Position sensor review questions



Position sensor review questions
60B Position Sensors
Applications: CKP/CMP, VSS, WSS, and others.
Permanent Magnet Generators
Basic components:
 Coil of wire
 Permanent magnet
 Iron reluctor
1. Material with ‘high permeability’ demonstrate characteristics
2. Those materials that do not (wood, aluminum, glass) have
‘high reluctance’
3. Magnetic lines create a ‘field’ known as magnetic flux
4. Magnetic lines are attracted to material that has high
1. Permanent Magnetic Generators are also known as a
pickup ___________ sensor or variable ________
2. PM generator consists of a coil of wire wrapped
around a _________ __________.
3. Magnetic sensor:
a. Modifies a voltage
b. Generates an AC voltage
c. Generates a DC voltage
d. Switches a voltage
4. What is the purpose of the rotating toothed wheel (in the diagram)?
(pole piece, reluctor, toothed wheel, exciter, trigger wheel, stator, pulse ring)
5. A magnetic sensor is a (one) (two) (three) wire sensor.
6. An ECM reads the (frequency/timing) (voltage amplitude) of the magnetic sensor.
7. Which of the following tests are applicable to the magnetic sensor?
a. Check resistance of the sensor coil
d. Verify the correct sensor gap
b. Test for AC voltage while operating
e. Verify that the reluctor is rotating.
c. Check for sensor winding shorted to
f. Inspect reluctor for damage, cracks,
ground or the sensor body
missing teeth
Permanent magnet sensors are commonly used for:
1. ___________
2. ___________
A PM generator is (is not) speed dependent?
Hall Effect Sensor
Accurate position detection
Basic components:
 Permanent magnet
 Trigger wheel
 Hall Integrated Circuit
Hall Effect sensors (switch) are frequently used to sense engine ________ and crankshaft
Hall Effect sensor requires external power to operate (typically 5V, 9V, 12V)
Hall Effect sensors produce a (digital) or (analog) signal?
The Hall effect device uses a ________ magnet and a shutter _________.
The shutter wheel (vanes) pass between the ________ and the __________
The Hall device (is) or (is not) speed dependant
The output of the Hall device is a __________ that switches
A Hall Effect Sensor has ___________ wires, _________ ___________ & __________.
Magnetic Resistance Element
Higher Accuracy than a Hall Effect
Similar to Hall Effect (Power, Signal, Ground wires)
Reliable Signals at low rotational speeds

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