for the Greater Winston-Salem Area A Success Story in


for the Greater Winston-Salem Area A Success Story in
Once again, the kindhearted, loving and committed
people of the Greater Winston-Salem Area accepted
the challenge and made sure that children attending
The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs received the needed
school supplies to begin another productive school year.
If possible, I would love to have the privilege of sending
pictures of the big smiles on each child’s face as they
received their package of school supplies. As you read
this letter, rest assured that children are productively
engaging in their school work because of the school supplies
you donated!
Majors James and Lois Allison
A Word from the Area Commander...
The school bell has tolled and students, some eager and
some not so eager, have returned to class. Some parents are
fretting because their babies have gone off to school and gaze
longingly at the bus stop awaiting their return. While other
parents are doing the happy dance for a bit of “me” time until the
bus returns with their little darlings by midafternoon. Yet, other
parents are worried how in the world they are going to juggle the
budget to fit in the extra cost of purchasing the “required”
school supplies so their children can have a productive
school experience.
Long gone are the days of picking up a few pencils,
maybe a Trapper Keeper, a couple spiral notebooks, a pack of
paper and pens. Today, the average K-12 parent will spend $100
+ per student on school supplies, up 12 percent from last year.
Parents who are struggling to keep food on the table, the rent
paid, and the lights on do not have the extra funds to afford
these supplies.
As the children arrive at the Army’s Reynolds Park Road
and New Walkertown Road Boys & Girls Clubs to continue
their learning experience, they will arrive happy
and equipped to excel in their education experience. Our
wonderful staff and tutors will invest in their continued
learning experience as they participate in Power Hour,
Smart Moves, specialized tutoring designed just for
them and time spent in the Phoenix Learning Center,
a computerized interactive learning experience.
“The first thing that
comes to my mind when
I think of The Salvation Army
is my new life...”
Major James Allison
Area Commander
he stories of many of our former Center
of Hope Family Shelter residents remain
untold once they move on, having been
helped to get back on their feet and become
stable. Former resident Anita McRae’s story
is interesting and inspiring. Homeless, hungry,
addicted and a victim of domestic violence,
feeling like she had no place left to turn, Anita
began her road back to stability at the Center
of Hope.
“The first thing that comes to my mind
when I think of The Salvation Army,” says
Anita, “is my new life that I got from being
to Serve
International Corps
2850 New Walkertown Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105
PH (336) 499-1196 FX (336) 499-1198
Kernersville (Korean) Corps
770-D Park Centre Drive, Kernersville, NC 27284
PH (336) 993-8844 • FX (336) 993-8885
Lieutenant Karl Bush and
Lieutenant Teresa Bush
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he Kernersville Corps welcomes new Corps Officers Majors Kwang Hee and Mee Sook Chang,
graduates of The Salvation Army’s Evangeline Booth College for Officer Training in Atlanta. Their prior
appointments include various Command Headquarters including the Maryland and West Virginia
Division, the National Capitol and Virginia Division, and the Southern Territorial Headquarters in Atlanta.
The Washington Park Corps welcomes Lieutenants Karl and Teresa Bush, active in ministry with The
Salvation Army for several years as Youth Pastors at The Salvation Army in Greenville, NC, along with other
areas of the Carolinas.
Please welcome our new Corps Officers and help them feel at home here in the Triad.
The Salvation Army
Washington Park Corps
1411 South Broad Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27127
PH (336) 725-9923 • FX (336) 722-2623
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Celebrating 108 years of serving
Forsyth, Davie, Stokes and Yadkin Counties
A Success Story in
Welcome Our New Officers!
FALL 2015 Newsletter
Thanks to your continued support, The Salvation Army
will remain a safe haven where learning and a child’s
road to excellence continue at The Salvation Army
Boys & Girls Clubs.
Major Kwang Hee Chang and
Major Mee Sook Chang
for the Greater
Winston-Salem Area
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Annual Boys and Girls Club Dinner
CEO Thompson Stresses
Importance of Sweet
Memories in Kids Lives
or many of us who grew up in North Carolina and the South,
the childhood memory of times we were treated to Krispy
Kreme doughnuts is indelibly etched in our minds. Krispy
Kreme President and CEO, Tony Thompson, who has long been a
Boys and Girls Club Dinner
continued on page 2...
“The Salvation Army
is more than just
the Red Kettle.”
Tony Thompson,
Krispy Kreme President
and CEO
Emcee and Entertainer Damien Horne
of the rising Nashville group, The
Farm, performs.
Boys and Girls Club Dinner continued ...
staunch supporter of The Salvation Army
Boys and Girls Clubs, delivered the keynote
address at the Boys and Girls Club Dinner
August 20th in the Embassy Suites Grand
Pavilion in downtown Winston-Salem. His
message was one of the importance of
creating fond memories through moments that
stick with us throughout our lives – like the
kind evoked from the promising sight of
a Krispy Kreme Doughnut “Hot Now” sign or
life lessons learned at The Salvation Army
Boys and Girls Clubs.
The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs
create special moments for children through
play, learning and worship. Thompson urged
the audience to remember that “The Salvation
Army is more than just the Red Kettle.” And,
The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs need
the community’s support to continue creating
positive opportunities and memories for our
local kids.
