Local MP – Matt Warman - Visits Wyberton Primary School



Local MP – Matt Warman - Visits Wyberton Primary School
Local MP – Matt Warman - Visits Wyberton Primary School
On Friday 19th June, Matt Warman visited the Great Oaks Federation to listen
to the children debate the motion: Should the Voting Age be Lowered to 16?
Mr Warman was very impressed with the children’s arguments for and against
this motion and stated how some of the points raised were more intelligent than
what he had heard the previous day in the Houses of Parliament!
Following the debate, our local MP met the debate team in addition to the
children who were part of the Wyberton Election to share experiences and ask
Here are some of the questions that children of Wyberton Primary School
asked Mr Simmonds:
What inspired you to become a MP?
Before I worked with politics, I was a journalist and my last piece of work was
reviewing the apple watch. I decided that I wanted the world to change in
different ways, so I had to become a politician to change this!
What do you have to do to become a MP?
First you have to explain that you'd like to be a MP for an area. Once you have
registered your interest, there is a daylong interview which includes preparing
speeches and making decisions. If you are successful, you are then put onto a
list of potential candidates. Once you are on this list, you have to convince the
local people to vote for you to stand and then you have to win the voters!
Who supported you to become a MP?
There were a small team of local volunteers who really helped as they delivered
leaflets, put signs up and donate money. However, your family support you the
How did you relax during the stress of the general election?
The pressure is very high and you don't really stop before an election. After we
got elected, the first thing we were told by David Cameron was not to let the
job take over you, but in fact make time for yourself.
How did you react when you found out you had won?
The votes were declared at 6.20am the day after voting day, so I have been up
for over 24 hours! Being told I had won didn't feel real to begin with. It only
felt real when I begin talking in parliament.
Mark Simmonds was the local MP for a long time, how does it feel to fill
Mark's place?
Mark has been very supportive and shared positives and things to learn from
with me. I would like to approachable and be an average person within the
constituency. I want to copy some of Mark’s ideas and throw in some of my own.
Have you always been interested in politics?
I’ve always had a low interest and I think it is really important and everyone
should be interested at some level. All our everyday lives are linked to politics.
The children of the Great Oaks Federation thoroughly enjoyed
meeting Mr Warman, learning about his role within parliament and
felt very inspired by his visit.

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