EuroMedITI - Kooperation International



EuroMedITI - Kooperation International
Euro-Mediterranean Initiative
for Technology and Innovation
EuroMedITI is a Malta-Led European Initiative
aimed to engage European and Mediterranean
Businesses and Applied R&D Entities for the
development, customisation and deployment
of technologies with a special relevance to the
Mediterranean Region
Private Sector (Business Driven):
 European industry, primarily SMEs
 Industry in the Mediterranean non-EU countries
 Industry bodies (National Associations, European Technology Platforms,
Research and Innovation Entities:
 Applied Research Institutes
 Universities and Academic Entities
 Government of Malta
 Other national governments within the EU and non-EU Mediterranean
 The European Union
Alignment with EU Policy
Lisbon Strategy:
“… launching European technological initiatives, between private enterprises,
research institutes, the financial world and regulatory authorities …” and “…
developing research infrastructures of European interest …”
Euro-Mediterranean Partnership:
“… to strengthen scientific research capacity and development, contribute to the
training of scientific and technical staff, and promote participation in joint
research projects based on the creation of scientific networks …”
European Institute of Technology:
EuroMedITI has a complementary function to the proposed EIT, facilitating the
extension of the ERA and the uptake of European Technologies in the
Mediterranean Region.
A European “Technology Transfer" Platform:
European Technology Platforms aim at delivery of sector-specific innovation
whereas EuroMedITI concentrates on its dissemination in the Mediterranean.
Models are similar and complementary.
Opportunity & Challenge
• Establishment of a Free Trade Area including 35 EMP states with a
market of 600-800 people.
• Diversity of customs, cultures, economic status and political
realities poses a challenge to industry, primarily to SMEs.
• The existing technology gap between North and South can be
reduced by cultivating innovation through technology transfer and
competence building.
• Through collaborative partner networks spanning the EuroMediterranean space EuroMedITI will aim to:
 Provide access to Mediterranean market intelligence;
 Promote the transfer, customisation and development of relevant
technologies, and enable the prototyping and testing of the pertinent
products and services;
 Facilitate dissemination and uptake in the region.
• This will lead to a sustainable increase in business and
innovation activities in the region.
Why Malta?
• Malta Government intent on promoting Research and
• Malta a historic and natural hub between Europe and
North Africa and committed to support mutually
beneficial initiatives.
• This regional role takes a new dimension for Malta as a
new EU member state.
• Malta is a microcosmic representation of larger
infrastructures, allowing new technologies to be
deployed and tested within a controlled, live environment
representative of the Region.
• Malta’s small internal market inherently gives rise to a
strongly export oriented outlook.
• Technology Sectors:
Water and Environmental Technologies
Renewable Energies
Information and Communication Technology
Marine Technologies
Technology niches with special relevance to the region
(e.g. certain applications within Health Care & Biotechnology,
Mediterranean Agronomy, Pharmaceuticals, etc.)
• All Mediterranean partner countries
with initial focus on:
Others as relevant project opportunities present themselves
Market Positioning
• EuroMedITI will seek to collaborate with other
European and national initiatives, networks and
entities with common or parallel goals.
• In particular it will seek out complementarities
with these entities in order to fill gaps in the
requirements of the market.
• Inputs from interested stakeholders are
welcome, and will lead to a permanent,
sustainable positioning process, jointly with the
active partners involved.
Proposed Structure
Advisory Council
•Relevant to Med.
•Well Defined
•Clear Business Plan
Education, Training,
Knowledge Dissemination
Regional Relevance
Support Platform
Networks of Competence
•Water & Environment
•Renewable Energy
• Business driven
• Well defined, for profit, clear business plan
• Addressing specific technology opportunities
in the region
• Involving a network of partners, led by a
project driver
• Could entail formation of start-up company
(incubation support)
• Could be developed, prototyped and tested in
Malta for dissemination to region
Project Examples
• Mobile Stormwater Treatment Plant
• Increased Energy Efficiency, Waste Energy
Recovery and Renewable Energy for Industrial
• Satellite Backhauled Broadband Wireless
Network providing Nomadic Hotspots for
Minimum Infrastructure Areas
• Marine micro-algae development for Aquaculture
Feed and extraction of high value compounds
for health, bio-fuel, food, etc.
Education, Training and
Knowledge Dissemination
• Regional relevance
• Education / Training Topics
Technology related
Innovation, entrepreneurship, management, etc.
Cross-Cultural Education (e.g. Doing business in North Africa)
Relevant EU legislation
• Conferences, workshops, etc.
Networks of Competence
• Gradually build a core per sector capable of
providing technical support to projects
• Regional relevance, complementary to
Regional and European entities
• Implementation strategy to be developed jointly
with stakeholders based on experience from
• Must maintain strong links international
academic and R&D entities and individuals
(hence networks)
Support and Management Platform:
Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Network for
Technology (EMINT) Ltd.
• Non-profit Limited Liability Company, initially owned by
Maltese Government, but open for other partners
(Governments, Institutions, Business Associations, …)
• Sole Legal Entity advancing EuroMedITI
• Initially a small core of 9-12 persons, gradually growing to
a multinational / multicultural group
• Closely associated with R&D, Academic, Industrial
partners for ideas and knowledge transfer
• Financing through Institutional and Private Entities,
National & EU funding, Membership Fees, Service Fees
EMINT Ltd: Functions
• Coordination, Facilitation and Support of:
 Projects;
 Education, Training & Knowledge Dissemination; and
 Networks of Competence
• Development of Market Knowledge of Med Region
• Setting up and maintenance of Partner Network
 Businesses and Research Entities
• Business Development
• Financing of EuroMedITI (EMINT, Projects, Training, etc.)
• Communication and third party interaction:
 EU, governments, businesses, research entities, business
organisations, etc.
 In Europe and the Mediterranean
• Public Relations
• Seed grants from Maltese Government and EU
for first years of operation
• Ongoing financing:
 Research funds from EU and national government
R&D programmes
 Service fees from industry
 Private investment (bank loans, private equity, VC´s,
technology based industries with Med targets, …)
 Other instruments (European Neighbourhood Policy,
European Investment Bank, World Bank, Islamic
Bank, …)
• Goal: self-financing within 5 -10 years
Current Main Partners
• Malta Council for Science & Technology – (leading
• Malta Enterprise
• Fraunhofer Institutes (Germany)
• CRP Henri Tudor (Luxembourg)
• VTT (Finland)
Project Management:
• CREATECH (Malta)
• Emphasys GmbH (Germany)
The initiative is open for other research, business and
financial partners.
Time Scale
Phase 1: Nov. 2005 to June 2006
 Preliminary work carried out to define structure and
function, and to initiate specific processes to
demonstrate viability and visibility of the concept.
 Business Proposal submitted to Maltese Government.
Phase 2: July 2006
 Creation of EMINT Ltd. and official launch of initiative.
 Development of Projects and Training activities.
 Formalising of current partnerships and setting up of
new ones.
 Creation of Partner Networks – Business and
Research / European and Regional.
 Communication and marketing.

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