Testing the
Tyranny and
Open Source
The Battle for
the Soul of the
Robert David STEELE Vivas
Part 1: Testing the
Two-Party Tyranny
Accepted by Reform Party as a validated candidate
Registered with the Federal Elections Commission
Created web site, still standing,
Launched several IndieGoGo campaigns
Posted multiple YouTubes
Got listed at Politics1 and On the Issues
Communicated with every other presidential candidate
less Obama and Romney
• Communicated with Occupy, Tea Party, Independents,
other small parties, all major electoral reform forums
Campaign Substance
Balanced Budget, APT Tax Replaces All Taxes
Coalition Cabinet
Electoral Reform
On the Issues – Pre-Conditions of Revolution
JOBS – Veterans, Manufacturing, Localized
Resilience, Open Everything
• True Cost Economics
Candidate Impressions
Obama & Romney
Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich
Rocky Anderson
Gary Johnson & Buddy Roemer
Jill Stein & Cynthia McKinney
Virgil Goode (Constitution)
Electoral Crime Today
• There are EIGHT validated national parties:
Constitution, Democratic, Green, Libertarian,
Natural Law, Reform, Republican, Socialist
• Congress can mandate that all federal
elections include all eight parties on the ballot
• Congress can mandate that all debates for
federal elections include candidates from all
eight parties
Two-Party Tyranny
• Nine times Congress has been asked to pass
electoral reform opening ballots to all parties
• At the State level, the two parties conspire to
exclude the other six parties while cheating
the non-incumbent party with electoral fraud
• Getting money out will not fix the problem—
we need across the board electoral reform
Bloomberg’s Circus
Electoral Reform Possible
• Occupy listened & then lost it
• Consensus Electoral Reform Act of 2012 exists
• These are the elements:
01 Process (Integrity)
02 Ballot Access (Same)
03 People Vote, Not States
04 Put All Initiatives to Vote
05 Open Debates All Levels
06 Cabinet Named
07 Open Registration
08 Tightly-Drawn Districts
09 Public Funding ONLY
10 Open Legislation
Bottom Line
• We can still hold a national electoral reform
summit in September and DEMAND the
passage of the Electoral Reform Act of 2012
• We can still form a people’s candidacy with a
coalition cabinet and go for $1 billion.
• We can still occupy the home offices of every
Senator and Representative and force the
issue of electoral reform in time for 2012.
How I Tested the Boundaries of
the Two-Party Tyranny
Robert David Steele Vivas
Reality Sandwich, 24 May 2012
Part 2: Battle for the
Soul of the Republic
• Top Secret America is a benchmark book
• “Top Secret America” is an Administrative Law state, an inverted
democracy, a totalitarian attempt to micro-manage everything from
agriculture to water (the latter now under military control according
to the latest national security decision memorandum).
• The “complexes” range across every functional area from
Agriculture through Defense, Education, Energy, Health, to Water
• The reason Congress strives to micro-manage is clear: this is how
they extort money, using micro-management to frame earmarks
and exemptions.
Integrity Lost
• Integrity has been lost – government is hollow
• Cabinet does not represent the public – Secretaries
represent the recipients of taxpayer dollars, not
those paying the taxes.
• Congress is totally corrupt – discounts Treasury by
95% to secure a standard 5% kick-back
• Fraud waste and abuse are documents – 47% in
Agriculture, 50% in Health, perhaps $75% in Defense
Secession, Nullification,
and/or a Second Republic
• All three branches of the federal government
are completely corrupt – do not represent We
• Time to abolish the existing “government” controlled by the
two-party tyranny of treason
• States should threaten secession and demand a Constitutional
Convention…but first we have to cleanse each STATE of its
local two-party tyranny
• We need to rebuild the USA from the bottom-up, at Human
Scale, with integral resilience, which is to say, true deep
independence from any external authority.
Bottom Line
• We’re not as stuck as we might think.
• America the Beautiful is rich beyond measure.
• We’ve simply let common crooks take over
Congress, destroy democracy, and shake-down
the financial and corporate communities
• There is NOTHING we cannot fix, and fix quick,
if we restore integrity to the electoral process
and thence to the government.
The Battle for the Soul of
the Republic
Robert David Steele Vivas
Reality Sandwich, 10 April 2012
Part 3: The Open Source
Everything Convergence
1992 I understood “open” alternative
1995 I crafted the Smart Nation Act
2004 Connected with Tom Atlee
2006 Lost my clearances and my conference
2007 Gnomedex & Amazon, EIN
2008 Collective Intelligence (Mark Tovey et al)
2010 Burning Man OpenBTS a tipping point
The Book
The Pyramid
The Core Vision
Humans are Root
Integrity of Feedback Loops Matters!
Multinational Open
Bottom-Up Long View
Eight Communities
Frame the World Brain
Good Not-Twitter
(GNT) Soon…
Corruption &
Fragmentation Killing Us
All Organizations Lack
Intelligence & Integrity
All Minds, All Information, Always
• 2012 The Open Source Everything Manifesto:
Transparency, Truth & Trust
• 2012 PREPRINT FOR COMMENT: The Craft of
• 2008 Doug Rushkoff in Boing Boing on Open Source
• 2007 Open Everything – We Won, Now Let’s SelfGovern (Video 1:04:12 Gnomedex Keytone)
I Nailed This in 2008
My Proposed Answer
1. Electoral Reform Summit in early September
2. Demand Electoral Reform Act of 2012
3. Ignore Obama & Romney – field We the
People Reform Coalition as outlined in detail
4. Create the Autonomous Internet
5. Shift all money to local community banks
6. Go Open Source Everything as fast as we can
Got Crowd? BE the Force!

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