1. Standard



1. Standard
Team Standard & Promotion
For Jane Fu, Ying Lin, Jojo Zhou & Anna Li’s SMD team
Internal Team Training Only
Build a healthy team culture
1. Standard
Standard 1: New Member
New member gets 3-3-30 before getting
the license
It is recommended that new member gets
10-10-30 before getting the license
Standard 2: Promotion
Every level of promotion requirements listed are the
minimum requirements and must be met or exceed
For SMD promotion, the upline SMD should trust and
support the potential SMD, but let the potential SMD
run for promotion independently.
Standard 3: Inside Baseshop
◦ A/SA/MD level leaders:
 do not complain about insufficient support from your leader
 Stand up and be a leader yourself
◦ SA/MD level leaders:
 do not shield team
 Edify SMD
 Build multi-level leadership
◦ SMD Baseshop:
 Double digit monthly recruits
 50K monthly points
 Double digit BIG event attendees
Standard 4: Leadership
Take early leadership
◦ Never wait for anybody, take initiative to:
 own office
 buy equipment
 provide team training, host team meeting, organize BPM/events,
monitor team activities/achievements/awards/promotions
◦ You do it first ---- before you ask other people to do the
 YOU prospect, YOU recruit, you sell, YOU show up on time,
YOU dress up professionally, YOU respect the rules/standards, etc.
Go extra miles on effort, step back on conflict
Always stay positive and humble:
◦ Never say other teams are not as good
◦ Never say you are better
II. Team Promotion Guideline
General Guideline
WFG rules are necessary
 ½ rule applies to any SA and SA above promotions
◦ Current WFG ½ rule in Field Manual: “No more than half (1/2) Net points
can be personal and one-half (1/2) or less net points can be from any other leg”
Committee’s Note:
 “Half net points” means “Half net points necessary for the
◦ Example: Joe ran for MD promotion (40k points in 3 month). Joe
did 100k personal points in 3 month, but only 20k will count.
How to calculate points (pts):
◦ Trainee already has license: Count WFG online points only.
◦ Trainee has no license: SMD control; all split points count 100%:
 Example: Mike has no license but referred a sale, total referral points count
to Mike no matter who split the case.
Building Your Business
Through Promotion
Building Your WFG Business
Associate Promotion
Associate Promotion:
WFG: Rolling 3 months 20K net pts
Or: 30K for accumulation Net points with 3 recruits
since joined
or: Any rolling 30 days with personal efforts: 3-3-30 w/
min 6K pts
◦ Define: 3-3-30, personal pts and recruits
**If Associate doesn’t have license, we count for full points, if
Associate got license, we base on company’s online points**
Senior Associate Promotion
WFG: 4 licensed downlines, plus: Rolling 3 months 30K
net points with 3 direct Associate, 1/2 rule apply
 Or Any rolling 30 days: 10-10-30 with min 20K net pts
◦ Define: 10-10-30, team points and team recruits, ½ rule apply
to both points and recruits
Or 4 licensed downlines, rolling 3 month 30K net
points, with 3 legs, each should have a licensed person
or an associate. In this case, personal points can count
100%, any leg can contribute ½ at most.
 Or 4 licensesd downlines, 40K points since joined, 1/2
rule apply for both points & recruits
**If Senior Associate doesn’t have license, we count for full
points, if Senior Associate got license, we base on company’s
online points**
Marketing Director Promotion
Must personally have at least one license.
Must be able to independently recruit and produce.
At least 5 life licensed people in the team plus:
WFG: Rolling
3 months 40K net pts with 2 SA legs or 3 Associate legs,
rolling 30 days based on team efforts: 25-25-30 with min 50K pts
and with ½ rule on both points and recruits
Rolling 3 months 50K net points with 3 legs, each should have a
licensed person or an associate. In this case, personal points can count
100%, any leg can contribute ½ at most
agents with $50K+ cash flow are treated as special cases by
WFG, and get MD contract without other qualifications.
Senior Marketing Director
Follow WFG Guideline plus
◦ Cash flow: $50,000 minimum in rolling 12 month
◦ Dual licenses are required
◦ Two strong legs are required (Strong leg: 4 level deep
with a leader who can do recruiting and sale
◦ Independent SMD run, a pride of a lifetime!
◦ Best leg shall be replaced.
◦ Once promoted, the replacement leg becomes a sideline
of the new SMD. The new SMD shall treat the replacement
leg the same way he/she works with other sidelines.
◦ **MD of Industrial Agent can not be counted for a MD leg
until one year of proof performance in WFG.
Special treatment of SMD run by
Husband and Wife
SMD promotion run supported by spouse:
◦ Promoted SMD cash flow min. $35,000 in rolling 12
◦ Total cash flow from the couple min. $50,000 in rolling
12 months
◦ No more than ½ promotion points from the total of
couple’s personal
◦ Replacement leg can be all of the legs of supporting
spouse, the spouse will go back to promoted SMD
Executive Marketing Director (Level
Rolling 6 Months
◦ 3 Direct SMD Legs
◦ 500K Superbase
Rolling 12 Months
◦ 3 direct SMD Legs
◦ 750K points Superbase
CEO Marketing Director (Level 70)
Rolling 6 Months
◦ 6 Direct SMD legs
◦ 1 Million Base
Rolling 12 Months
◦ 6 Direct SMD Legs
◦ 1.5 Million base
Executive Vice Chairman (Level 87)
Rolling 6 Months
◦ 9 Direct SMD Legs
◦ 1.5 Million base
Rolling 12 Months
◦ 9 Direct SMD Legs
◦ 2.25 Million base
Supervisory Overrides
Position Variable
 Branch Office Supervisor 1.25
 Branch Office Manager 5.5
 OSJ Manager 1
 Total Supervisory Override 7.75
Generational Overrides
Level Basis Points: Fixed Other Variable
 1st Generation
 2nd Generation
 3rd Generation
 4th Generation
 5th Generation
 6th Generation
Total Generation Override 36
Rule & Standard are work for us
to build a strong team
-Following the rule, step to the right way to success in
this business
See you at top!

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