the FAP.
MP 1 - Definitions and Policy
Commander and First Sergeant responsibilities
• Completes the DoD-mandated FAP training on family
maltreatment, including identification and reporting
protocols, within 90 days of assuming their positions and
at least annually, thereafter.
• Completes Central Registry Board computer-based
training annually and participates in the CRB for incidents
involving their squadron/unit members.
MP 2 - Indicators
INTIMIDATION – Making someone afraid
ECONOMY – Preventing access to funds
EMOTIONAL -- Making someone feel less than a person
PHYSICAL – Grabbing, pushing, hitting
SEXUAL ABUSE – Forceful against will
COERCION AND THREATS – Threatening environment
ISOLATION – Controlling the who, what, where, when
MALE or FEMALE PRIVILEGE – Master/Mistress of Castle
MP 3- Rules of Engagement
Plan ahead
Answering the call – Responding
Assessment of the situation
Handling the situation
• Referral
• Temporary Separation – No Contact Order
• Apprehension
• Follow-up
MP 4 - Referral Agencies
Family Advocacy
Mental Health - ADAPT
Airman & Family Readiness Center
Legal Office
Other Agencies???
Definitions and Air Force Policy
Possible Indicators of Domestic Violence
Rules of Engagement
Referral Agencies

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