and we found it IN MENDOCINO COUNTY



and we found it IN MENDOCINO COUNTY
C a nnabi diol (C BD ) is one of at leas t
60 act i ve c an na b inoid s in cannabis .
For years , C BD h as been over s h adowed
by i t s bett e r -k now n, p sychoactive
c ou sin, T HC .
C B D i s t houg h t not to h ave psychoac t i ve ef fect s so it ’ s p opu lar with
pat i en t s w ho se ek me dical r elief
from can na b is w it hou t th e
u npredic ta b l e p sychoactive h igh .
E arly re se ar ch shows th at CBD is
c ons i dere d to h av e a w i der s cope of
medical ap p l ic at ion s th an THC.
C B D and T HC seem to wor k togeth er .
On i t s own, CBD is g e n er ally believed
to be non-pysc hoac t ive, bu t wh en
ta k en w i t h a d ose of T HC, CBD appear s
to have a c al ming , se dative effect.
A necdota l r ese ar ch sugges ts th at
C B D m ay h ave u sefu l a nti-s pas modic,
ant i-epi l ep t ic , an t i-a nx iety and
ant i-p sychot ic p roperties .

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