world history ii - 9th Grade World History Overview



world history ii - 9th Grade World History Overview
U.S.-MEXICO WAR TEA PARTY and “We Take Nothing By Conquest, Thank
God” ACTIVITY (Adapted from Bill Bigelow and Howard Zinn)
Today’s border with Mexico is the product of invasion and war. We will be doing an
activity about the U.S. war with Mexico, 1846-1848. You will each have a “tea party
1. Fill out a nametag of the individual you are representing and try to become these
people from history.
2. Read your role several times and try to memorize as much of the information as
possible (about 5-10 minutes).
 Please underline key points.
 Write three or four facts about your character on the back of your role
sheet – the things you feel are most important.
3. Handout “The War with Mexico: Questions” and instruct students to circulate
through the classroom, meet individuals from the U.S.-Mexico War, and use the
questions as a guide for discussing the war. Complete the questions as fully as
possible and you must use different individuals to answer each of the 8 questions
(you cannot use yourself). It is not a race, take time hearing each other’s stories
and do not just hurriedly scribble down answers.
4. Share answers with the whole class and discuss:
 Who found someone with opinions different than your own character’s
 What were some of the different points of view you found on why the
United States and Mexico went to war?
 Why do you think the United States and Mexico went to war?
 What were some of the results of the war?
 What questions do you still have about the war?
5. As a class, read Howard Zinn’s “We Take Nothing by Conquest, Thank God”
6. Writing assignment
 Locate at least 5 passages from the reading you found amusing, important,
startling, moving, confusing, outrageous, or odd and write out each quote
and your detailed reaction to it.
 Find at least one piece of information you can connect to information
learned in the tea party/role play activity.
 Include at least two questions you think would be good for class

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