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Media Release:
10:00 a.m., Thursday, July 28, 2011
CIF Grants Support Kronau and Community
The Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) recently awarded a total of $42,617 in support of rink
renovations and heritage property restoration in Kronau, Saskatchewan. The Kronau Community
Revitalization Committee received $20,367 for rink renovations and the Kronau Museum Heritage
Committee received $22,250 for its Saar School restoration project through CIF’s Community
Vitality Program.
Announced in 2010 as a three-year program, CIF’s Community Vitality Program is responding to
community priorities through two venues: the Small Capital and Community Pride Projects and
Events. Over $4.6 million has been approved to date through 269 grants to Saskatchewan
communities under this program. An approved list of grant recipients is available at .
“We’re pleased to contribute to Kronau’s community projects.” Tracey Mann, Executive Director of
the Community Initiatives Fund said. “When community people invest their time and efforts to
restore and enhance their communities in the spirit of partnership, I’m pleased the Community
Initiatives Fund is able to support and promote these community efforts.”
“The important things that make up strong communities are clearly demonstrated in Kronau,”
Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Bill Hutchinson said. “The rink renovation and heritage
property restoration projects are shining examples of the amazing teamwork and outstanding
community pride that improves sense of place and helps Saskatchewan move forward.”
Programs through the CIF offer grants that support community efforts to enhance the quality of life
for residents as they benefit children, youth and families. CIF programs also encourage active living
among residents, support the prevention and treatment of problem gambling, and promote culture,
sport and recreation for Aboriginal peoples.
The CIF is a Special Purpose Fund created through The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act and
governed by a volunteer Board appointed through the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and
The Community Vitality Program deadlines are October 1st and April 1st each year.
-30For more information, contact:
Sharon Rodenbush, Community Initiatives Fund, Regina
Phone: 306.545.7137; Cell: 306.533.3699; Email: [email protected]
Janice Wilby, Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport, Regina
Phone: 306.787.5781; Cell: 306.527.8152; Email: [email protected]

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