Declare your Independence!



Declare your Independence!
Declare your Independence!
If owning and operating an independent, community pharmacy is part of
your vision for the future, we want to be your partner. Smith Drug Company
has the Solutions to get you on the right path!
As a qualified pharmacist, you may be eligible for:
Attractive Financing
• Initial Inventory Purchases
• Furniture And Fixtures
• Access to SBA and Traditional Loan Sources
Special Programs to Earn Credit For:
• Interior And Exterior Signage
• Front End Design and Interior Merchandising
• Exchange Program (coming soon)
Incentives and Rebates For:
• Software As A Service Through QS/1
• Prime Care Pharmacy Software
• RX Medic Automation Products
Longterm Care Opportunities
• Integra
To get the conversation started, talk with one of our Regional Managers or Pharmacy
Business Consultants, and put Smith Drug Company to work.
For you.

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