the program brochure


the program brochure
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Assistance in
Health Care Facilities
Home Care Assistance
New Frontiers School Board
Adult & Professional Education Services
A career devoted
to those in need
NOVA Career Centre
70 Maple, Châteauguay, QC J6J 3P8
Tel: 450-691-2540 • Fax: 450-699-0734
Châteauguay Valley
Career Education Centre
46 Roy, Ormstown, QC J0S 1K0
Tel: 450-829-2396 • Fax: 450-829-2398
Huntingdon Adult Education
& Community Centre
24 York, Huntingdon, QC J0S 1H0
Tel: 450-264-9276 • Fax: 450-264-9172
New Frontiers School Board
214 McLeod, Châteauguay, QC J6J 2H4
Tel: 450-691-1440 • Fax: 450-691-0643
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New Frontiers School Board
Adult & Professional Education Services
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“I really love what I do. I work full time for a CLSC and see about five
clients a day. The work is rewarding and it means so much for the client
and their family.”
— Joanne Shipley, graduate
“After working for a few years as a health-care worker, I continued to train to become
an RN. Homecare allowed me to see that I like health care and I knew I would like
— Kim Tannahill, graduate
"Having recently retired after 30 years of work in a manufacturing plant, I wanted to
study in a field that would allow me to remain active while helping people. This is
why I took the course in home health care. The teachers understood that I had not
been a full-time student in over three decades and they were there to help me when
needed concerning both the theory and the practical aspects of the course. I am very
happy with my experience, the end results and the fact that I obtained my
professional certificate."
— Gilles Forget, graduate
This career is a calling
for those who like to give
Our programs prepare graduates to care for
persons in their homes, in the community
or in institutional settings. It provides training
for the basic care of the physical and social
needs of the client and family. This allows
the graduate to care for handicapped,
elderly and housebound individuals in a
confident and caring manner.
A diploma could lead to varied careers:
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a spot in our program!
• independent health-care work
• work with a team of
Possibility of bus transportation available to students in the valley
A Loans and Bursaries Program is available for qualified applicants
Emploi-Québec benefits may be extended by returning to school
Program subsidized by the Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisirs et du Sports du Québec
Open to all legal residents of Québec over 16 years of age as of June 30 of current year
• public health-care work (CLSC)
• work in small facilities
FEES: Tuition is free – except for a nominal fee each semester, as well as books, materials
and/or tools.
Assistance in Health Care Facilities ...................................750 hours
Home Care Assistance ........................................................975 hours
For more information, you are just a call, visit or click away!
Call Châteauguay Valley at 450-829-2396 •
Call NOVA at 450-691-2540 •
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This program will be offered at:
• Châteauguay Valley Career Education Centre, Ormstown
• NOVA Career Centre, Châteauguay