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Thursday, November 12, 2015 | 5:00 p.m.
Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha
All-Canadian & All-American 5-Yr-Old 2014
Res. Grand Champion
Int’l Holstein Show 2014
Her June 2015 Gold Chip sister sells
Cache-Valley Lheros
2331-ET EX-95
1st 4-Yr-Old
All Canadian &
Res. All-American 4-Yr-Old 2014
Her Sept. 2014 daughter
x Sid sells
MS Goldwyn Alana EX-96 2E
4th Sr. 2-Yr-Old
Supreme Champion Quebec Spring Show 2015
1st Sr. 2-Yr-Old &
Gr. Champ. Nat.’l Spring Showcase,
Res. Int. Champion St-Hyacinthe 2014
Fredericton 2015
Choice Doorman Sept. 2015 x Reta sells
Unanimous All-Canadian
Also selling, Reta’s Dec. 2014
& Res. All-American 2013
sister x Goldwyn
Her Sept. 2014 daughter x Windbrook sells
Mystique Goldwyn Boreale
EX-92 (MS:95)
Russellway Cameron Pinky
GP-83 2Yr (MS:85)
1 4-Yr-Old & Grand Champion
ON Summer Show 2015
7th gen. VG or EX from the Barbies
Her fancy Junior Calf daughter x Doorman sells
GTPI 2324 Former #3 GLPI Cameron daughter
Her Monterey daughter sells,
GTPI 2516 GPA LPI 3212
DGV 3285 RZG 166 (08/15)
Alexerin Oman 993 VG-88
4-04 365 20,994 kg 4.3% 899 3.3% 694
Her Monterey Gr'daughter sells, GTPI 2737,
GPA LPI 3269 DGV 3348 Pro$ 2823 (08/15)
Sale Managers
Elmcroft Attic Reta
VG-87 2Yr (MS:89)
Photos : 2331, Alana & Reta©Vicki Fletcher;
Katrysha©Cybil Fisher
at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Exhibition Place,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the Ring of Excellence.
Aija O Man Naomi VG
Dam of Supersire Makea 2576 GTPI
Her Jan. 2015 Kingboy Gr'daughter sells,
GTPI 2614,
GPA LPI 3160 DGV 3275 Pro$ 2437 (08/15)
Knonaudale Mudpie VG-87 2Yr
1st Jr. 3-Yr-Old &
Res. Int. Champion ON Summer Show 2015
Dam: EX Goldwyn was
1st 5-Yr-Old EOWQ Show 2014
Her July 2015 daughter x Doorman sells
Sandy-Valley Atwd Brady-ET
VG-88 (MS:89)
Her dam is full sister to Braxton
8th gen. VG or EX from the Barbies
Her fresh Jr. 2-Yr-Old daughter
+17 DGV type x Doorman sells
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