Al Majd Expressions Vol. 1 Iss. 1


Al Majd Expressions Vol. 1 Iss. 1
Volume 1 , Issue 1
Message from our Principal Mrs. Parveen Ali
I am extremely happy to know that
our co-curricular team has launched
the first volume of Expressions. As
always, the enthusiasm and joy of
learning and participating in curricular
and co-curricular activities are evident
in every classroom, at every grade,
and with every student. It is with
growth that we transition into the
Second Term, focused on sustaining
our momentum towards our student`s
achievement goals. Since the onset of
the school year, teachers and staff
have been actively engaged in building
dedicated to our learner`s needs .
The most notable and positive
changes at AMIS have been the
creation and implementation of
the In-house System , Student
Council and Campaign Weeks ,in
order to maximise active student
participation in school activities.
opportunity to inform you that
we are working with AdvancedEd
Standards of Quality in our
commitment towards continuous
improvement to achieve success
for all students.
In closing, as I reflect on all that
we have in place to support our
student community, I am
certain that our real strength
would be our exceptionally
talented faculty and staff, in
partnership with parents who
are deeply committed to their
children’s success. That belief is
now a conviction, exceeding my
highest expectations.
As we continue to work
together, I know that we will
throughout the years at AL
MAJD International School.
To aspire is to hope. To aim is to intend. To achieve is to accomplish.
Thinking Process
First Issue :2013-14
AMIS, this is where we belong, where we
grow up and learn new lessons day by day.
Many of us fail to see what really is worth
appreciating. We tend to surround ourselves
with such complications that we do not
notice what we have been gifted with. Being
in AMIS truly makes us set our aims and
ambitions high. Whether it is from
completing our assignments to coordinating
a choir, we all have been motivated to aspire
to aim high and work hard for them. We all
aspire for a better future, we all aspire for
more, but what we don’t realise is, we are
not just going to receive that by mail. It is our
uphill struggle that needs to be added. It is
our determination that counts, and it is our
attitude that will bring a change that that
everyone aspires for. Dream big and never
give up on those dreams. Who knows where
they'll take you!
The greater danger for most of us lies not in
setting our aim too high and falling short; but
in setting our aim too low, and achieving our
mark. So why be so afraid, instead we should
work together as one and prove that we can
accomplish anything that we strive for!
It is not always that we achieve our
goals. There are times that you might
end up with an unexpected outcome,
but that’s the beauty of aiming,
irrespective of the result and the fear of
failure ,have faith and keep moving
forward. Nothing in the world is worth
having or worth doing unless it means
hard work. So keep trying until you
I take pride in myself and my school. No
matter where I go, this will always be a
part of me. No matter who I end up
becoming, this the place where I can
look back and think, yes I really did
learn a lot. Not just how to work hard
and have faith in my beliefs, but where
I learnt that I should be thankful for
everything that I have; where I learnt
that my grades or the cash in my pocket
does not make a difference. It is truly
my personality which will remain as a
memory at AMIS.
“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
― Walt Disney Company
-Shanza Syed XI
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Art Expo
The arts are an essential part of schooling; from dance
and music to theatre and the visual arts, the arts give
children a unique means of expression, capturing their
passions and emotions, and allowing them to explore
new ideas, subject matter, and cultures. They bring us
joy in every aspect of our lives and also plays an integral
part in the development of the whole person.
We describe "art" and understand it to be a form to
express one's feelings through any object or medium like
paper, music, colors, technology, magic, photography
etc. So often we are awe-struck when we see a painting,
or read a beautiful poem, or listen to soothing music! It
is the arts that inspire creativity in each of us individually
and breath life into our communities.
The arts education in school provide a platform to
nurture, explore and express their imagination. With
events like these, the students can showcase their
creativity and as audience we get to enjoy every bit of
their art. Educationally, the arts define our students and
their creativity. Let me conclude with a quote by Pablo
Picasso, "Every child is an artist.
The challenge is to remain an artist after you grow up."
Educational Expo
Amazing Fact :
Letter “a”, “b”, “c”,
“d” do not appear
anywhere in the
spelling of 1 to 99.
Learning is an active process .We learn by
doing only Knowledge that is used sticks
in your mind .
~Dale Carnegie~
First Issue :2013-14
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Co-Curricular Activities
The interpretation of dreams is
the royal road to a knowledge
of the unconscious activities of
the mind .
Did my O-level in 2003 and A-level in 2005 from
Al-Majd. MBBS from Dow Medical College, Karachi in
2011 Currently Research Scholar in Pulmonary and
Critical Care at Emory University School of Medicine,
Atlanta, Ga, USA Plan to get into internal medicine
residency this year.
"Life is a journey with constant struggles. So be humble
when enjoy your success and achievements. But if you
ever fail, learn from your mistakes and keep moving
Abdur Rehman
Amazing Fact :
There are coffee
houses in Russia
where food and
drinks are free, but
you pay for the
Ability determines
what you can do.
Motivation determines
what you do.
Attitude determines….
….how well you do it .
House wise awareness Campaign Week.
Joy house successfully conducted activities like debate ,Poster making ,Speech competition to create an
understanding and awareness about social networking and the evil effects of cyber bullying .The
enthusiastic participation of teachers and students were the highlight of the campaign.
First Issue :2013-14
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Keep an eye on your time
Are you tired of cramming ?Exhausted from staying up late to
finish those projects ?
Then you have to come to the right place –
The place where the use of time is up to you !
My, how time flies!
When managing time , it is important to know where it goes
in the first place .
• Take an inventory of your day to see what you’re spending
your time on. Write a list of things you do to each day ,like
making phone calls ,watching T.V , chatting and write
down how long it takes you to do them . Write down all
that other stuff you do too, like school and homework .
So, where are you spending your time ?
Next, use your agenda…
……to write down all of the things that you need to get done .
• Write down homework and projects as they are assigned
and make a note of when they are due .
• Record test and quizzes as soon as they are announced ,
and schedule blocks of study time to prepare for them.(No
more cramming) .
• Write down reminders, special occasions , extra –
curricular activities and anything else you need to
First Issue :2013-14
Upcoming Events:
 Sport’s Day : 8th March 2014
 C.C.E Exam : 9th March 2014
 Preliminary Exam(Gr .X &XII) 9th
March 2014
 Annual Examination (Gr. X) 9th
March 2014
 Spring Holidays : 20th -27th
March 2014
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