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Washington State liquor control board (LCB) - ipma
Business Process Management
(BPM)/Business Intelligence (BI)
Cayzen Technologies
Information Processing Management
Association (IPMA)
May, 2008
• GMAP Planning
What Gets Measured Gets Done
Representing Business Health
Planning and Allocation
Pulling It Together
Communicate Vision, Mission and the Strategic Plan
Implement Planning with Process
Bring Technology to the Solution
Pulling It Together
• GMAP Execution
• GMAP Assessment
– Measure to Objectives
– Adjust the Process
– Pulling It Together
• Business Intelligence (BI)
GMAP Planning
”What Gets Measured Gets Done” – Tom Peters
• "Every state agency, program and employee must be accountable
for producing measurable results that matter to citizens. Holding
government responsible for results is just common sense.” –
Governor Christine Gregoire
• Good GMAP measures are high frequency measures that enable
effective day-to-day management.
You cannot implement Six Sigma unless you measure.
• A GMAP Forum is an opportunity to discuss the effectiveness of
agency performance against executive priorities and adjust policy if
Focus is on execution efficiency and results not simply reporting.
“A good GMAP analysis provides an evidence-based explanation of what factors
influence reported results.” – GMAP Guidelines
A good GMAP action plan will “identify specific tasks to accomplish before the
next GMAP session, who will be accountable for them, and when they will be
done”. – GMAP Guidelines
GMAP Planning
Representing Business Health
• How do you represent how well you’re doing?
• What do people really want to know? What’s the short answer to how
well your agency, division or business unit is doing?
• How believable are you? – Just in case someone asks, ‘What are the
• The easy part…
• Represent how well you’re doing as the health of your agency, division
or business unit.
• Health is a single number. A percent.
• Health is green, yellow or red depending on thresholds you set.
• Define what health means in terms of objectives measured as a
• Develop the algorithm to roll health pieces up into the whole.
• Find a way to measure what “can’t” be measured.
• The hard part…
GMAP Planning
Planning and Allocation
• Agency
Vision and Mission
• In the context of State of Washington priorities
Strategic Plan
• “Deploying strategy is three times more difficult than developing strategy” – Malcolm
Baldrige Foundation
• What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?
Budget to Priorities
• Division
• Vision and Mission
• In the context of Agency priorities
• Strategic Plan
• Budget to Priorities
• Business Unit
• Do the same thing.
GMAP Planning
Pulling It Together. Like This…
• With Word, Excel, Visio, E-mail, the Intranet and…
• A lot of process?
GMAP Planning
… Or Like This…
• A MetaStorm ProVision Strategy Model
• Organization, Goal, Plan and Other Models Available
GMAP Execution
Communicate the Strategic Plan
• Make Sure Everyone Has an Understanding of the Complete
Process, the Big Picture.
– Vision, mission, strategy and values are simply statements of process
at the highest level of the organization.
– Encourage ownership of the whole process and require ownership of a
particular measure. Everyone must have ‘skin in the game’ – including
– Everyone across the organization knows what they are responsible for
measuring and where that measure fits in the context of the
• Make Sure Everyone Understands What is Being Measured
and Why.
– A measure is a link in a chain.
• At Toyota any employee who finds a defect on the assembly line can stop the whole
assembly line.
– We measure to improve not to find guilt. – “Reward candor in
identifying and diagnosing performance barriers”, GMAP Principles
GMAP Execution
Implement Planning with Process
• Identify the Business Processes in the Vision, Mission and
Other High Level Statements.
– Management processes align operational and supporting processes
with the business and monitor results.
– Operational processes are what the business does.
– Supporting processes enable management and operational processes
by letting those processes focus on their core responsibilities.
– A business process has a beginning and an end and delivers something
of value to the organization or customer.
– A function is something that is done in the course of a business
• An audit of financial statements is a function. Together with a report of findings and
other deliverables of value to the customer the audit becomes a business process.
• Is the Organization Doing Something Outside Its Mission?
– Why?
• Find the Processes in the Next Level Down in the
Organization’s Process Hierarchy.
GMAP Execution
Bring Technology to the Solution
• Use Technology to Improve Service Delivery – Gregoire
Management Framework
– To Communicate.
• Show performance as close to real time as practical. – Dashboards
• Show performance across business units. – Dashboards
– To Measure – “It’s not enough just to set priorities” – Governor
Christine Gregoire
• Establish performance thresholds and notify the organization when performance
goals aren’t being met.
• Automate measures when possible but always measure. Decisions made with data
are more credible.
• Record measures over time. Measures provide the foundation for historical and
trending analysis.
– To Adjust.
• Storing the Measures Provides the Basis for Business Process
GMAP Execution
Pulling It Together. Like This…
• With Word, Excel, Visio, E-mail, the Intranet - maybe some
databases and…
• A lot of process?
GMAP Execution
… Or Like This…
• A MetaStorm ProVision Workflow Model
• Use Case, Operation and Other Models Available
GMAP Assessment
Measure to Objectives
• The Notion of Health is the Starting Point of Measure
• Create the Measures Behind Health to Accurately Represent
That Notion
GMAP Assessment
Adjust the Process
• Monitor Continuously
– Real time performance feedback enables real time performance
• Assess Often
– Compare results to other, similar processes inside and outside the
• Adjust When Necessary
– Make changes based on data.
GMAP Assessment
Pulling It Together. Like This…
• With PowerPoint, Excel, E-mail, the Intranet and…
• A lot of process?
GMAP Assessment
… Or Like This…
• Business Intelligence (BI) – Metrics GMAP requires
• MetaStorm ProVision as a Metadata Repository
Business Intelligence (BI)
• System of Record (SoR)
– One version of the ‘truth’. A single representation of something.
– A single system responsible for the accuracy of customer, account, or
other data about process ‘things’.
• Facts
– Statements of truth at a moment in time.
– Transactions.
• Typically Spells ‘D-a-t-a W-a-r-e-h-o-u-s-e’
– A facility for keeping track of what facts were true when and what
those facts were true about.
– A decision making tool for the organization.
– The foundation for accurate accounting of service quality, efficiency
and effectiveness.
Resources & References
Cayzen Technologies
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An Assessment Tool from the Baldrige National Quality Program
MetaStorm BPM and MetaStorm ProVision
State of Washington GMAP: Government Management, Accountability
and Performance

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