The evening was made extra special
thanks to the talents of Emcee and Entertainer
Damien Horne of the rising Nashville group,
The Farm. Horne, a Hickory native, survived
a tumultuous childhood that saw two of his
brothers die on the streets and two others
serve time in prison. Horne performed and
spoke, crediting his success to the years he
spent in The Salvation Army Boys and Girls
Clubs. As a member, later an employee and
now as a Worship Leader, Horne learned
the lessons of his special moments at The
Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club and now
shares his memories at the Clubs and with
audiences as he performs. Horne is truly a
talent who is giving back.
e can get caught up in
focusing on Winston-Salem
and Forsyth County alone
when we consider the great work
being done by our local Army. It
IS The Salvation Army of Greater
Winston-Salem, but vital services are
also provided in Yadkin, Davie and
Stokes Counties. In Yadkin County,
Table centerpieces at the
Dinner featured Club members
enjoying Krispy Kreme treats.
Progress continued ...
a minor in Human Resources. I’m gaining the
skills to better myself so I’ll be able to
help others.”
Anita is now living on her own, attending
class and volunteering at the Food Pantry at
The Salvation Army Emergency Assistance
office. She’s on the road back from a time
spent in the depths of despair. “I’ve been
so down that I could not even imagine
getting back up. I’ve been addicted, I had been
stabbed by an ex-boyfriend. I couldn’t see my
life getting any better. The Salvation Army put a
lot of effort into me. You know... they loved me
until I learned how to love myself again.”
When asked where she sees herself in five
years, Anita laughs and says, “Working with
The Salvation Army, trying to help others.”
Anita McRae is truly a success story
in progress.
despair into Joy!
To be a blessing by
volunteering this
please call
(336) 245-2083
Christmas Assistance Registration
October 12-16, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
& 17, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Volunteers 18 years and older interview
families who apply for assistance. Spanish
speaking volunteers are especially helpful.
Christmas Data Entry
October 13-16, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm,
17, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm,
& 19 - 30, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm,
Monday - Friday only
Enter Christmas applications into
the database.
Red Kettle Bell Ringers
November 6 – December 24,
10:30 am - 7:30 pm
Wonderful volunteer opportunity for businesses,
churches, civic groups and individuals.
Adopt A Child for Christmas
November 6 – December 7
This is a great opportunity for businesses,
churches, civic groups and individuals.
Adopt a child and/or children and give them
a Christmas to remember.
Assistance was distributed to our
neighbors in their seasons of need.
So when you choose to make a
donation to The Salvation Army of
Greater Winston-Salem, remember,
not just Forsyth, but Yadkin, Davie
and Stokes counties also count!
“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”
s we head into the fall, we look ahead to the holidays
and that wonderful season — volunteer season! Odds
are, when you think of Salvation Army volunteers, you
picture the many Bell Ringers at our Red Kettle locations.
And yes, we always need your help to fill those Kettles, so
consider getting your business or group together for Battle
of the Bells Week, November 30 - December 5; Youth Day
at the Kettle on Saturday, December 12; or Church Day at
the Kettle, Saturday, December 19 and you can help change
a life.
This is the time of year our Volunteer and Resource
Coordinator, Abigail Linville, puts together her small army of
caring, compassionate helpers to assist The Salvation Army
in the many Christmas programs and services we provide
to the Greater Winston-Salem Area.
Dr. Ken Carlson with COR365 President,
Andy Brown, winner of the the Inaugural
Dr. Ken Carlson Award of Excellence.
introduced to The Salvation Army. I’d probably
be dead right now if it wasn’t for
The Salvation Army.”
Upon entering the Center of Hope,
Anita was provided help to evaluate what she
wanted to do with her life, given the chance to
set goals and encouraged to take the
initiative to push forward. Now, she says, “I’m
at Forsyth Tech working on a degree in
Computer Information Technology with
from October 2013 – July 2015, The
Salvation Army provided assistance
to over 150 families and individuals
to help pay their utility bills;
25 families and individuals received
needed assistance to make rent and
mortgage payments, help that kept
them from becoming homeless.
And, over $170,000 of Christmas
Helen Keller
“No truer words have been spoken, than these by
Helen Keller (1880-1968),’Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much,’” Linville says about the
volunteer effort. “Together we, but for a brief moment,
can change a landscape overwhelmed with struggles and
heartache into a beautiful scene of joy.”
Volunteers do this! They actually change the lives of
families we serve and are absolutely invaluable to the work
of The Salvation Army. Their efforts go beyond the
Christmas season, producing fruit that lasts 365 days a
year. Without them, the Army could not effectively serve
the community.
Want to help? Check out the opportunities and Christmas
Season Volunteer Schedule below to find the dates and
events that best fit you, and please... Volunteer!
Angel Tree Attendant at Hanes Mall
November 6 – December 7, shifts available
Volunteers are needed to assist with the adoption
and return of the sponsored gifts at the Angel Tree
located in Hanes Mall.
Give a Kid A Coat
October 20 – 30 & November 2 – 19,
9:00 am – 12:00 pm, weekdays only
November 20 – 21, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 pm
Through this partnership with FOX8, 107.5 WKZL
Rock 92 and A Cleaner World, The Salvation Army
collects and redistributes winter coats to children
and adults. Volunteers are needed to sort coats and
help with the distribution.
Christmas Toy Sorting, Packing & Distribution
November 30 – December 22,
shifts available
Help fill bags with toys for our annual toy distribution.
Volunteers are also needed to help give out the
toys and food to families receiving assistance.
Great activity for groups!