Imperialism and Nationalism



Imperialism and Nationalism
Name_____________________ Date_________________ Period_______
Ottoman Empire, Ataturk, and Modern Turkey
DIRECTIONS: Use the Power Point presentation to fill in the following information
about the Ottoman Empire and its transition to modern-day Turkey.
What was the Ottoman Empire?
The Ottoman Empire
 Started in what is today _________________________
 Controlled a lot of the _____________________________________ from the 1500s
until WWI
What was the Ottoman Empire’s role in World War I?
The Ottomans sided with _______________________ (Central Powers) during
Who helped to defeat the Ottomans?
 England and France encouraged the Arab people to
____________________________________ the Ottomans promising
_____________________________________ if the Allies won the war
 Ottoman troops were spread “thin” and were forced to ______________before the
end of the war
What do YOU think happens to a country when they lose a war?
What is “European imperialism”?
 Imperialism is when one country ________________________ the political,
economic, or cultural life of
 During the early 1900s, European countries were ________________________ to
control land throughout the world
What was European imperialism’s effect on the Ottoman Empire after World War I?
European imperialism caused:
 The Ottoman Empire to ____________________________
 Areas to be put under the control of ______________________ and
Why do YOU think this European imperialism caused a negative feeling in the
Middle East towards Europe?
What is the result of European Imperialism in the Middle East?
Arab resentment and anger at the British & Europeans for not living up to
promise made during WWI
British promised the Jewish a homeland in Palestine, while indicating they
would allow Arabs independence in Palestine
All of the Arab/African peoples are unhappy about European Colonialism &
begin a Nationalism Movement & struggle against Europeans Dominance/
What happened to Turkey after World War I?
After WWI, Turkey established a _________________________________________
(like our govt.) in 1923 under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal
Who is Ataturk and how did he help to create modern-day Turkey?
_______________________ the power of religion and the caliphate
Separation of religion and __________________________
Equal ________________________ rights with men
Opened all p___________________________ and
________________________ to them
Get rid of the ____________
Not allowed to __________________________
Adopted ________________________ characters
Everyone had to take a surname (__________________________________)

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