If you are interested in supporting or volunteering with the Suitcase



If you are interested in supporting or volunteering with the Suitcase
If you are interested in supporting Jamaica
Medical Outreach, please send us an email or fill
out the following information below and send to:
Integrative Clinics International
3871 Piedmont Ave. #34
Oakland, CA 94611
I would like to…
Donate to Integrative Clinics International
In-kind donation, such as medications,
clinical supplies or equipment. You will be
contacted shortly for further details.
Please keep me informed with future dates
of fundraisers and events.
Volunteer with Jamaica Medical Outreach.
Please contact me about how to get
Integrative Clinics Int’l, Inc.
Integrative Clinics International is dedicated to
improving the healthcare of under-served
communities worldwide. Using the full spectrum
of medical knowledge available we are
committed to providing healthcare services for
communities by supporting the establishment
and operation of long term, affordable clinics
with strong community outreach.
Our Approach:
Medical Outreach
To facilitate the formation of integrative medical
teams who will travel to clinic sites to provide
health care at regular intervals. Multidisciplinary
teams of providers, incorporating both
traditional and western healing approaches,
outreach to local communities determining
public heath needs. Teams form partnerships
with local health providers and other relief
agencies, to help establish the continuity of
Contact Information:
Name: ______________________________
Address: ____________________________
A Project of Integrative Clinics
International, Inc.
City/Zip: ____________________________
501 (c)3
Phone: (____)_________________________
E-Mail: ______________________________
For additional information please contact us:
[email protected]
Connect with us at:
Over the course of 10 days the Jamaica Medical
Outreach team staffs a general medical clinic in
Falmouth, organize and run a health fair in Nine
Mile, offer medical and preventative care to a
local orphanage, women’s shelter and nursing
home. We are currently expanding our efforts in
health education.
Falmouth Clinic
Founded in 1990, the Falmouth clinic serves
the needs of upwards of 100 patients a day.
Young and old; acute and chronic—all are seen.
Looking over a map of Jamaica, one’s eyes
may focus along the coast, remembering such
times as swimming in the warm Caribbean sea
of Montego Bay or climbing the fresh water falls
outside of Ocho Rios; however, it is harder for
all of us to imagine the space between those
points on the map—the face of Jamaica outside
of the resorts.
For the past five years, the Jamaica Medical
Outreach team, led by Dr. Bruno Lewin and
Mayssa Sultan, L.Ac., has gathered resources,
volunteers and medications to provide much
needed care to the underserved communities of
Seeing upwards of 100 patients a day—many
of whom have traveled 5 or more hours—the
volunteers have earned the respect of the local
community, but perhaps most important is the
effect the local community has had on the
The Jamaica Medical Outreach team provides
services ranging from dentistry, minor surgery,
diabetes management, home health, adult
medicine and pediatrics to acupuncture and
Served by a rotating number of international
volunteers, the Falmouth clinic provides
continuity care for over 14,000 patients. To
minimize cost each volunteer team is required to
raise their own funds and bring their own
supplies including much needed medication—all
of which are provided for free to the patients.
Place of Safety Girls Shelter,
Blossom Gardens Orphanage
The effects of poverty are especially felt in the
most vulnerable of groups, namely at risk
women and children.
Here the team provides medication including
asthma inhalers and anti-parasitic therapies, for
lice, scabies and intestinal worms that can run
rampant in the confined quarters of the shelters.
Care is also provided through education, as the
student volunteers provide interactive mini-
lectures on topics that affect young people’s
health and well being.
Nine Mile Health Fair
Run in connection with the Bob Marley group of
Companies, this annual health fair started by
Jamaica Medical Outreach screens hundreds of
rural residents for high blood pressure and
diabetes. For the more infirm, home visits are
Special Thanks:
Jamaican Hospitality
Air Jamaica
Falmouth Methodist Church
Fernando Henlon
All Season’s Resort
Gloustershire Hotel
Four Season’s Hotel
Bob Marley Group of Companies (U.R.G.E)
U.S. Support and Supplies
UCLA Primary Care College
Operation USA

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