The 5 Big Questions About Europe*s Migrant Crisis



The 5 Big Questions About Europe*s Migrant Crisis
The 5 Big Questions About
Europe’s Migrant Crisis
Do you think countries should allow all immigrants
into their country? Why or Why not?
Use evidence from the reading to support your
Organizing your ideas!
1. What's the crisis all about?
2. Difference between a refugee and migrant
3. Your opinion
4. Support with valid arguments
5. Challenge opposing view
6. Conclusion
African Countries
of Asian
Key Vocabulary
Refugees – Any person who leaves his or her country because of conflict or
Migrant- Anyone who leaves his or her country
Immigration- The act of moving into a country without being a native or
U.N. (United Nations)- Organization created after World War II to help keep
peace and security in the world.
ISIS- Islamic State of Iraq and Syria- A militant group who has been using
violence in the Middle East to gain political and military control of the region.
Civil War- People within a country fighting against one another.
Map of the Immigration Crisis (Early 2015)
Refugees are smuggled through fields and forests in an attempt
to evade the Hungarian police close to the Serbian border on
Sept. 8, 2015 in Roszke, Hungary.
Horgoš, Serbia: Refugees gather on the
Serbian side of the border
Read more about immigration
1) How the U.S. Can Welcome Refugees - By DAVID MILIBAND
2) Where to Go for Real Immigration Reform- By ROBERTO SURO
3) A Modest Step for the Refugee - By THE EDITORIAL BOARD

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