President Speech 2014 - united victoria | cricket club



President Speech 2014 - united victoria | cricket club
NR 1371847 and Society Act Number S-54883
Dear Colleagues and Friends
I am proud to be the President of UVCC Club. Over the years I have gain experience where mistakes, errors, and success have being accomplished. Being a
known member of UVCC Club I had demonstrated the true dedication and commitment. As I stand here before you, I would like to thank you all.
I stand before as you’re as your President with great commitment and motivation to drive this organization to the highest standard in the sport of cricket
in Victoria / Pakistan. My objective as your President for this cricket club is to let this team to the higher level.
Being your active President for this organization it gives me great privilege to welcome everyone to UVCC Cricket Club and I'm looking forward for your
support and commitment as we start this coming season with the right and positive attitude.
Thank you all for your contribution to another successful season, for attending practice, for your availability for matches, for attending this evening. Thank
you for your swing, your turn, your length, your pace, your drives, your cuts, your sixes, your fours, your accounting, you’re lucky top edges over the
keeper, your catches and run-outs, your stumping’s.
I'd like to thank our opposition for the drama and entertainment they have contributed, and for their questionable interpretation of the laws of the game.
For the incoming executive I need to point out a few areas that we as an club will need to pay attention to: Balancing the needs of running our own club.
Play together as a one team. Better and positive attitude on field and off field.
(There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.) The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live
As a team, we’ve experienced a number of failures and false starts over the past years. And to keep us humble and to ensure that we always learn from it.
But now that we’re five years old, people should no longer be impressed by big names. They should be asking what are our results are. The truth is that we
haven’t made it a priority to measure our results or impact .some of it’s a lack of clarity about the best way to do it. But we’ve known for some time that
we really need to get serious about it.
More than ever before UVCC needs to focus on renewed efforts to bring equality, peace and justice to our society. This can best be achieved by building
on past achievements and this very much applies to our Club. We must be prepared to make measured, sensible changes rather than continue without
recognition of the change that is occurring around us. I look forward to your support and working with you to achieve our aims over the coming season. To
end on some positive notes, many excellent things continue to enhance our club. I specifically refer to the many volunteers who faithfully serve our club
and VDCA who umpire prepare grounds serve refreshments so on and on. Without you team would not have cricket and Specially Waqar.
On behalf of my entire team, I welcome you all to our team and hope that you will have a wonderful experience and enjoy playing cricket with us. I am
sure you will enjoy. Last but not least
Gentlemen, welcome you all to the UVCC annual dinner and awards, 2014. Before this evening's awards, may I ask you all to be upstanding and Applause
yourself and,
Thank You
God Bless you all
Javed Khan
Director/ President
United Victoria Cricket Club
2305 Evelyn Heights
Victoria, BC
V9B 6C7
(250) 381-5006
[email protected]
[email protected]

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