Nomination Form - Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce



Nomination Form - Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce
Nomination form for Small Business of The
Year Award
Selection Criteria
Under 50 Employees
Member of Globe-Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce
Located in Globe-Miami trade area
Business Leader—(has shown business leadership skills in adverse or unique situations)
Community Involvement—(leadership, participation, donations)
Financial Stability—In business at least 3 years, positive sales trend
Future Plans
Business Profile (leave blank, those lines of information not known)
Business Name: __________________________________ Owner: _______________________
Business Address:_______________________________________________________________
Type of Business: __________________________________ Business Phone: ______________
Years in Business: __________________________________ Years in Globe-Miami: _________
Number of Employees: ____________________________
Reasons for recommendation (i.e. significant milestones, community and civic activities,
business and professional awards, quality service, customer service, etc. Use additional sheet.)
Nominated by: ___________________________________ Phone: _______________________
Mailing address:________________________________________________________________
Thank you for your support!
Return by 5 pm, Thursday, June 8, 2017
Globe-Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce
1360 N. Broad Street—Globe, Arizona 85501
[email protected]
(928) 425-4495 - FAX (928) 425-3410

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